Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekly News Roundup 12/6/10

Happy Monday TwiBetweens! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, AND that you were able to make it out to pick up your copy of Eclipse. OWM braved the falling snow and slippery roads to pick it up. It was an interesting, but successful mission!

If you did grab it, PLEASE tell me that you watched the movie with Robsten’s commentary!! If not, do yourself a favor and watch it. I was in stitches most of the time. Rob’s true sense of humor comes out, and it’s amazing! MTV even compiled a few of their favorite quotes from the commentary. Did yours make the list? Mine didn’t, but hey, that’s alright…the entire thing is fabulous!

Mmmm, this story makes me happy, yet jealous at the same time. A video of Robsten filming BD makeout scenes hit YouTube today. What a hard job Kristen has! Making out with one of the hottest men alive, and getting paid to do it! How do I get signed up for that gig? No, really, I want to know!

The fans (once again) have voted, and the “First Kiss” in Twilight was voted the Best Movie Kiss in Portrait Magazine’s “Top 10 Movie Moments: Movie Kisses Bella and Edward beat out Scarlett and Rhett (Gone With the Wind), Spiderman and Mary Jane, and even Rose and Jack (Titanic).

MSNBC compiled a list of “Must-See Destinations” for booklovers. It should come as no surprise that Forks, WA made the list. Also on the list is New Zealand (Lord of the Rings), several different locations for Harry Potter, and Stockholm (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo).

Could things be getting serious for Taylor and his Abducted costar, Lily Collins? Some magazines are reporting Lily took Taylor home to meet her father (Phil Collins), and that Taylor won Daddy over. Not only that, but Lily has been paying Taylor some visits during Breaking Dawn filming.

PopEater caught up with Billy Burke to talk about his current projects and his music. I love BB, and seeing him mention his daughter makes me love him more!

Jackson Rathbone's band, 100 Monkeys, is in Louisiana working on their next album. They took some time out to talk to the local news about various things, including their name. I still don't get it, but hey...their music is good! LOL

Do you think you know everything about Jackson? Think again! Shockya has a video with him, and he fills us in on seven things you probably didn't know!

How about some Kellan? PopSugar spoke with Kellan Lutz about what he’s looking forward to in BD, sexy women, and upcoming projects. He also stopped by for a chat with Leno (Part 1, Part 2, Backstage)

Are you wondering why there isn’t a blooper reel included in the Eclipse extras? What Taylor is like off camera? David Slade answers these questions and more for EW and Collider, and HitFix.

Welcome to the Riley’s has been given a DVD/BluRay release date of February 1. Despite having “overwhelmingly positive feedback,” the movie only had a limited release.

Ashley Greene will grace the January ’11 cover of “Cosmo.” She talks about marriage, Twilight, and Joe! See the cover in the pretties below.

Grammy nominations were announced, and the Eclipse Soundtrack is in the running! I’d say run and vote, but this one isnt’ up to us. DAMN!

Xavier Samuel has been named GQ Australia’s “Man of Style of the Year.” The site claims Xavier was stunned to be given the title, since he goes for comfort and not style. Xavier, no worries…you’ll look gorgeous in whatever you wear!

What does Rob think about kissing Kristen for the movies? Marie Claire asked him that question, and Clevver TV covers his answer. Love it!

Before I give you the pretties for the week **NOTE – BE SURE to check out tomorrow’s Musing. The pretties in that one will BLOW. YOU. AWAY!** I want to share this page with you. Amanda at TwiExaminer keeps an updated list of all Twilight Cast twitter accounts. Bookmark this, and check it often for updates!

The Jackson picture is a little old...but I don't care. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!

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