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Meet a TwiBetween- @Married2MyJacob

I just want to take a minute to point out that this is our 200th post! WOW! It's been a very cool journey with you all, and I think it is VERY fitting that we hit a milestone on a day for WB's favorite post because its truly all about you guys. Our readers and followers are the best reason to keep going and you're all SO much fun to talk to! So, thank you for hanging out with us through 200 posts! <3's

We want to meet each and every one of you one on one. This could take awhile! But we're loving it! So please, if you want to be the next volunteer to Meet everyone, let WB know by e-mailing her at You guys have some GREAT answers to these questions! Speaking of... Seriously, if you do nothing else today, read the answer to the last question from today's volunteer. It is just too cute!

Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:

Age:  31

Married? Kids?:
Married for 7 years with 2 kids, a daughter who is 5 and a son who is 1

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?:  
100% completely Team Edward!!!

When/How did your Twi-obsession begin?:  
When Twilight(the movie) first came out, I didn't want anything to do with it. There was so much hype surrounding it, that I was convinced it wasn't for me. One night in early November 2009, I was home, bored, and Twilight was on one of the movie channels on TV. I decided to give it a chance and watched it. Well....I was instantly hooked!! I immediately went out and bought Twilight(the book), went and seen New Moon when it came out, and then got the rest of the books for Christmas. The rest as they history!!! :)

Are you a closet fan, or are you out to your family and friends?:  
Everyone is well aware of my obsession! How could they not's my favourite subject!

*New Question!* Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give em a shout out?:
I don't have a TwiBestie, but I have met some awesome people on Twitter thanks to our Twilight obsession.

How did you find TwiBetween?:
On Twitter

"Show us the love!" I'm a TwiBetween because...:  
I'm not a crazy obsessed teen, and I don't have kids that are old enough to share my obsession(although my daughter does love Twilight...she's Team Victoria! LOL), so I'm somewhere in between!!

Favorite Edward: Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?:  
It would have to be Eclipse, just because he was more open to his feelings towards Bella, and I loved that he was jealous of Bella and Jacob's relationship. Love Angry Edward!!!

Favorite Twi-quote?:  
Wow, there are so many that I love. But one of my faves comes from Eclipse when Edward tells Bella "You'll always be my Bella, you'll just be a little more durable."  It's just an Awwww moment! :)

Favorite Minor Character (not holy trinity ;-):
I love Emmett and his sarcastic humour!

What scene from the books that you love was missing from the movies?:  
There's quite a few, but the one that I would have loved to see would have been when Alice kidnaps Bella in Eclipse for a vampire sleepover. I really wish that was in the movie!

Favorite non-twilight film of a twilight star:  
I really loved Rob in Remember Me. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend! 

Bill Condon. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet?  
Not sure yet, hopefully he does the book justice!

Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? Not sure yet

Review Eclipse in Five words or less:
Love love loved it!!!

*New Question!* Tell us one thing about your Twilight obsession you are embarrassed to admit.:  
I'm not really embarrassed to admit anything!

*New Question!* Ideal vacay- trip to Forks, set stalking in the Couve, or Brit Pack concert stalking in L.A.?:
 They all sound awesome! I'd love to do them all! I'd have to say #1 would be L.A., get to meet Rob, and hear some great music while doing it! :)

Anything else you want us to know about you?
  So, I think I should explain my twitter name @Married2MyJacob. From the name, you may think that I'm Team Jacob, which is totally not the case. So here's the story behind it - my first year of University, I met my first love. We were together for almost 3 years, I guess you could say he was my "Edward". We broke up, and he moved away, and I was completely heartbroken. I met my now husband, and we were strictly just friends at first. We became best friends, and he helped me to forget about my ex. We did everything together, and he started to develop romantic feelings towards me, but I just wanted to be friends(hence, he was my "Jacob"). Eventually, I started to feel the same way...and well, now we're married with two wonderful kids! So, that's how I married my Jacob!! 

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter! I would love to meet more people who are TwiObsessed like me!! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly News Roundup - 9/27/2010

A few days ago, Ashley Greene tweeted about a wardrobe fitting for Breaking Dawn.  I don’t know about you, but that little fact makes me a bit giddy!
Every year my family and I go to a corn maze.  This year, I think we make a trip to Utah for this one (wishful thinking)  The mazes (regardless of theme) always blow me away.  This one takes the cake.
We all now have a reason to go back to school (or possibly switch schools).  California State University is now offering a Twilight course in their Fall 2010 class schedule.  The professor is trying to open the class up to the public by posting her teachings on her blog.
Eclipse OFFICIALLY grossed more than $300M domestically, and $700M worldwide!  I bet we can hit those marks faster when BD1 comes out!!
The more I see Jackson, the more I love him.  In this interview with MTV, he was bitten by an unexpected guest…and he gets flustered!  Awww!
Speaking of MTV, they currently have a poll running on Twilight stars upcoming movies.  Which one are you most looking forward to?
Peter Facinelli did some charity work for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation last week in Pittsburgh, PA.  He took time out for an interview (excuse the lousy quality), and posed for pictures with fans.  Not that he needed help, but his heart of gold only enhances his good looks.
Gossip Cop shot down the BD 3D rumors by saying, “A rep for Summit tells Gossip Cop, “Neither film is being shot in 3D,” and calls the rumors “fabricated.”’  JMO, there isn’t enough in the movie to make me want it in 3D…and there are too many wigs and makeup for it to work.
If you subscribe to Showtime, mark it on your calendars…New Moon will hit the network January 8, 2011.  FX will be showing Twlilght on network television
Hubs and I went to see a movie this weekend, and Kellan’s Calvin Klein’s X commercial was included in the previews.  I was quite pleased with it, hubster thought it was over the top.  In case you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out!
Have a great week!!
We have some new outtakes from the EW shoot for our pretties this week :o)


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Meet a TwiBetween- Our own @agoodwitchff

Each of us the blog has answered the Meet questions at one time or another, and now it is our newest member's turn! So today we get the chance to Meet @agoodwitchff! Yay!  Show her some love in the comments, please!

Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:

Age: 25

Married? Kids?:
Nope and no…but I do watch my niece once a week, although my new position at work may put an end to that.

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?:
Team Edward

When/How did your Twi-obsession begin?:
It all can be blamed on my sister.  I’d heard about it from a few friends, but she was the one that pushed and saw the movie with me before I read the books.  Then when she got preggo and started reading fan fiction, she wouldn’t stop until I read it too.  A week later my first chapter was posted…now I have 16 posted stories, plenty more in various stages of prep and a list a mile long of stories to read.

Are you a closet fan, or are you out to your family and friends?:
I’m SO out…I don’t talk about it with people unless they like it too, but I wear a pin at work that says, “I work to support my Twilight habit,” so there isn’t much hiding it.

*New Question!* Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give em a shout out?:
Wow…I have tons but for now I’ll hit up my beta’s ACullenWannabe and mizzdee_FF and Rosalynn7885 for her awesome banners!

How did you find TwiBetween?:
Twitter and I’m so glad I did.

"Show us the love!" I'm a TwiBetween because...:
I went through the teeny-bopper thing with the boy bands of the 90’s and even then I wasn’t the ‘crying, hand trembling in front of mouth, squealing’ type of girl…not saying there’s something wrong with that level of devotion, but I was always the one who of my friends who could manage to say “hi” when meeting someone I was a fan of.  Now I spend hours imagining what Edward will say and how Bella will react and buy my midnight tickets as soon as they’re available.  Plus I read the series out loud to my mom and got her hooked to it too.  Sis was so proud!

Favorite Edward: Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?:
Eclipse…in Twilight he’s too skittish, and in New Moon he made decisions for Bella, but in Eclipse we see him dealing with the consequences of his choices and start to see the real Edward, one who isn’t perfect.

Favorite Twi-quote?:
“Why am I covered in feathers?” Honestly, that thing cracked me up so much I bought a pillow that says it. (Cafepress is a wonderful thing!)

Favorite Minor Character (not holy trinity ;-):
Carlisle…one of my biggest things as a person and an author is the concept of the family you create, and after losing his transformation Carlisle struggled with loneliness for a long time before picking the people he wanted to belong to and in turn created a ‘family’ that readers want to be a part of and see pieces of their own friends and family in…

What scene from the books that you love was missing from the movies?:
Either Alice kidnapping Bella or the moment after Bella agrees to marry Edward where you see her ask Alice to be her bridesmaid and see the dress…I love that scene.

Favorite non-twilight film of a twilight star:
Remember Me…I haven’t cried like that from a movie in a while.

Bill Condon. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet?

Louisiana. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet?

Review Eclipse in Five words or less:
Bella should sleep more often. (Not trying to hate on KStew, but the tent scene was all types of awesome)

*New Question!* Tell us one thing about your Twilight obsession you are embarrassed to admit.:
Besides the pillow mentioned above…probably that I think out smut scenes at work to keep from killing people.

Note from WB: Best. Answer. Ever! :)
*New Question!* Ideal vacay- trip to Forks, set stalking in the Couve, or Brit Pack concert stalking in L.A.?: Set stalking…but mainly because I could say I’d left the country and it’s so pretty where they film, plus my film degree could land me a job!

Anything else you want us to know about you?
I’m a pretty open book…if you have a question you can always ask me on twitter…@agoodwitchff

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Fan Fiction Recommendation- 9/22/2010

Another week and another set of fic recs!  This week I'll be doing something different yet again, as both of these recs are from the same author.  One is a one shot that holds a special place in my heart, the other, a continuing story that's not only sexy, but smart.  So here are two stories from Kimpy0464. (@kimpy0464)

UP - This one was a story I won for the Fandom Gives Back this July and with the prompt of "two relative strangers get trapped in an elevator on a summer day" kimpy gave me this!  The sex appeal was there, as always, but so was the heart, and the details she worked in, a few she threw in after questioning me, added depth and history to a one shot that many wouldn't have thought to develop.  The end result is a nicely wrapped up story that leaves you wanting more, while still being satisfied with where you were left off.

This story, which was the expansion of a combination of a few one shots tells the story of Dr. Edward Cullen and Nurse Bella Swan, working together in the Pediatric-ICU and struggling with their feelings for the other.  The best part of this story though, is the title element...The Nightingale Journals, which is Bella's blog.  The medical information gives a believability and tension to the story without being too heavy handed.  Throw in a bunch of drama and some of my favorite lemons out there and you'll be glad that my favorite nurse is prompt with her updates.

Here you have this weeks rec's and as always you can find me on twitter at @agoodwitchff

Up -

The Nightingale Journals -

Have a great week.


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Musings of a TwiBetween- A Crisis of Faith

It has been forever since I've written a Musing, but I've been writing down ideas for Musings for weeks now.  It's about time I get back on the horse! So, here we are... I watched the latest Twilight film this morning with my kidlet. Actually, I watched the first half hour before my child, who is two and a half, started chanting "Jessie! Jessie! Jessie!" meaning he wanted me to turn off my movie and let him watch Toy Story 2. Fine. Whatever. His being distracted by his movie is giving me the chance to write this blog post, so I guess I can't complain, right? :)

But as I watched the latest Twilight film this morning I thought, ( and please DON'T hate me!) "Wow! Robert's acting is a little stiff. (twss) My point being, I started to wonder how many of us have an initial emotional (read: hormonal) reaction to these movies but find that, upon continued multiple viewings the magic starts to wear off a bit.  Don't get me wrong, I still want to be the one laying on top of him in that field. I still want to be the one he kisses like that... mmmm... Okay, anyway....  Yeah.

I just feel like I've hit a Twi-slump.  I willingly turned the movie off and had to admit to myself I haven't watched a Twi film in weeks because I just wasn't interested.  I've become slack in my Twi fandom duties. I've been remiss in blog upkeep but that's a RL time issue more than anything. Real Life has kicked into full gear but I feel like it's more than that.  Twi-life just doesn't hold my interest lately. Anyone else ever have this crisis of Twifaith? Breaking Dawn will start filming soon and I feel like that will be the thing to reawaken my passion.

In the meantime, I have all of you! I love having this Blog and all of you TwiBetween's to hang with. I'm gonna keep on trucking with the blog and I truly appreciate all of you bearing with me through the lean period. I promise I have many wonderful ideas about where this blog is going and what we will be doing in the future. I just have to get over this Real Life hump and rekindle my passion for Twi.

But we have a comment section for a reason, folks! So tell me, have you ever had a crisis of Twifaith? A Twi-slump as it were? Tell me about it!


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Weekly News Roundup - 9/20/10

Another short news week, but I have breaking news of my own…I FINALLY OWN AN EDWARD DOLL!!  He’s staring at me as I type the news this week, just to make sure I don’t leave anything out.  LOL! 

Summit has confirmed that Eclipse will be released on BluRay and DVD on December 4th, as well as let us know what special features will be included.  This is what the covers will look like.  Are you excited?!  I AM!!  You can pre-order it here.

The MTV VMA’s were last weekend, and (once again) Eclipse cleaned house.  For a complete list of categories and winners…and a look at Lady Gaga’s meat dress…click here.
Ashley Greene met up with Access Hollywood after the VMA’s, and talked Breaking Dawn filming, training, etc. 
New Moon has made the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records for the highest opening day gross.  The book is now available, and can be ordered from Amazon.
The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was last weekend, and several Twilight cast members were there to promote other projects. 
·        Jackson Rathbone was there to promote his film (which he co-produced, stars in, wrote original music for) Girlfriend.
·        Bryce Dallas Howard was there to promote Hereafter
·        Rachelle LeFevre attended to promote two of her upcoming films, Barney’s Version and Casino Jack
·        Michael Sheen was on hand to promote Beautiful Boy.
Yet another fan controlled award has been introduced.  J-14 is putting on the first annual “Teen Icon Awards.”  Nominations were announced this week, and you have until 9/21 to vote!
Rob’s long (and infamous) road trip from CA to NOLA was fun to follow, but the smokin’ Brit is back in London.  Twitter has been aglow with fan encounters and pictures.  Some real, some questionable…all entertaining :o)
We know how Hollywood romance rumors are, but they’re fun to report on!  A recent headline claims that Selena Gomez turned her nose up on a JoBro and snuggled up with Taylor.  After some digging, I found that these rumors go back to days of filming New Moon.  So what do you think?  Good friends or young love?  They do make an awfully cute couple!!

While it’s not limited to Twilight fans, there is a new contest to flaunt the fandom!  Embassy Suites is looking for an “Uber Fan” to give $10k and 20 free hotel stays to.
There were several cast interviews this week, and Twilight Examiner has a great round-up of them all!  Click on over and check them out.
The pretties this week are from the VMA’s, Prada Fashion Show, and a couple hott randoms.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

OtherBetween: Loosies

This weeks OtherBetween is "Loosies" which is written by none other than Peter Facinelli. I could look at him all day...

But anyways back on topic.. His movie, "Loosies".
"Loosies" is set to release sometime in 2011 (what is with me picking all these movies that dont have actual release dates *sigh*). Peter actually only plays a small role in this film, as a friend of the main character. As always a brief synopsis.
A young pickpocket in the New York subways, living a fast, free, lifestyle is confronted by a woman whom he had a one night affair with, she informs him that she is now pregnant with his child. He must now choose between living the lifestyle he lead or taking responsibility for his actions.

Give us some comment love and tell us what you think. I'm looking forward to seeing a story PFach has written.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet a TwiBetween- Caroline

WB is too tired to write an intro tonight. Sorry. ;-) But do still say hi to Caroline in the comments and follow her on twitter @greenfairy90! Okay?! Without any ado...

Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:


Married? Kids?:NO/NO

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?:Team Edward 100%

When/How did your Twi-obsession begin?: Started reading the books at the start of 2009.  My Friends started reading them and I didn't listen when they told me to read them. After weeks of persuading I finally gave in and now I'm the addict lol 

Are you a closet fan, or are you out to your family and friends?: I'm Out and Proud.  It's the one thing that everyone who knows me knows about me.

*New Question!* Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give em a shout out?: I don't really have a twiBestie but everyone who I have met through Twilight are my TwiBuddies and I'm thankful for them.

How did you find TwiBetween?: Online.. through twitter.

"Show us the love!" I'm a TwiBetween because...: Finally I have somewhere I belong hehe I love twilight and besides bringing me a lot of entertainment over and over again it has connected me with a lot of amazing people and twi-between is an awesome place for the in-between addicts to go and connect. Thank You for allowing me to be part of the TwiBetween movement ;) xx

Favorite Edward: Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?: Emmm...Ooh thats a hard one but I think Maybe Eclipse because its when he starts feeling human again like when he starts acting jealous hehe I love it ;) 
Favorite Twi-quote?: Before you Bella my life was like a moonless night. Very dark but there were stars.. points of light and reason.. then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire, there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light.  I couldn't see the stars anymore.  And there was no more reason for anything. (I wish this quote was used in the movie - Swoon)

Favorite Minor Character (not holy trinity ;-): I love Alice..I love how weird she is =) 

What scene from the books that you love was missing from the movies?: In Twilight when Bella tells Edward what she Knows.. in the car. I would have liked that scene in the movie. Its cute =) .

Favorite non-twilight film of a twilight star: Remember Me - Robert pattinson.. Love it so much!

Bill Condon. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? I'm not sure.  I didn't have any preconceived notions of the others and so its the same for Breaking Dawn. But I have faith that it will be amazing.

Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? Big Britney fan so I'm all for Louisiana hehe 

Review Eclipse in Five words or less: Edge of my seat awesomeness ;) 

*New Question!* Tell us one thing about your Twilight obsession you are embarrassed to admit.: I'm not sure..maybe that I have the New Moon bed covers.. probable wouldn't share that fact with friends lol

*New Question!* Ideal vacay- trip to Forks, set stalking in the Couve, or Brit Pack concert stalking in L.A.?: Haha All.. but trip to Forks is something I can see myself doing :)

Anything else you want us to know about you? I'm a Fibre-Art student..I want to study Fashion.  I loved Robert pattinson in Harry potter (just thought I'd add that) I'm from Ireland =) Add me on Twitter if you like @greenfairy90 I always welcome new followers and i follow back =) xx

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Fan Fiction Recommendation- 9/15/2010

It’s me again!  Okay so there was an awesome response to last week, my ladies told me about read count spikes and review numbers, which made me feel like I did my part for some lesser known loves.  The two stories this week aren’t so small, but they owned me…one week after week, the other in a matter of days.

REUNION by KeepersOfTheNaughtySparkle (@NaughtySparkle): This fic is one of those that just connects with you.  As someone who never got the guy in high school, this story not only struck a chord, but made me glad I didn’t get it right the first time.  Following the fateful reconnection of two best friends after their high school reunion, we see two very mature, flawed people struggle with the present in a relationship with so much history.  From the 90’s music chapter titles, to the line so infamous it has it’s own t-shirt on cafepress, (Pants off, Glasses on!) this one will take you on a wild ride that you won’t regret.

THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE and BEAR VALLEY RANCH by Lady Gwynedd  (@LadyGwynedd): This story came up during last week’s TwiFicTrivia and I thought, I like westerns and I love Bella and Edward, why not?  For the next two and a half days I barely slept as I poured over the completed story and it’s in-progress sequel.  Set in Colorado, Edward and Bella begin a relationship through correspondence in hope of securing a match.  When Bella boards a train from her native Virginia to meet the handsome rancher, both of their worlds are changed forever.  This is a great story and it’s updated regularly from what I’ve seen so if you liked last week’s rec, this is another one to add to your list of must-reads.

Hope you enjoy the recs and if you ever want to chat, find me on twitter @agoodwitchff.  Until next week…

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekly News Roundup- Special Tuesday Edition :)

Before I get down to the nitty gritty, I owe you all an apology.  This time it was ME that was on total blog fail!  RL dominated my time last week, and I didn’t have time to gather stories throughout the week.  Sunday, RL took over again and I didn’t have time to email WB.  So, I apologize for my FAIL, and present you a condensed version on the week in review!
Eclipse DVD release date leaked?  While Summit has yet to confirm anything, “FYE” music stores have been advertising the release date for the DVD/BluRay will be December 4th.  We are planning a giveaway for the DVD here at TwiBetween…stay tuned for details!
Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” seems to be a popular theme lately with our hotties.  TrixieandTess put together a video montage of Rob to the song, and Troix magazine just released a Jackson Rathbone montage to it (love the elevator eyes he uses on the model at the :09 mark).  Now, if you’ll excuse me…I need a cold shower.  PURE.  HOTNESS.  I’m not so sure I will ever be able to listen to the song again without thinking of Rob and J.
Speaking of hotness, there are a couple new casting rumors swirling around for Breaking Dawn.”  First up, Drew Roy (thud) as Nahuel.  The other is Guri Weinberg as Stefan.  If you aren’t sure who these characters are, you can check out the full story.  The story does contain spoilers, so don’t read it unless you’ve read BD!  Again, Summit has yet to confirm or deny these rumors, and as an actor once said, “IMDB is run by a 15 year old fat kid in Florida with no life.  It’s not accurate.”  Or is it??
There are two new Twilight Trilogy board games advertised on Amazon.  "SceneIt? Twilight Saga Deluxe" is currently available for $54.72, and coming soon is “Cardinal Games Twilight Trilogy Bookshelf Game Set” which appears to sell for $29.99.
gURL’s currently featured interview is with the beautiful (and apparently rather humble) Nikki Reed.  Nikki talks about her upcoming film The Last Day of Summer, hanging with wrong crowds, and justifies partying!
MoviFone’s “End of Summer” movie polls are closed, and check out the results!  Eclipse took the categories by landslides!
Anyone have a few thousand dollars laying around?  Possible $100,000?  If you’re loaded (or happen to have ton of free credit) you can win a visit to the Breaking Dawn set in Vancouver!  The eBay auction is being put on by Summit and “Stand Up To Cancer,” which is where 100% of the proceeds will go.
Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” seems to be a popular theme lately with our hotties.  TrixieandTess put together a video montage of Rob to the song, and Troix magazine just released a Jackson Rathbone montage to it (love the elevator eyes he uses on the model at the :09 mark).  Now, if you’ll excuse me…I need a cold shower.  PURE.  HOTNESS…making us a hot MESS!
Billy Burke has tweeted about his involvement in “VH1’s Save the Music” several times.  Now he’s going to appear at the 2010 VH1 Save the Music Foundation Gala on November 8th.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…I love it when celebrities use their fame for the good of others!
CourierMail has a nice write up about Jackson on their site, comparing his success to that of Will Smith’s in the mid 90’s. 
FEATHERS and SEX and BIRTH…OH MY!  According to a recent Facebook post by Melissa Rosenberg, all of that will be in BD.  I was soooo hoping the feathers would make it.  Fingers are still crossed!!
If you’re looking forward to the Official Twilight Guide, TwiFans has an answer straight from Stephenie Meyer’s lips!
No pretties this week, sorry!  I did, however, find this ridiculously hilarious.  Courtesy of Twilight Indonesia

Sunday, September 12, 2010

OtherBetween: The Science of Cool

Wow finally an OtherBetween for one of the wolf pack! Its so easy to do the Trilogy that I made myself branch out and get some of the dirt on what some of our other actors are doing.

"The Science of Cool" starring Kiowa Gordon is set to release sometime in 2010 though no release date has been set and IMDB says it is still in pre-production.

The cast list has also not been finalized though some familiar names are rumored to be a part of the cast such as Jennie Garth and Steve Guttenberg. Synopsis is as follows...

Neil Tobbler and his best friend Gilbert Stevens are the biggest geeks in their school who love science class, get good grades, are socially inept, and just cant seem to get a break from anyone they meet in their lives, until they stumble upon a formula which can transform nerds into studs. Life changes instantly before their eyes, or does it?

I'm gonna keep thinking on this one, not sure how I feel about it quite yet. Opinions? Comment comment comment!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Contest for 1200 Followers!

You are all the BEST followers ever! And I gotta tell you all, Hubby seems to think so too because he practically ordered me to give you guys TWO prizes this week since I was a day late posting the contest.  Isn't Hubby the best?! :)

So, here we go! Every 50 followers we post another comment contest to win a small Twilight prize. To win you must do only two things, follow @TwiBetween on twitter and answer our contest question in the comments section of this post before next Friday. I'll then use to chose our winner! DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR TWITTER NAME IN YOUR COMMENT! thx :)

This week's prize: TWO winners will each receive their choice of either a magazine from my incredible, well stocked Magazine box (VF, HB, EW and Details!) OR a TwiBetween Eclipse Premiere giftbag (I had 8 of these leftover. ;-)

This week's question: What is your favorite non-Twilight vampire show/movie/book?

Answer below and good luck!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meet a TwiBetween- @Twilitecowboys

We have a few new questions in the mix starting this week. I try to keep these things fresh and exciting. I think my favorite is the last one! I think it is the most telling about us in this fandom, and am interested to see how everyone answers! :)  Let me know what you think!

Meet a TwiBetween:
Age: 21 years

Married? Kids?: Nope, happily single. :)

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?: I've always been more Team Edward, but I have been known to declare myself Team Switzerland at times. When it all comes down to it though, I'm Team Edward 100%. Him and Bella are just meant for each other.

When/How did your Twi-obsession begin?: Humm..May 2009. I didn't know what all the hoopla about this movie was, and I had no idea why anyone thought Edward was cute. It all seemed like it was following in Harry Potter's footsteps and I didn't want any part of it. A co-worker of my sister said she should watch Twilight because it was a good movie with a good storyline. So my sister rented it and watched it. As soon as she finished watching it, she told me I should watch it and that it was really good. She wanted to buy it because it was so good. I watched it, and was instantly hooked!! It was the perfect story. I was just dying for more! My sister bought the movie, and within the next few months I had watched it over 10 times. I began reading anything and everything Twilight. My sister bought the books and I started reading them. Because of how things in my life are ( lack of time mainly from being busy), it took me a few months to read all 4 books. But I did read all four. Breaking Dawn was my favorite! Christmas 2009 I got my own copy of Twilight. I no longer had to worry about watching her movie all the time, I had my own! From there my addiction/obession has gotten worse, although I consider it better! I read anything Twilight Saga related that I can. I watched New Moon in theaters 4 times, and watched Eclipse in theaters 4 times. I would've gone more but time didn't allow me to. Basically I'm just hooked.

Are you a closet fan, or are you out to your family and friends?:
Everyone that knows me knows my obession with anything Twilight. My Dad has gotten Burger King gift cards given to him before at special occasions and if it's Twilight related he gives me the card after he gets the money off of it. Everyone around me knows how much I love it!

*New Question!* Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give em a shout out?: Not really anyone I know of, other then friends and family.

How did you find TwiBetween?: Via Twitter

"Show us the love!" I'm a TwiBetween because...: I'm 21 years old, no longer a teenager and not a older woman yet. I'm right in the middle. I'm in love with this Saga and will continue to soak up anything Twilight.

Favorite Edward: Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?: Eclipse I think.

Favorite Twi-quote?: So many to choose from! I'm big into many different quotes but I guess one of my favorites would be "Like a fairy tale with deadlines that end the magic." It's honestly hard to pick just one. I know there are so many more, but off the top of my head I can't think of them.

Favorite Minor Character (not holy trinity ;-): Tough tough question! I think I'd have to pick Alice though. Right behind her would be Emmett and Carlise.

What scene from the books that you love was missing from the movies?:
To many for me to list. There were quite a few I would loved to have seen. Eclipse was better in my opinion, with sticking more with the books. Still a few things I would love to have seen in each different movie. I can get peculiar if I need to.

Favorite non-twilight film of a twilight star: I've not really seen them in many other movies. I started watching Remember Me and couldn't handle the language. Had I been able to finish watching it, I think Remember Me would've been my favorite movie of a twilight star. Kristen Stewart did do good in "Speak" though.

Bill Condon. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? Not sure yet. I almost would've prefered Chris Weitz or David Slade again.

Louisiana. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet?
Not sure yet either. I'm kinda on the fence about this. I think it will be okay in the end.

Review Eclipse in Five words or less: Amazing, hot, fabulous, exciting, magnificant!

*New Question!* Tell us one thing about your Twilight obsession you are embarrassed to admit.:
Honestly, I'm not real emarrassed about any of my Twilight obession. My family sometimes think I have flipped my lid when I make a big deal out of nothing when it comes to Twilight, but I don't think there's anything I'm embarrassed to admit about my obession.

*New Question!* Ideal vacay- trip to Forks, set stalking in the Couve, or Brit Pack concert stalking in L.A.?: I think I'd like to take a trip to forks first, then go set stalking.

Anything else you want us to know about you?
I will gladly admit to anyone that I'm a total diehard Twilight fan! My twitter name isn't twilitencowboys for no reason. haha Since I'm a total diehard Cowboy fan too, I wanted to have both in my name. So I chose twilite n cowboys. I know the Twilight is spelled wrong but that's what happens when ya don't have enough room for your whole name. hehe When all is said and done, I'm a Twilight fan til' the day I die. I may get an eye roll, a sigh, or even into a debate about Twilight, but I stick to my guns becauseTwilight is the best!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fan Fiction Recommendation- 9/8/2010

WB note: Everyone please welcome AgoodWITCH to our staff! She has kindly offered her services as our resident Fan fiction guru, and will be providing us with our weekly rec's from now on! We are very excited to see what she suggests! Despite TPG calling me a fic hoor on Twitter, I know there is a VAST array of fic out there I haven't read yet. It is always fun to see what other people like. So please say hi to our newest staffer in the comments!

Hello All! I’m AgoodWITCH on ffn and TWCS, (@agoodwitchff on twitter) and I’m really excited that I was asked to do fic rec’s for TwiBetween.  Below I have two stories that I love for two very different reasons.
WHEN I SEE YOU SMILE by Iwant2sparkle (@Iwant2sparkle): This fic is the second multi-chapter story I ever read and it’s still one of my favorites.  Bella and Edward meet at the annual Cullen Family July 4th BBQ, both having recently gone through bad break-ups.  The connection is instant, but Bella’s past seems to keep popping up as they try to move on together…my summary honestly doesn’t do it justice, but it is near completion and you’ll be glad that you gave this story, which is 20 chapters in, a look. 

PISTOLS AND PETTICOATS by saltire884 (@saltire884): This story posted its first chapter on Friday and has already received 32 reviews and countless alerts, etc on fanfiction.  A western drama where Bella is the hardworking daughter to Charlie Swan, a mean drunk, and features an Edward that is half American Indian who has been ostracized by the town for his background.  I just started work as the beta on this story so I’ve read chapter two and I can tell you this is the beginning of an amazing story by a first-time writer.  

Pistols and Petticoats -

There you have it, the first of many rec’s you’ll get from me.  I’ll try to keep it between 1-2 a week but this time I had to show some love for two lesser known stories that have owned me from the very beginning and continue to do so.  Until next week…


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Musings of a TwiBetween- From OneWarmMomma

OWM wrote this fantastic musing post! Thanks hun! Please remember to show her some love in the comments!

This is something I’ve always wondered, and a few recent stories have kept the thought fresh in my mind.

There was a recent story about how a certain actor hasn’t lived up to the success he should have after playing a part in Eclipse. The same article (you can read it here) asks if Rami Malek will ride the success wave or if he will follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned actor.

So…. What if the Twilight cast was different?

This could have been Bella. Would the movies have done as well? Would her career have taken the boost that Kristen’s did? Would the fan base be more of the younger crowd, and less…mature….females? (Let’s face it, there aren’t many adult Miley Cyrus fans).

Meet Edward. Would we all still swoon when we thought of silver Volvos? Would we all flock to see his other movies because of the undeniable appeal his Twilight character gave him?

Let’s not forget Jacob. I think this actor was rumored to be cast in that role…so what if he was picked over Taylor? Would there be more or less declaring “Team Jacob?”

The books are awesome, but we have to give big props to those in charge of casting. I,
for one, can’t imagine anyone else in the roles of the Holy Twinity. I’m sure if others were to play the roles, I would have said the same thing. Nothing, I mean NOTHING compares to this…

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly News Roundup- 9/6/2010

WB says: OWM has done it again! A FABULOUS week's worth of news for your enjoyment. Show her some love in the comments!
Taylor Lautner is probably the hardest TwiCast member to find stories on.  This week, the tide has turned.  It seems Taylor ordered a $300,000 RV for the filming of his upcoming movie, Abduction, and it wasn’t delivered on time. A suit was filed by Lautner, claiming emotional distress caused by fraud and breach of contract by the RV company.  UPDATE:  The lawsuit was settled late this week in Lautner’s favor.  He was granted $40,000, which is promptly gave to The Lollipop Theater Network.
Big twitter news this week…Robsten has moved out of the Love Nest they rented for the summer.  Not sure why that’s so important, but there you have it!
The voting is over…and the new “King and Queen of Summer 2010” have been announced!  Congrats to Rob and Kristen for beating out 30 other contestants (like the others stood a chance, right?)!!
Baton Rouge, LA is already abuzz over Breaking Dawn coming to their city.  A local news channel featured a story about the pre-production buzz, and what it means for the city.  For those of you that live close by, we expect pictures of your stalking to share here on the blog :o)
People Magazine reports that Bill Condon and Melissa Rosenberg have promised “the birth scene will not be toned down.”  Great…but don’t tone down the honeymoon either!  LOL
While there is no confirmation on the when/where/how long’s, we do have the following information from the President of RioFilmes (Brazil). 
1.     BD producers went to Brazil and toured the following three islands
2.     The honeymoon will be shot over five days.  Robsten will be actively shooting for two days.
3.     There has NOT been a signed contract between the BD producers and RioFilmes.  Therefore, it’s still purely speculation that the honeymoon will be filmed in Brazil.
Jackson Rathbone is busy filming his scenes for No Ordinary Family.  In this video, we learn he’s in episode six, and he confirms that it may be a recurring role.  If it is, I will have a new favorite show!!  …and if you haven’t seen the trailer for Girlfriend yet, you can check that out here.
CHIGACOANS!  There is a new show at Chicago’s Gorilla Tango Theater that is a “Glee meets Twilight” parody.  The description of the show looks hilarious, and you can catch a (NSFW) clip of the show here.
I mentioned in last week’s post that Peter Facinelli was going to be the inaugural interviewee on the Tom’s of Maine “Wicked Fresh Wednesday.” If you missed it, here is a link to the recording!
Ever heard of  Yeah, me neither.  Nonetheless, they awarded Taylor Lautner with the “Best Use of Abs” award for Eclipse.  They also awarded Eclipse the “Best Tent Scene” award. 
Eclipse has been nominated for a few Spike TV Scream awards including: "The Ultimate Scream," "Best Fantasy Movie," "Best Actress in a Fantasy Movie or TV Show" for Kristen Stewart's work in the film, "Best Actor in a Fantasy Movie or TV Show" for both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, and "Breakout Male Performance" for Xavier Samuel.  Hop on over and vote for your favorites!
Moviefone also has noms for Eclipse in the following categories: "Which movie was most worth your cash?"; "What was the best chick flick?"; "Who was summer's sexiest woman?" for Kristen Stewart; "Who was summer's hottest leading man?" for both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner; "Who was your favorite on-screen couple?" for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the film; "What was the summer's best sequel/prequel?"; and "What was the best gasp-worthy moment?" for the kiss between "Bella" and "Jacob."
Poor Emma Watson seems to be a bit confused.  See, she thinks Twilight is selling sex.  Funny, I thought the saga was about abstinence, not whoring around.  But, what do I know?
A few Twilight faces were at the Emmy’s last week, including Peter Facinelli who tweeted, "Oops.Went to the bathroom and Edie Falco won an Emmy 4 Nurse Jackie. Missed the whole thing. #emmyfail. Congrats Edie. You deserve it! :)"  See the list, and some videos/pictures from the evening here!
Rami Malek confirmed at the Emmy’s that he WILL join the cast of BD as Benjamin.  There is also a rumor about the casting of Renesemee.  I’ll keep you up to date on any other casting news!
Is Rob REALLY jealous of Viggo Mortensen, or is this another fabricated story?  The story quotes a “source” that claims Rob plans to be on the set during the filming of Kristen’s sex scenes (including a threesome) with Mortensen to ensure they are “just acting.”  Hmmm, he seems a bit more secure than that to me!  Besides, Viggo is old enough to be KStew’s dad!!
As always, we have to end the post with pictures!  Not all of these are new, but they are fabulous, nonetheless!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

OtherBetween: Butter

This weeks OtherBetween is a film that Ashley Greene is slated to be in called "Butter". The movie is set to release in 2011 though no date is set yet. I'll definately keep you updated as more information is released. Also set to star in this film are Hugh Jackman (YUM), Jennifer Garner and Alicia Silverstone. As always a bried synopsis is included :)

"Butter" follows a young orphan, who after being adopted by a MidWestern family, finds she has an uncanny talent for butter-carving. She eventually finds herself up against the ambitious wife of the retired reigning champion in a town's annual butter-sculpting contest.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I think this is going to be so much fun to watch. Also as a huge fan of comedies, my mind can't help but wonder who came up with the idea for a movie about butter-carving. I definitely plan on seeing this when it comes out. What are your thoughts? As always looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet a TwiBetween- Denise

We are always looking for volunteers to answer our Meet a TwiBetween questions! Just drop us a line at and we'll send the questionnaire along! We want to meet you all one TwiBetween at a time!

This week's volunteer: Denise

Age: 35

Married? Kids?: Married for 12 years with 4 children between the ages of 12-2

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?: TEAM EDWARD

When/How did your Twi-obsession begin?: It started in March of '09. My sister took me to see Twilight in December of '08 but she wouldn't tell me what happened next. She said that I needed to read the books. So I did and became instantly obsessed. I brought two copies of Twilight DVD, read each book at least 4 times, saw New Moon 6 times before it left theaters, I own 3 copies of New Moon.

Are you a closet fan, or are you out to your family and friends?: I am totally out with family and friends. My husband calls all my tweeter friends, "Bloodsuckers".

How did you find TwiBetween?: via Twitter.

"Show us the love!" I'm a TwiBetween because...: I am a TwiBetween because I love the series so much and meeting everyone with the same love and passion just makes me happy!

Favorite Edward: Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse? Toss up between Twilight and Eclipse

Favorite Twi-quote?: " Take the baby" Edward "Throw it out the window" Jacob Breaking Dawn, during the birthing scene.

Favorite Minor Character (not holy trinity ;-): Has to be Alice!!!!

What scene from the books that you love was missing from the movies?: In Eclipse, I really wanted to see the "Vampire Sleep over" with Bella and Alice

Favorite non-twilight film of a twilight star: Remember Me and The Runaways and Adventure Land

Bill Condon. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? Not sure yet...

Louisiana. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? Hale Yea... I live 45 minutes from Baton Rouge and I fore see set visits!!!

Review Eclipse in Five words or less: Extraordinary, Enchanting, Lovely, Hot, Amazing

Anything else you want us to know about you? I like to make people laugh, hence my tweeter name LaughingTwiGirl. I am currently writing a story for fan fic and I manage my own blog and help out on two other blogs as well. I love watching movies, listening to music and cross stitch for fun. Also my IPhone is my left hand!!!