Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Musings of a TwiBetween- Christmas Shopping Twilight style

Its that time of year again when our Christmas lists become a permanent fixture in our wallets and family start asking that every so important question, "What do you want for Christmas?" I can never think of a good answer to that question. Quite frankly, I like cash. But that just seems like a rude answer, so I gotta think of something. And in that event, I usually turn to Twilight, cuz lets face it, Christmas is a prime time to get some great Twi-swag!

So to help us all spread the word to our family and friends, this week's Musing will be a helpful hint to guide our beloved families to some wonderful sites with some wonderful Twi-crap. :)

Let's start with Borders, who I was delighted to discover did a very wise thing and created a separate Twilight Shop page here. How helpful! Especially since I have a Borders gift card and a 50%off coupon to use this weekend. :) (Wait, I'm supposed to be Christmas shopping for others, not myself, damn it. Oops. :)

Amazon.com has gathered all of their Twilight merchandise together as well right here.  Amazon also has several Twilight items exclusive to them that are definately worth checking out.

By now I think we all know that Target caved to popular demand (and the logic of consumerism) and brought back the previously discontinued so called "Bella bedding." You can find it here.

For the person who has everything, or for those who wanna gift someone with an awesome Twilight themed shopping spree, Summit Entertainment suggest the MyPlash Prepaid Mastercard. The only trouble I have with this gift is that I'd never be able to choose just one design!

I came across this nifty and very unique gift from Twitter, Check out these cool Christmas ornaments! Hand painted black ornaments with the book covers and with your choice of fifth Ornament so you can pick your team! Genius! Or even go with this classic, "Why am I covered in feathers?" I think that one's my favorite.

I have written before about my love of a company formerly known as Essence of Twilight. Well, Summit shut them down, claiming copyright infringement.  They have soldiered on under the new name, Beauty and the Book, and are still selling the same scents at their etsy site. For what I assume are legal reasons, they can no longer use their previous labels, and so they only have labeless "refills" available. You simply tell them which scent you need refilled, and they send it. My favorite is the Wedding Scent, inspired by Bella and Edward's wedding. I plan to get mine refilled for Christmas for sure, in both the body spray and lotion. My sister's favorite is Alice. And I love sneaking a little Edward lotion on hubby during a back rub. He has no idea why I think he smells so good! Lol :) You will be helping to support an innovative small business that I'm sure could really use the help after Summit struck them down so hard. Plus, because they are non-labeled refills, they are cheaper than they were before! And they really are great products that I love, or I wouldn't recommend them! So if you are looking for the perfect gift for a Twilight fan, I totally suggest stopping by their etsy shop here.

Please use the comments to tell us what great Twilight gifts you are planning to buy or ask for this Christmas! I hope this guide makes it easier for your hubby's and families to figure out where to buy that perfect gift. :) Send them the link, I'm sure they'll get the hint! :)


Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly News Roundup 11/29/10

It’s back to the real world after a long Thanksgiving weekend. Time to pull ourselves out of the turkey and shopping comas and head back to school and/or work. Since it was a holiday here in The States, the news is kind of lacking this week. The objects of our obsession were probably spending time with their loved ones, as they should be!

We were given a Thanksgiving treat by Bill Condon via the
Official Twilight Facebook page. The picture below was posted with the caption, “’Happy Thanksgiving and a crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours.” For those who are questioning, it was confirmed by Summit that YES, that IS Kristen’s arm. GAAAAHHH!!!!


The Twilight Saga cast came in second (to Harry Potter) as “Extra’s 2010 Entertainer of the Year.” Check out some funny photo booth action of the cast below. BTW, the other chick in the pictures is “Extra” correspondent, Lauren Sanchez.

Two Twilight Saga stars placed on the “Teen Vogue – Best Dressed Celebrities list. Kristen Stewart came in 7th, while Anna Kendrick came in 22nd.

Moviefone named the “Biggest Twilight Fan” this week. I’m jealous of the winner, and all of her loot, travels, and pictures! You can catch her submission here.

InStyle named Kristen and Rob “Most Stylish Celebrity Couple.” I find this humorous, especially since Rob doesn’t think he’s stylish at all!

Punkd Images
tweeted that MORE sex scenes will be filmed next week. They said, and I quote, “My lil’ birdie told me Change in Plans… that Next Week they start with (Lots of) Vampire Sex at Stone Cottage” “Baton Rouge Pt Allen Sound Stage is going to have alot of Vampire Sex going on… starting Monday”

In other filming news, it appears as though BD will be filming in Vancouver in Februrary! February 15th, to be exact :o)

Vampires aren’t the only things that attack werewolves. It appears drunken wedding attendees are high up on the offenders list, too. Bronson Pelletier was
attacked in a bathroom while at a Twilight convention in England. Listen, Morons…don’t hate the hotties. They aren’t the reason you’re single!

Will we be meeting Claire in Breaking Dawn? Last week Summit put out
this casting call, and the character descriptions lead us to believe they will be Quileute members.

Ashley Greene was on Lopez Tonight this week, and shared that she and Joe Jonas were
caught trying to sneak knives onto their flight home! Ok, so it’s not as bad as it seems…it was actually kinda funny :o)

DON’T FORGET TO ENTER OUR ECLIPSE GIVEAWAY! Winner will be announced on December 3rd!

Everyone have a fabulous week!





Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well, now that I have your attention, how about a scavenger hunt?
Before I divulge the list of items, let’s recap the rules, shall we? I know, I know, you want to win stuff, but we have to get the boring part out of the way first.
1. All pictures MUST be originals take with your camera or phone. If you’re in the picture, even better! If we decide to post pictures on the blog, we can creatively edit your face out of the picture :o)
a. NO pictures from the web
b. NO press pictures
c. NO promo pictures
  1. BE CREATIVE! The more creative, the better!
  2. Quality of picture does NOT matter. It’s the content (and creativity) that we’ll be judging.
  3. Send your photos to the email address below. Pictures can be sent in multiple emails, just be sure to let us know that more will be coming.
  4. Follow our fabulous blog
  5. Follow us on Twitter @TwiBetween
  6. Multiple items per picture is acceptable.
All submissions must be made by 11:59pm EST on November 30th! Submissions should be sent to contest.twibetween@gmail.com
So, without further ado...here is your list!
An apple in hands
A red ribbon
Silver Volvo
Graduation cap

Old Red Truck
Police Car
Reddish Brown Dog
Cutoff shorts
Red Rabbit
Off Roading Jeep
Baseball bat

Cop with a mustache

Space Heater




Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meet a TwiBetween- @mzchandla

This week's Thanksgiving Special Post is a repeat Meet a TwiBetween. She's answered the questions for us before, but I like to change them up and update them when I can, and she's such a devoted TwiBetween, she wanted to answer the new questions too! That makes me <3 her! :) Meet @mzchandla!

Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:



Married? Kids?: yes married... working on the kid part! I want to be able to TWILIGHT up my baby with all of the cutesie onesies and things that I have seen.

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?:

When/How did your Twi-obsession begin?:
It started with a friend and has escalated from there. Not only am I addicted to Twilight, but now thanks to OWM and WB I have TwiBetween and Twitter updates of all things TWI

Are you a closet fan, or are you out to your family and friends?:
I busted out of the closet along time ago. LOUD and PROUD TWI all the way!

*New Question!* Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give em a shout out?:

How did you find TwiBetween?:

"Show us the love!" I'm a TwiBetween because...:
thanks for always keeping me up to date with all of the TwiNEWS and I just looooooooove this blog!! I love the contests and how you guys incorporate the fans into it. You guys ROCK!

Favorite Edward: Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?:
Eclipse Edward I love how IN love with Bella he is. We get to see him actually love in this movie... its pure awesomeness.... and of course he pops the question.

Favorite Twi-quote?: I promise to love you forever every single day of forever!

Favorite Minor Character (not holy trinity ;-): I Love Charlie and his quick comebacks! LOL in the movies!! He brings humor to the movies!

What scene from the books that you love was missing from the movies?:
Twilight: I am thinking the blood typing is one that has come to mind. New Moon: I think that they should've shown us a little more of the Jacob and Bella love story. Eclipse: Maybe just shown us a little more of Jasper and Alice and their love story. I remember the 1st time that I filled this out and you asked something about what was you looking forward to in Eclipse and I had said the tent scene. I think that it really lived up to what I wanted. I loved it. :)

Favorite non-twilight film of a twilight star:
I just LOVE REMEMBER ME! Watch it all of the time!!

Bill Condon. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? Not sure YET

Louisiana. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet?YAY!

Review Eclipse in Five words or less: Leaves us wanting more!

*New Question!* Tell us one thing about your Twilight obsession you are embarrassed to admit.: I have no shame! GOOOO EDWARD! Let the eye rolls begin... hahahaha

*New Question!* Ideal vacay- trip to Forks, set stalking in the Couve, or Brit Pack concert stalking in L.A.?:
Forks! I think that it would be a great idea for a girls trip **OWM** someday!! To see the place where the love of Twilight began!

Anything else you want us to know about you?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fan Fiction Recommendation- 11/24/2010

For your holiday reading, I thought I'd share something sweet with you.  These fics are two that have a big awe factor for me, you'll see why.

Angel in the Attic by closettwilighter1 - What if Edward didn't meet Bella for the first time as a 17 year old girl with the ability to riddle out who and what he was?  What if she was younger and the pull he felt to be protective won out over all others?  That is what is explored in "Angel in the Attic."  Edward is hiding more than what he is when he comes into Bella's life and this story, which is now reaching those intense chapters as it moves closer to the stories climax, is the perfect time to get sucked in and see this great fic through to the end.  Finding this story was completely random for me and I'm so glad that I came across it because the concept is really something special.

Behind the Images by A Cullen Wannabe (@ACullenWannabe) - For anyone who has read "Femme Docs and Kevlar Knights" the subject of the fic she followed it with was an interesting switch.  Taking over a story who's author could no longer complete it, ACW dove into the world of Bella, an author who was making a living doing what she loved, and Edward, a famous photographer who bought a painting of her done by her friend, Alice.  This Edward has a secret of his own and as they get to know each other they find inspiration in each other in the backdrop of New York City.  When she first started this story, ACW was looking for help with the New York details, and as a reader of FDKK, I jumped over and offered my help as a New Yorker.  Now having beta'd 11 of her fics and one shots, this story of love in my city, is still one of my favorites.  The unique thing about this story is that it was originally written as a T fic, and wanting to stay true to younger fans who may have followed over from the original author, she wrote the fic in the T rating and did a series of lemony outtakes, but when ffn started cracking down on M rated fics, she kept the original T rated version on ffn and integrated the lemons into the story when posting it on TWCS.  So both the T and NC-17 (how TWCS rates stories with lemons) rated versions are linked below.

I'm off to do my Turkey Day prep, so to everyone who celebrates, Happy Thanksgiving, and to those of you abroad, Happy Thursday!


Angel in the Attic: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5678024/1
Behind the Images (T) ffn: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5354195/1/
                 (NC-17) TWCS: http://www.thewriterscoffeeshop.com/library/viewstory.php?sid=494

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Musings of a TwiBetween - Riding the Wave

In 2008, a handful of "unknowns" signed on to bring a book to the big screen...and what came next couldn't have been predicted. The Twilight stars have been riding the waves of success for two years now, but they aren't the only ones.

I was watching the AMA's last night when Muse took the stage to accept the award for "Favorite Alternative Rock Music Artist." I'll admit, I love the band. However, watching them accept the award made me ponder something (HA! A muse about Muse...I just realized that! LOL)


How much of Muse's success and notoriety is due to the Twilight fandom? Since the Twilight soundtrack was released (which, of course, Muse was a part of), the band has been nominated for approximately 50 music awards all over the world. The same can be said for Paramore. They, too, are a good band, but how much of their exposure is thanks to being a part of the soundtracks? In case you're wondering, Paramore has been nominated for approximately 40 awards around the world.


It's not just artists featured on the soundtrack that are gaining popularity. The movies have put Indie music on the map once again. Hipsters all over have their scarves in a twist over it, but we don't care!


But wait, there's more! By now, we've all heard of 100 Monkeys...most likely because one of the founding members also plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga movies. Personal note - no matter how bad my mood is, 100 Monkeys music brings me out of my funk. If I hear one of their songs on the radio/iPod/computer I turn it up and dance around like no one is watching. FLOVE THEM!


Robert Pattinson also made a musical name for himself, however he has opted not to pursue that route. :::pouty face:::

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is one of the DILF's from the Twilight Saga, Billy Burke (Charlie Swan). For those who don't know, Billy's first love is music, and was his primary focus...but he settled with acting. Now that he has established a name for himself, and the means to do so, he has put out his first album. If you don't own this one yet, you can get it on iTunes!


I love all of the artists. They are all on my iPod playlist, and get regular "air time" in my home and office. Do I follow them because of Twilight? No, but I probably wouldn't have paid much attention to them if it weren't for their involvement.

What do you think? How will the actors and artists fare when it's all said and done?


Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly News Roundup 11/22/10

Allow me to apologize in advance for any missing stories this week. Real life took over, and I didn’t keep up with the news and gossip like I normally do. It’s now 9:30pm Sunday, I’m sitting on my bed, watching the AMA’s…and STARTING the news post. Can we say “slacker?”

A few Twilight hotties attended the “GQ Men of the Year” party this week…and looked fabulous of course! IN attendance was Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, and Anna Kendrick.


I think I mentioned this in a post last week, but Taylor is rumored to be romantically involved with his Abduction costar, Lily Collins. No worries, Ladies. As much as I love Taylor (‘s abs), he’s not known for long romances. He’s young, he has time, why not play the field?

Warner Brothers is doing what they can to gain Green Lantern followers before the film’s release. This week they selected 100 celebrities that represented the “spirit” of The Green Lantern. On the list? Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, and Kobe Bryant (I wonder if he bought them a huge diamond, too)…and more.

Rob picked up two awards this week in the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards: Best Dressed and Best Actor. Of course, he couldn’t accept the award in person, but you can watch his acceptance speech on YouTube.

Obviously, none of us won the set visit to Breaking Dawn earlier this year. That’s OK, though, there is another one on the auction block! This time the proceeds will go to the GO Campaign, which works with orphans. As of Sunday night, the bid was at $32,500.

Another act of charity (and quite smoldering, I might add) this time with Boo Boo Stewart. I’m not sure what the charity was for, but Boo Boo gave the shirt off his back for it! He is my least favorite Wolfpack member, but HELLO CHEST AND ABS!!

As predicted, the security on the BD set in NOLA has increased tenfold. You know what that means…fewer set pictures (if any), and no crazy paps sneaking in with hidden video cameras.

Catherine Hardwicke and Billy Burke worked together, once again. Their new movie, Red Riding Hood will hit theaters in March.

For those of us that are in love with Jackson Rathbone, he has started up a web diary. Watch the first installment, and keep an eye out for more! If they all in with the smile we see in this one, I’m there!! Side note…love the monkey snuggie!

The first installment in the Harry Potter series opened this week. Did it top Eclipse’s opening night numbers? No. However, HP did score higher in the IMAX sales.

I don’t get this battle/comparison, I really don’t. I love HP, and I obviously FLOVE Twilight. IT IS POSSIBLE!! Anyway, here is a link to an actual debate over which is better.

Rather than ending the week with pretties, I’m going to end it with funnies. If you haven’t seen the “Jumping Rob” meme’s, you’re SOOO missing out! Hubs and I sit and look at these every night and crack up. LOVE THEM! There are two sites that have them, or you can search #jumpingrob on twitter!
Site One
Site Two

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Contest Post- 1400

We have reached over 1400 followers and just keep growing! Thank you! To show our appreciation, here is the next contest!

@Billy_Burke is trying to hit 1 million twitter followers so until he does, we will require that to win our contests, you must be following Billy as well as us! So please be sure to follow our favorite cast member!

So, here we go! Every 50 followers we post another comment contest to win a small prize. To win you must do only two things, follow @TwiBetween (and @Billy_Burke) on twitter and answer our contest question in the comments section of this post. I'll then use random.org to chose our winner! Winners are announced when the next contest posts, so every 50 followers we have a winner and a new contest! DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR TWITTER NAME IN YOUR COMMENT! thx :)

This week's prize: Our winner will receive TWO eclipse posters of their choice from these five designs.

This week's question: Did you pre-order Eclipse? Or are you waiting to buy it when its on shelves?

Answer below and good luck!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fan Fiction Recommendation- 11/17/2010

As another week comes and goes, I'm finding myself digging back into my list of stories to give some great fics another look while giving some love to newer stories I find as well.

Edroar the Angry Lion by Tropical Sorbet (@tropicaltherani) This story is funny, sassy and smart; seriously, I snort reading some of the chapters of this one.  Bella takes a job as the personal masseuse for Edward Cullen, the head of Cullen Publishing, knowing full well about his reputation from her friend Angela.  Some men are mean, others are cruel, but only someone as tyrannical as Edward Cullen could inspire such fear and loathing from his employees that they create a secret children's book called "Edroar the Angry Lion."  But even with this knowledge she goes in there attempting to tangle with the leader of the pack, even if it leads to the unemployment line.  With a hilarious cast of supporting characters and just enough mystery behind the characters to leave you scratching your head, Edroar will leave you wanting more, with plenty of story left to tell.

Eight Days a Week by 107yearoldvirgin (@107_yroldvirgin) - My sister pestered me to get around to this story for a long time and the moment I started reading, I knew what I'd been missing.  Bella is a single mom of two kids who desperately needs a nanny, Edward is a jerk who desperately needs a job, when he answers her ad, he had no idea what he was getting himself into, but the results are as heartbreaking as they are hysterical.  Full of Nick Jr references that will make you laugh and "what are you doing" moments that have you screaming at your computer, this twific is a great story with a lot of heart, plus a towel clad Edward is never a bad thing!

Hope you enjoy these fics and you can catch me on twitter @agoodwitchff

Until next week, happy reading

Edroar the Angry Lion- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6037621/1/
Eight Days a Week - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5647059/1/

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eclipse DVD Giveaway!

Have you preordered your Eclipse DVD yet? If not, NO WORRIES! TwiBetween will be giving it away to one of our lucky followers! Here’s how to win…

In the next week or two, we will post a list of items…a scavenger hunt. To win, take pictures of the items on the list! The person who sends in the most pictures will win the DVD! Oh, and don’t forget creativity! We may throw in a second prize for the most creative, even if you didn’t send in the most pictures!

Like I said, details to come. In the meantime, here are the rules:
1. All pictures MUST be originals taken with your phone or camera
a. NO pictures from the web
b. NO press pictures (unless specified in the list)
c. NO promo pictures
2. BE CREATIVE! The more creative the better!
3. Quality of picture doesn’t matter, it’s the content (and creativity) that we’ll be judging
4. Follow our fabulous blog
5. Follow us on Twitter @TwiBetween

Keep checking the blog for the scavenger list! Once it’s posted, you will only have 72 hours to take your pictures and submit them


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Weekly News Roundup - 11/15/10

WHAT A WEEK!  It seems there were more pictures (and if you haven’t seen them yet, then smack yourself) that hit twitterverse after this old lady logged off.  :::hanging head in shame:::  In case you missed it, here’s what happened late Sunday night

We are now only 367 days away from BD1!!!!  Oh, and here’s a little tidbit for you…Mackenzie Foy is only appearing in BD2.  So what do you think? Will the movie be split at the birth, or will we have a younger actress in the first installment?   
Twitter chat must have made an impact, because the BD filming made the front page of Yahoo! Monday morning!
Have you seen Isle Esme?  Feast your eyes upon the honeymoon suite!  This is where Edward and Bella will destroy feather pillows & headboards.  SQUEEEEEEE!!!  Not only did they film here, but rumor has it this is where they stayed for the duration of honeymoon shooting. 
For the Krisbian followers, here’s something to make your day.  It’s been said that “Kristen will be practically naked a lot” during Breaking Dawn.  In addition, there will be “plenty of rough sex.  That being said, I have a feeling the traditional sock won’t be enough for Rob during the intimate scenes :o)
Cosmo magazine has apparently caught the Twilight fever.  They have created a site just for TwiHards!  The site is complete with quizzes, pictures, and interviews!
People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive” list will be published in the Nov. 17th issue.  I can tell you (based on this video) that there are three Twilight stars on the list!
Dakota Fanning was crowned Homecoming Queen for the second year in a row.  I’m sure it had NOTHING to do with the fact that she’s a famous actress, and was purely based on….oh who am I kidding!  Nonetheless, Congrats to her!
An article was published on a Brazilian site stating the house used for the Isle Esme scenes is currently being battled over in court.  It seems as though it was built illegally, and is currently in danger of being condemned!  Spunk Ransom has a translated version on their site.
Access Hollywood reported on “The New A-List,” and Taylor Lautner made the cut!  You can pick up the latest issue of “The Hollywood Reporter” now to see the entire list.
Taylor also made Wonderwall’s “100 Hottest Hollywood Singles” list…as did Jackson Rathbone.  I’m just gonna throw this out there…but I would GLADLY take Jackson off the market!  MEE-OOW!  LOL!
A Brazilian TV show (somehow) managed to sneak onto the set of BD, with a camera.  They aired the footage on their show, it’s also been posted to YouTube.  Even I think this is lame.  PLUS, it pretty much ensures we won’t be getting much *if anything* out of Baton Rouge.  If you’re planning to be a BD virgin, do not click on the links below!
While we’re on YouTube…check out the Hillywood Eclipse parody.  It’s HYSTERICAL!!  Another parody worth checking out (just for Hagrid’s dance) can be found here.
Don’t forget to:
1.     Vote for the Twilight cast that are up for People’s Choice Awards.  Voting closes on December 7.
2.      Head over to Moviefone and enter their “Biggest Twilight Fan Contest!”  All details are listed on their site.
Last, but certainly not least…some pictures from filming over the last week…and some shots that are supposedly off camera.  My favorites HAVE to be the swimming pictures.  Rob’s wonky dive is epic!  Again… If you’re planning to be a BD virgin, do not look at the pictures below!
**NOTE:  According to what we’re hearing, Edward’s lack of wedding ring is intentional.  Men did not receive wedding rings when he was human, and he’s a man of tradition**


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fan Fiction Recommendation- 11/10/2010

Another week, another set of fic recs.  The first name you'll recognize as someone I've rec'd before, the other is a story that once again owned me!

Through the Flames by SparklingTwilight (@SprklngTwilight) I'm a sucker for a man in uniform, but this story took over my life as I worked to get caught up.  Edward, the eldest son in a family of firefighters, has always been the person his family turned to.  But when Edward makes a choice to enter a fire few would, his life is altered forever.  How will the Cullen's cope when their pillar of strength is dealt a mighty blow, and how will the compassion of a virtual stranger see him through? You'll have to read to see.

The Lady's Champion by Javamomma0921 (@javamomma0921) This story is a true Arthurian style tale that from the moment it opens, seamlessly transports you to a world where faeries exist and honor is won in battle for the love of a woman.  Edward, a knight in the realm of Lord Cullen, falls for the Lady Isabella, Cullen's wife.  What happens in the world of magic is something that will bewitch you and leave you thrilled that with the novella now complete, you can read straight through to the end.

I'm out again for another week, until next time!  This is agoodwitch (@agoodwitchff) saying peace out!

Through the Flames - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5883476/1/
The Lady's Champion - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6331138/1/

Mandy aka AgoodWITCH

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Musings of a TwiBetween- A little light reading

Our Twi-world has been inundated with information overload the past few days. Breaking Dawn in Rio is HOT! And if you are still looking for good sites to see all the hotness, don't forget to visit our friends at twilightish.com or spunk-ransom.com Twilightish.com leads with SEVENTEEN videos from filming and I love them all!

Anyway... with all this pretty floating around and all or us on information overload, I thought I'd keep this week's Musing light and fluffy and share something my sissy made:

Can you name all the characters? And she really does play with them, she didn't just make em and leave em.  I think she enjoys messing with their lives, seeing how Sims fall in love and interact in a non-canon way. It's like a fan fiction idea-maker! Lol

Hope you're all recovering from Rio overload. ;-) We've gotten some great comments from people over the last few days and I just wanna say thank you! It's always nice to hear that people really do visit the blog and enjoy themselves.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly News Roundup - 11/8/10

Alright, Girls.  Filming has started, which means we should have lots of news and set pictures in the coming weeks!  Rumor has it that filming will go through March or April, so it should be a busy few months!

LOTS of photos, tweets, videos, and news from Rio hit the net Sunday evening.  Honestly, there were SO many things, there’s no way I can include them all in one post.  So, with the approval of WB, I’m linking you to two sites that have the most up-to-date info, pics, etc.  First up is Spunk Ransom.  They are a site dedicated to Rob, so don’t check them out in hopes of finding some Taylor pics :o)  The other site is Twilight Lexicon.  Both have phenomenal coverage from the last 24 hours, and have been updating regularly.  **UPDATE** Twilight Examiner has also created a post with all current updates!
Note from WB: Spunk Ransom has the KISS pics from last night right up front. Poor OWM had to go to sleep at some point. Unfortunately for her, she chose to do so before the kiss happened. :)  
I reports a few weeks ago that Kellan and his on/off/on/off girlfriend, AnnaLynne McCord moved in together.  Weeelllll, let’s scratch that.  The two have broken up...again…and moved on…again.  When will they learn!?
The cast has started their workout and training routines to prepare for the fight scenes…and yummy shirtless scenes.  Rob, Ashley, and Kellan have all been spotted leaving the gym.  “ROB!  ROB!  Can I get your sweaty towel?!”  I know that’s right!
There were rumors floating around that Ashley Greene was partly to blame for Demi Lovato’s breakdown that ultimately landed her in rehab.  The story went, Demi saw AG with Joe Jonas (GAG…Demi’s ex and AG’s current beau) at the airport, and had some pretty ugly things to say.  The story has since changed to something totally different. However, AG tweeted something about Karma, and since deleted that tweet.
According to one site, Rob and Kristen have (once again) rented a house for the duration of filming.  Sex with Rob on the set, sex with Rob off the set…what more can a girl ask for?!  The couple has also been spotted having a cutesy date, at California Pizza Kitchen (YUM) followed by a movie.
More WTTR promoting for KStew.  This week there was an interview with “Time Out NY,” where she also talks Breaking Dawn.  She also talks about being a “novelty” with the LA Times.
Do you have a bad breath story?  If so, you can enter it here and win a private screening of Eclipse with the one and only Kellan Lutz.  Please, just be sure you have fresh, minty breath for that evening :)
This seems to be more of a gossip site than a news site, which is one reason I don’t use them for stories.  However, rumor has it that Taylor has been romantically involved with his Abduction costar, Lily Collins, for more than four months.  What about Selena Gomez?  THAT is a match made in cutie Heaven!
The newest edition of the Eclipse dolls has been revealed, and it’s Jane.  The doll will be available in Feb ’11, and will retail for $24.99.
Planning a trip to Vegas in the next month?  If so, you can have your picture taken with RPattz!  Well, with his wax figure :o)  The wax piece will be in Vegas for one month, so buy your ticket now!!
Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene have a movie coming out, Warrior’s Heart.  They synopsis: In shock and denial over his Marine father’s death in battle, star high school lacrosse player Conor Sullivan, always a maverick and a hot head, starts acting out in self destructive ways that has his mom, Claire, at her wits end. But arduous training in a wilderness lacrosse camp under the tutelage of his dad’s old combat buddy, Sgt. Major Duke Wayne, and finding a new love interest opens Conor’s eyes to the true meaning of maturity, sportsmanship and life.

As we ALL know, the Holy TwiNity is in Rio.  I’m sure over the last week, we’ve ALL asked ourselves, “Why Jacob?”  He has nothing to do with the honeymoon, so why does he need to tag along?  In addition, rumor also has it Mackenzie Foy will also be joining them.  Twilight Examiner has a theory, and I think she may be on to something!

They dress up as vampires and werewolves often enough…so why not dress as something random one day a year?  Here are a few pictures of some of the TwiCast from Halloween.  (Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, Boo Boo Stewart, Bronson Pelletier, Charlie Bewley, Alex Meraz, Kellan Lutz, Micheal Sheen).

WB note: I love how after a night SO full of R/K and BD news, OWM managed to still file a blog post with lots of other news too! She is the bomb! Tell her so in the comments! Also, tell us what you think of Breaking Dawn filming so far! <3's