Saturday, April 12, 2014

TwiBetween is now on Etsy!


I have opened an Etsy shop where I will be selling some of the handmade items that hubby and I have created for past Forever Party swag bags, as well as some other items. Please check it out!

If there is an item from a past swag bag that you'd like to see listed and isn't, please let me know!

The proceeds of some featured items in the shop go to Forever in Phoenix operating costs, while other items are being sold to help my Comic Con cosplay budget. :)

If you liked any of TwiBetween's Forever swag in the past, please check out the shop! Thanks!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TwiBetween Forever!

I will always continue to try to update this site. But I am spending a lot of time working on a new venture,  
Please join us there to gather together each year to celebrate our love of all things Twilight! :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Forever in Forks....The Journey

We wish all of our readers could join us in Forks this weekend for the Forever in Forks party and Stephenie Meyer Days!  Even though you're not all there in person, you can still follow along the journey by following @forever_inforks on Instagram and Twitter!  Check for the hashtag #ForksorBust and #ForeverInForks!

If you're joining us, make sure to use the hashtags to mark your journey, too!!

OWM is flying out in about an hour...and is up way too early for any sane person!  I don't travel well...AT ALL...and it just started thunderstorming.  This should be fun :o)

We'll see you all on the flip side!!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

OtherBetween - Hotel Transylvania

Yes, this is a stretch.  Quite a stretch actually, but I'm making this one work because this is currently one of my favorite animated movies (Despicable Me 2 is my front runner.  I'm such a child!) No there are no Twilight actors in the movie.  If I tried I could find the six degrees to Twilight, but I have one better...blah blah blah...

Yup, Twilight is in the movie.  Edward looks buffer than he's ever looked before, and Bella more emo, but THAT is how I'm choosing to feature this week's OtherBetween :o)  Blah Blah Blah

Adam Sandler lends his voice to Count Dracula in this animated comedy.  Count runs a hotel for monsters in Transylvania, aptly named "Hotel Transylvania."  Humans are portrayed as the real monsters, and Count will do anything to convince his daughter of this (voice of Selena Gomez).  With her 118th birthday coming up, all she wants to do is explore the world and be free.  But when a human finds his way to the hotel and is disguised as a monster, he and Mavis "zing."  Blah Blah Blah.

This movie is full of laughs, and definitely worth owning!  My kids love it, I love it, and even my grumpy husband loves it, LOL!  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

OtherBetween - Fracture

This one is from the vault, but I absolutely love this movie.

Ted is an aeronautical engineer (long word for genius) that finds out his wife of several years is having an affair.  After confronting her, Ted (played by Anthony Hopkins) shoots and serious wounds his wife (played by Embeth Davidtz).  If course, geniuses do their homework before making any decisions, and knew his wife was seeing a police detective.  Ted confesses his crime to said police detective...played by Billy Burke.

Enter Ryan Gossling (yes please!)....the Deputy D.A.  Believing this is an open and shut case, he agrees to prosecute Ted, but the case turns into much more.  Remember the thing about geniuses not making decisions lightly?  I meant that..

Without giving too much away (because this is one you need to watch), Gossling is unable to convict Ted, and his job as a DA is in shambles, or is it?  Will he figure out the engineer's intricate plan for the perfect murder?

Grab this one for your next movie night, and enjoy Billy and Ryan on the screen!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

OtherBetween - Sunday Punday

Jackson is a funny guy.  He's a punny guy.  So it only makes sense that he created and directed the series Sunday Punday, and it only makes further sense for us to feature it on our Sunday post, right?  :)

It has nothing to do with OWM's adoration for said creator/director...OK, maybe a little.

Everyone loves humor, and since Sunday is our final resting day before the madness of a new week begins, Sunday puns are a welcome thing. What are some of your best puns?

...If towels could tell jokes, they'd have a dry sense of humor
...A dog gave birth on the road, and was ticketing for littering (courtesy @JacksonRathbone)
...The man who created knock-knock jokes deserves a "no-bell" prize

Or how about some meme's to demonstrate?

I'm getting sidetracked....but I could do these all day!

Back to Jackson....
The Absolute and Jackson Rathbone team up to bring us a short video on Sunday's featuring some humorous puns in thoughtful scenarios.  You can see them all on YouTube, and follow Jackson on twitter for more #SundayPunday tweets and announcements when a new video is posted!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Wednesday Musings!

I had a TwiHard moment last night, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.  This is almost a confession of sorts, but at the same time a redeeming.

Since Breaking Dawn Part 2, I haven't been AS into the saga as I once was.  I haven't found anything to fill it's place, I've just accepted that it's over and appreciate it for what it was.  I came away from it all with fond memories, new friendships, new-found appreciation for particular musicians, and even celebrity crushes.  Twilight turned me into a puma....because I'm NOT old enough to be a cougar!

I still have my Twilight stash under the bed.  I still have my Edward doll on my nightstand, and I still write for a Twilight blog (I'll give you a dollar if you can guess which one).  I watch the movies on occasion...but only if it's on my DVR or TV, because it's too much work to put in a disc...LOL!  Before the finale, I would have never said that last line!

I'm going to the Forever Party in Forks, and while I'm excited to be there, I almost viewed it as "just a weekend getaway" that benefited an amazing charity.  FORKS!  A place I've wanted to visit since 2008, and now that I'm going it's "just another weekend getaway?!"

I read the announcement about the musicians that are attending the Forever Party, and a little excited started to seep in about seeing Cider Sky and Tinsel Korey.  These two are on repeat on my iPod, I absolutely love them!  Now the excitement is starting to sink in, a little.

Let night I went to a PTO meeting at my kids' school.  I noticed the next meeting takes place the day I leave for Forks.  Being on the PTO Board, I had to let the other members know I wouldn't be attendance for that meeting.  Another mom overheard me telling the President I was going on vacation, and asked where I was going.  I simply said "Washington."  Like I said, Forks is a place I've wanted to visit for years.  Why couldn't I say that?  Then it hit me.  I have become embarrassed!!  Shame hit.

When she asked what part, I said "Seattle."  She looked at me funny, and I said, "Actually, Forks.  I'm going for a charity event."  This Mom told me to shut up, slapped my arm, and started laughing.  I found another fan.  She told me she was jealous, and asked me to take thousands of pictures, and said we needed to rent a room at the school to put on a slide show of the trip.  This is when I confessed it all, and felt I redeemed myself.  I told her of the musicians coming, and what I know from the posts on the Forever blog.  She wrote down all the information and is going to talk to her husband about coming along with us.  My excitement about this trip grew by the second as I talked to her about it.

It wasn't until last night that I realized how far I've slipped from the Twilight fandom.  I still love the series, but I now find myself saying things that I never thought I would say before.

I'm here to set the record straight!  I love Twilight.  I'm not as in love as I was when I had premieres and awards shows to look forward to, but I'm a fan at heart.  I'm going to Forks, and I'm BEYOND excited!

Today I'm going to listen to my Cider Sky and Tinsey Korey tracks, and maybe even break out my saga BluRays.  It's going to be a Twilight day in OWM's house.