Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekly News Roundup 1/31/11

Happy Monday, TwiBetweens! It was a quiet week in the Twi-World, but I managed to get some info worth dishing. What kind of “reporter” would I be if I didn’t dig??

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to interview Kristen Stewart? The Vogue journalist that recently sat down with her tells all in “The Reporter’s Notebook.” She uses words like, “Intelligent…passionate…down-to-earth…” …things we already knew :o)

Several Saga stars were at the Sundance Film Festival promoting other projects, including Elizabeth Reaser, Chaske Spencer, and Charlie Bewley. Click on the link above for info on the projects they are promoting.

While at the Film Festival, Elizabeth Reaser talked to MTV about Renesmee, Kristen’s transformation, and…Christmas cookies?? She also sat down with E! Online for and dished on what it’s like to be a part of The Saga.

EW has compiled a list of “15 Hot Movies of 2011.” It’s no surprise that BD1 is on the list. Seriously, who could make a list of anything hot and leave the movies or cast off of it?! Psh!

Showtime has an interview with Peter Facinelli that you can see here. I love his humor! “Mmmmm, donuts!”

Last week we mentioned 100 Monkeys’ appearance on MTV’s “The Seven.” I have found a few clips from the show to share:
Clip 1 – The 1:29 mark had me cracking up
Clip 2 – Poor quality, but still worth it

The Razzie’s are in a few weeks, and Eclipse, the director and stars of, take the lead in nominations. The same was true last year, but everyone came away unscathed…and unawarded (I think I just dubbed a new word).

Could we see the BD1 trailer at the MTV Movie Awards? This source seems to think so! I think I’m going to pull a WB this year, and only watch the FIRST official trailer, and abstain after that. However, it’s still early, so who knows!

A current art exhibit in London, titled “Most Wanted,” features three Twilight Saga stars. You can view all of the pictures here.

A few of the humans from BD tweeted this week that they were off to Baton Rouge to work on BD. Christian Serratos, Michael Welch, and Justin Chon joined the vampires…and the reasoning? Twilight Examiner speculates this may be for the wedding and reception. Nonetheless, they were in town until Friday…so whatever it was, it was for a quickie! Regardless of the reason, getting close to the set is one thing that will NOT happen!

Stars are always keeping us up to date on their projects via twitter. As if the previous story isn’t enough, how about Peter Facinelli? He tweeted on Monday that his original film, Accidentally in Love will premier on The Hallmark Channel on Friday, February 12th. The film stars his wife, Jennie Garth. For more info, check back on Saturday for our OtherBetween post!

A rumor has been floating around the web over the last few days that links Kristen Stewart to a new role…Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman. The rumor has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll definitely keep you posted as news comes about.

This week's pretties include outtakes, advertising shots, twitter pics, and Sundance promo shots!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

OtherBetween - Welcome to the Rileys

James Gandolfini
Melissa Leo
Kristen Stewart

Rated R for strong sexual content, brief drug use and pervasive language involving a teenager

With WTTR coming to DVD Tuesday, I thought I'd do a quick write up on it. I can't believe this wasn't touched in previous "OtherBetween" posts. BLOG FAIL! :o)

For those that aren't too familiar with this movie, I'll give a quick synopsis. A midwestern couple (I believe from my state :o)) loses their teenage daughter in a car accident. The loss takes a strain on them individually, and in their marriage. Doug (James Gandolfini) goes on a business trip to NOLA, where he meets Mallory (Kristen Stewart)...a teenage stripper. He takes her under his wing, feeling like this is his chance to better a teens life since he can't have his own daughter. For a more detailed synopsis, you can check out the official WTTR movie site.

Kristen says, that while many roles consume you, this was one that sucked her in and really stuck with her. She even mentioned in her recent interview with Vogue that she would like to take some of her Hollywood fortune and start up halfway houses for runaways.

The movie received mixed reviews from the top critics(55% liked it, 45% hated it), but the majority of moviegoers gave it a thumbs up (70% liked it, 30% hated it).

Other fun facts about WTTR:
1. It was filmed in NOLA
2. To prepare for the role, Kristen learned to pole dance and read a book. She felt the script was so informative and so well written, no other research or prep was needed.
3. Some of the bruises on Kristen in the movie are real...from pole dancing
4. The director took the cast to a strip club, and the bouncer told Kristen, "Come back when you're older if you want a job." Little did he know!
5. Kristen had just turned 18 when this movie was filmed

Will you be picking up your copy of WTTR?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet a TwiBetween- @lonmae

It's time for another Meet a TwiBetween! Don't you just LOVE getting to know eachother?! :)

If you want to be our next Meet a TwiBetween featured interview, just drop WB a line at We ALWAYS need more volunteers for this post, so don't be shy! :)

Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:

Age: 30

Married? Kids?:
No and No

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?: Team Edward all the way.

When/How did your Twi-obsession begin?: About two years ago I had a friend who was reading the book and I had asked her why she was reading what I thought was a semi-erotic teen's book (Hey vampires are erotic just ask Lestat;) I know I shouldn't judge because I'm also a Harry Potter fan, but I also was a little adverse to that at first), and she told me that it was really good. But it was really my 16 year old cousin that got me into it. So I read the first book and thought this is pretty good. That's when my obsession started from there and grew, but it took off with New Moon, reading it I could feel my heart breaking for Bella!

Are you a closet fan, or are you out to your family and friends?: I am out and proud! For the Big 3-0 my friends got me a singing Twilight Birthday Card that's proudly displayed at my desk.

Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give em a shout out?: My work Buddy Kelly she's a trooper for going to the Midnight Showing of Eclipse, and my 16 year old cousin Jamie. Love you guys!

How did you find TwiBetween?: I follow Billy Burke and he had posted something Twitter so I decided to check it out. I really LOVE the FanFic Reccommdations.

"Show us the love!" I'm a TwiBetween because...:
I don't feel like a weird "old woman" who reads Twilight, it's nice to indulge my Twilight obsession. :)

Favorite Edward: Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?:
Eclipse-You finally get to see a better glimpse as to why Edward's the way he is, and you get to see a little more of the family.

Favorite Twi-quote?: "If I had found you, there isn't a doubt in my mind how I would have proceeded. I was that boy, who would have-as soon as I discovered that you were what I was looking for-gotten down on one knee and endeavored to secure your hand. I would have wanted you for an eternity, even when the word didn't have quite the same connotations." It makes me melt.

Favorite Minor Character (not holy trinity ;-): Rosalie and Jasper.

What scene from the books that you love was missing from the movies?: It's not so much of a scene, but more of the lack of Bella's overall clumsiness, and her stubbornness.

Favorite non-twilight film of a twilight star: The Family Stone, their family is crazy like mine. The story hits close to home.

Bill Condon. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet?
Yay I like some of his other movies, like Candyman and I love The Big C.

Louisiana. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? Cautiously optimistic.

Review Eclipse in Five words or less: It keeps getting better.

Tell us one thing about your Twilight obsession you are embarrassed to admit.: Sometimes I dream in "Twilight". If I read before going to bed, the characters usually are in my dreams some how.

Ideal vacay- trip to Forks, set stalking in the Couve, or Brit Pack concert stalking in L.A.?:
Since I don't really do the stalking thing becasue I feel really creeptacular, and I have no time or the patience to wait just to get a glimpse of someone. I do love music, and the world of Twilight has brought new music into my life, so maybe Brit Pack Concert Stalking in L.A.

Anything else you want us to know about you?
I love meeting new people and chatting pretty much about anything! If you see me on Twitter say HI. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fan Fiction Recommendations 1/26/2011

I'm back again with two stories that were started in the new year and both seem to be updating regularly, which has me really excited.  So, from my little corner of heaven, here are this weeks recs!

Marital B_tch by Jillian Landers (@AlivewithVenom) It could go back to 1988 and the love I have for 5 boys from Boston, but that accent has always made me smile, so when you pair that with Edward, you've already won me over.  This fic, which follow the hilarity of Bella, who on her 30th birthday in Vegas with her friends, say 'I do' with her childhood friend, Edward.  The relationship is somewhat strained while sober, so one can only imagine what is in store for their return to real life.  Chapter three ended with her waking up the morning after, so you now all sorts of mischief is in store.

Massage Therapy by Gemgirl65 From the moment I began reading it, Bella's email to her mother had me laughing, but the second half of the chapter was already tugging at my heart strings and urging me to hit the next button.  A recurring back injury sends Bella into Emmett and Edward's chiropractic/massage therapy office, but what happens when she walks through the door can change both of their lives forever.  Will they be able to heal each other and find some peace?  You'll just have to keep reading this one to see.

Well, there you have it, two more fics to add to your ever growing TBR list...until next week.


Marital B_tch -
Massage Therapy - 

Musings of a TwiBetween- Off The Map and other TV obsessions

Does anyone really just watch TV anymore? We don't have cable at my house, but we have a list of TV shows posted on the fridge so we don't forget what Day and Time our favorite shows are on. Because the shows we do watch are our favorite obsessions. It used to be LOST and Heroes. Now it's more Top Chef and Big Bang Theory, and How I Met Your Mother. Hubs watches Fringe and some other show I refuse to watch. I watch Biggest Loser and Grey's Anatomy. Okay, so we have a LOT of TV shows we love. But we don't get exposed to new shows very often. It takes something big to get our attention, and we are often late adapters (i.e. I'm now obsessed with Vampire Diaries, see below for further discussion).

Off The Map is a new show on ABC. Now, I would have watched it anyway because it's the new Shonda Rhimes show.  But I probably would have waited until it had several episodes aired and someone had told me if it was worth my time or I was bored enough not to care. This show, however, has a former Twilight vampire in the cast. Rachelle LeFevre.

So I watched the premier. And Rachelle was in it for like 15 seconds. But the show totally hooked me! I'm hooked! Rachelle turns up more in the second episode and her character is marvelous and I know I'm going to become and even BIGGER fan of hers from this show and I now just wish she did Twi Tours so I could meet her.

Is anyone else watching Off the Map? What did you think? Did you watch just cuz of Rachelle? Tell us in the comments!

Now, my second TV obsession of Janurary... Vampire Diaries. Yes, I know that I am late to the party. It's kind of like what I imagine having a second child would be like. You love the first one SO much, you don't think you could possibly love the second one equally, but then the second one arrives and you find that you CAN love two vampire franchises at the same time! :) So I guess what I really wanna know of this topic is... WHY DIDN'T YOU PEOPLE FORCE ME TO WATCH THIS SHOW BEFORE?! Where were you?! Cuz I'm in love. (I'm Team Stefan, btw. Which is okay, because @CherylSab says this way we don't hafta share! LOL)

So, tell me about your TV obsessions in the comments! Are you watching Off the Map and/or Vampire Diaries? Please do share! :)


Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly News Roundup 1/24/11

Ahhh, yes. Another week has come to a close. Where or where is the time going? However, let’s not complain…the faster time moves, the faster we get to see Breaking Dawn!

To set the mood, let’s get started with some BD news, shall we? A couple weeks ago, Justin Chon tweeted that he would be reporting to Vancouver earlier than expected to begin shooting. A fabulous, and curious fan went investigating, and found the site that will be the Swan residence! Check out this video to see the current happenings

Can you imagine being so busy you don’t even eat? I have a very special relationship with food, so that answer is a big fat NO for me! I digress…PFach says that’s about how busy they are on the BD set. While he may be exaggerating, he does give some information about how things are going with filming. What does Rob think about it all? The LA Times has the answer.

For those that missed the red carpet interviews from the Golden Globes (I totally just typed Blobs…I should have left it, but I’ll just tell you about it instead. LOL), here are a few videos for you!
Rob with MTV (There are 6 total videos in this link)
Peter with MTV
Rob with Access Hollywood
Rob with NBC
Peter with Hollywoodscoop

KSTEW FANS! Have you checked out the current issue of Vogue yet? If you haven’t, check out the full interview, a behind the scenes video, and even gorgeous outtakes from her photoshoot. She even shares one of her recipes! Also, Kristen is up for Virgin Media Movie Awards' Girl of the Year, and needs you to vote for her!

IMDb (a site that is not well known for accurate reporting) is saying that two younger Renesmee’s have been cast in addition to Mackenzie Foy. Speculation is that Mackenzie’s face will be superimposed onto the bodies of the younger actresses. All of this has yet to be confirmed by Summit, but it’s something to think about!

Jackson’s band (100 Monkeys) was featured on MTV’s "Seven." Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it when it aired Friday. My hopes are high that it will rerun soon! You can catch a clip of the show here.

It’s not often that a man openly discusses Twilight Saga, let alone defends the movies and even praises them. Well, here is a man that does just that! Under the video is a link to his New Moon praise, too!

This one is fun, but a must for some of you (AHEM…@mzchandla). If you haven’t checked out Café Press’ selection of Twilight gear, do yourself a favor and GO! They even have shirts for dogs…which I LOVE! I’m thinking about getting a dog just so she can wear these adorable pieces :o)

If you’re like me, when you think of the term “British Invasion” you think of none other than The Beatles. Well, Time Magazine has expanded that to “The Top 10 British Invasions.” On the list? The Beatles, Harry Potter, and Robert Pattinson. Considering the company of this list…it’s quite the honor!

Short news report this week, and even fewer pretties to look at (BIG sad face). The Kellan picture is an outtake from his People Magazine shoot. Rachelle LeFavre may not be in the last three movies, but to some of us she will always be Victoria. Plus, this picture is beautiful and needs to be shared! The gentleman in the tux is Rami Malek! And last but not least, Rob on the set of WFE working on some re-shoots.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet a TwiBetween- @SingleStrand

That's right! It's Thursday and that means we get to meet yet another fellow TwiBetween! Just a little something we do to remind ourselves we're all normal. (Or all freaks. Could go either way I suppose. hmmm.)
As always, if you want to be our next Meet a TwiBetween question answerer, please let WB know at! We want to meet all of you! :)
Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:

Age: 29

Married? Kids?: Yes and yes. Husband Mr Strand and 14 week old daughter, bbC.

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?: Edward. No question.

When/How did your Twi-obsession begin?: April 2009. Went on a road trip vacation with Mr Strand and my ILs. MIL was reading this Twilight book and I needed a distraction from my FIL so I borrowed it when she was done. I ended up buying NM and Eclipse while on vacay and reading them both that week too!

Are you a closet fan, or are you out to your family and friends?: Out to my friends and husband for sure. Sort of out to my family. My mom and sister know I read the books, liked the movies and have made several friends from 'that Twilight blog'. That's about the extent of it though.

Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give em a shout out?: Definitely my very first TwiBestie was @MeteorMuse. I got her the books for her birthday that year and forced her to read them. Now she's a PTB beta and probably reads more fic than I do!

How did you find TwiBetween?: Twitter

"Show us the love!" I'm a TwiBetween because...: I'm not a Twi-crazy 14 year old girl and I'm not a 60 year old cougar obsessed with Rob. I love Twilight, fanfiction, and this fandom and that's NORMAL.

Favorite Edward: Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?: Twilight. Hands down.

Favorite Twi-quote?: "My life and his were twisted into a single strand; cut one and you cut both." From near the end of BD, Bella has this epiphany about her relationship with Edward. It's how I feel with my Mr Strand and I melt every time I read it.

Favorite Minor Character (not holy trinity ;-): JASPER Yummy

What scene from the books that you love was missing from the movies?: Oh dear there are tons. The blood typing scene in Twilight was pivotal IMO and they left it out. I also think they lost a lot of Bella's background by not having her cook for Charlie. Cooking was kind of her thing in the books. Also in the book, Edward stays with Bella after her almost accident with Tyler. He even rides in the ambulance. And all that is just Twilight. I could go on and on about NM and Eclipse.

Favorite non-twilight film of a twilight star: Nikki Reed "Thirteen". A lot of people don't like her or at least don't like it, but that movie was amazing in my honest opinion.

Bill Condon. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? Yay. Well, as long as he doesn't throw any musical numbers in there. LOL

Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? I think yay. No paparazzi gives the cast the ability to truly focus on their job.

Review Eclipse in Five words or less: Leg hitch, Edward, Vampires, Edward.

Tell us one thing about your Twilight obsession you are embarrassed to admit.: My sister got me an Edward Barbie for my birthday. My 6yo nephew kept asking why his aunt needed a doll to play with.

Ideal vacay- trip to Forks, set stalking in the Couve, or Brit Pack concert stalking in L.A.?: Brit Pack in LA! I'd love to go to LA and see more than just the Brit Pack. They'd be an added bonus.

Anything else you want us to know about you?
 I work for TwificNews and I beta for @SweetVenom69's Bittersweet Irony. Check it out!

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Fan Fiction Recommendation- 1/19/2011

I'm getting ready for my big vacation, but I had to leave you a little love before I went.  There will still be rec's from me next week, as I'm taking a vacation to write, but still I'm super excited for are two of my faves.

The List by LauraACullen - This is one of those fics that I loved for how they played with, and stretched the original world of Twilight.  In the weeks leading up to her wedding, Bella finds herself frustrated with the boundaries that Edward's put on their physical relationship, so she begins compiling a list of the things she wants to do with him.  The concept behind this is simple, yet so interesting, and the way it was written makes it a fic that you can just breeze through.

Rare Sunny Days by the_glory_days (@the_glory_days) - This one-shot, which I got an email about after putting her on alert intrigued me at first, but by the end, it owned me.  Bella moves into her grandmother's house after she passes and soon realizes that it's much in need of a few repairs.  When she goes in search of someone to do it, Edward is the one to answer her call.  Flirting and long looks over cool glasses of lemonade leave Bella wanting a lot more then some paint and electrical work from her handyman...a great little one-shot to keep you warm during the cold winter.

There you have it, another week of recs from me and if you want to chat, you can always find me on twitter at @agoodwitchff.


The List -
Rare Sunny Days -

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bonus Fan Fic Rec

WB has spent the last week getting into fan fic again. Many of the stories I was reading have been completed or stopped updating lately, and it was time to find some fresh stuff. At the same time, our lovely TwiBetween follower @BriPete sent me some of her recommendations to share with you lovely people. So, here ya go:
Alright ladies, I've got some pimping to do for some fun fics. These are both by a writer who has won me over by being able to write at both ends of the spectrum & keep me coming back for more. 

First up, Glamour Shots. This story is full of sweet fun things & his humor keeps me grinning. 


My first exposure to him was in his writing of Surrendered. For those of you who love all things dirty, this story will definitely get the job done. Everyone loves a little D/s, right?!? Throw in some Emmett twist & you'll be hooked. 

Glamour Shots:

What happens when AwkWard meets Naïveté? True love,of course. BxE navigate first love and beyond. This is a story of what happens when you're not perfect! All humor,no angst. AH/OOC THROUGH THE LENS CONTEST WINNER
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Humor, c13, w37k+, u12/17 p8/18, Bella & Edward


A story of love and hate;control and weakness. BPOV:"I like control.Not just being in control, but the consciousness of control.The experience...The sagacity it brings…and the capacity to manipulate control itself.I want control of Edward." D/S Graphic
Twilight, M, English, c13, w49k+, u12/5 Bella & Edward

Mr. Evie deserves some pimping, so I thought I'd show him some love on my favorite twiblog! I hope you lovely ladies will pass along the word. And send some readers & reviewers his way. 

Thanks girlies!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly News Roundup 1/17/11

Did you miss the honeymoon picture from EW this week? Fear not TwiBetweens, we’ve got you covered!
Also, be sure to pick up the February issue of Vogue…that features the beautiful Kristen Stewart on the cover.
So, what does it take to make the “Teen Dream Team?” A little bit of Kellan, a splash of Taylor Lautner, and a dash of…Zac Efron? It seems as though Zac and the Twilight stars have been rather chummy as of late…and even attended a NO Saints game together!

Have you ever wondered what Edward, Jacob, and Bella would look like in Lego form? Well, wonder no more! A gentleman by the name of Alex Eylar previously created a Twilight Lego scene, and has now created a New Moon scene!

Picture this. You’re watching a movie, and the lead male character passionately kisses the lead female for the first time. Need help with that image? Ok…here:
Anyway, when you see this you think, “Oy! I wonder just how luscious those lips feel!” Here is a list of Hollywood’s best kissers. Of course, Rob and Taylor make the list. I’m willing to put the list to test, just sayin.

If you could pick any role for Jackson to play, what would it be? I can tell you what he would prefer…a bad boy role! I can see that, and hold a special place in my heart for bad boys…so I can BRING IT ON!
Kellan Lutz is featured in Scene magazine (“Louisiana’s Entertainment Magazine”). He dishes on previous roles, how he had a head up for the Emmett role, and more!
MTV spent some time with Ashley Greene recently, and talked resolutions, projects, and Miley Cyrus (really…lol). She also spills some deets about Breaking Dawn!

It’s no secret that Twilight has kick started the careers of many, regardless of how many projects they had previously completed. One perfect example? Taylor Lautner. He is already booking projects to begin working on in 2012 and beyond…and receiving 8 digit paychecks in the process. Go get ‘em TayTay!
How would YOU like to meet Stephenie Meyer, and get an advanced copy of The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide? Ten lucky winners will be chosen from around the world to fly to an undisclosed location for a private fan party with Stephenie! You can find the rules for USA and Canada residents here. BE SURE TO CHECK THE RULES FOR YOUR COUNTRY, AS THEY VARY DO VARY.

WB: OWM left the Golden Globes for me to do. Sorry guys! lol.

There was SO much yummy goodness that happened last night, we couldn't possibly squeeze it all in or boil it down. So with that in mind, WB made a list of a bunch of links to sites that can give you what we all need, every last drop of the precious that is Rob at last night's Golden Globes. Enjoy!

Might I suggest: The whole thing. Cuz I love all their stuff.

The great people at split their Master Posts into more manageable categories. God love them. Pictures Tweets and Live Blogging Videos Fan Pics and Screen Caps

Here's just a tiny taste of the pretty:


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Why a bunch of women buy GQ magazine

We have a winner of our 1500 follower contest and that is....  @FreakyDenise!!!
Congrats! Please e-mail your address to so I can send your prize!

Don't forget we'll be giving away another copy of Billy Burke's CD Removed at 1600 followers! And I know we have a LOT of Billy fans out there, so please, help us get there!

So, here we go! Every 50 followers we post another comment contest to win a small prize. To win you must do only two things, follow @TwiBetween on twitter and answer our contest question in the comments section of this post. I'll then use to chose our winner! Winners are announced when the next contest posts, so every 50 followers we have a winner and a new contest! DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR TWITTER NAME IN YOUR COMMENT! thx :)

This week's prize: This week we are giving away both a Rob and a Taylor GQ! So, your comment should mention whether you want to enter to win the Rob GQ, the Taylor GQ or both!

This week's question: What is your favorite picture of a Twilight cast member and why? Feel free to include a link for us to see it!

Answer below and good luck!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet a TwiBetween- WishIWereBella

So, we need volunteers to do Meet a TwiBetween! If you wanna do it, let WB know at and I'll send you the questionnaire! 

OWM thought it was time for WB to answer the questions again, since it's been so long and there are so many new Twibetweens, I thought she was right! So today, Meet @wishiwerebella!

Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:


Married? Kids?:
Yes, to the most wonderful enable of a husband, with one angelic (when he sleeps) almost 3 year old.

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?:
I am Team Edward all the freakin way! But for blog purposes, I occasionally mention Jacob, just to be fair. :)

When/How did your Twi-obsession begin?:
It's all hubby's fault. He was watching Twilight and I got sucked in. Hubby works nights, so when he went to work the next night, I watched it TWICE! Ah, the beginning of an era.

Are you a closet fan, or are you out to your family and friends?:
Im SO out! People at work think I'm hilarious with my Rob cup cozy (THANK YOU OWM!) and Twilight bag and lunch box. :) I like to think I'm just quirky. lol

Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give em a shout out?:
Absolutely! Firstly, OneWarmMomma, who has kept my twi-obessesion and this blog going in so many ways when I could have just given it all up. Which would have been sad, because I love you guys and the blog and Rob. ;) Second, to ThatPastryGirl. Real Life makes it hard for us to keep up with eachother, but she is my original TwiBestie, and I know our friendship doesn't depend on us being there all the time, just when the time is right. (Plus, we got matching tattoos! ) <3's girls!!

How did you find TwiBetween?:
I made it! For all of us ignored fans in the middle. Every media story talks about the raving teens, or the cougar twimoms, but we know that the real majority of the fan base lies with us, the TwiBetweens in the middle!

"Show us the love!" I'm a TwiBetween because...:
I am that inbetween fan, and proud of it! You don't have to be a teen or a cougar to love Twilight and all related things passionately!

Favorite Edward: Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?:
Eclipse, hands down. Plus, that's the Edward my cardboard cut out is!

Favorite Twi-quote?:
So many! ugh. Okay, if I have to choose just one... From Breaking Dawn, "I couldn't let you walk away from me. It hurt just to imagine it."

Favorite Minor Character (not holy trinity ;-):
Jasper. Followed closely by Carlisle. I have a soft spot for Charlie too. But it not the same. ya know? >:->

What scene from the books that you love was missing from the movies?:
Twilight. Blood typing. I'm just saying, they seemed to just go from not in love to in love in a blink. For me, the blood typing scene is would have made Twilight perfect. I could have forgiven every other imperfection if they had just had that one scene. *sigh*

Favorite non-twilight film of a twilight star:
The Runaways right now. Kristen was magnificent and it was a great movie. But when Water for Elecphants comes out, I expect this answer to change.

Bill Condon. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet?
Yay if only because he seems to really get it. I say this because he tweeted that pic of Kristen's hand with he feathers. That takes someone who understands how all our minds are working.

Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? Yay because I hope it made filming less stressful, being somewhere less exposed.

Review Eclipse in Five words or less:
Epic Perfection, Thanks David Slade!

Tell us one thing about your Twilight obsession you are embarrassed to admit.:
I haven't posted it yet, but I'm trying to write a fan fic. Trying being the operative word. And it's intended for a mature audience. >:->

Ideal vacay- trip to Forks, set stalking in the Couve, or Brit Pack concert stalking in L.A.?:
Honestly, I wanna do all three!!! Right now I would say concert stalking, cuz I think hubs would be more down with that. (Don't you just love how I take Hubs with me to stalk hot celebrities. That is one secure man, I tell ya!)

Anything else you want us to know about you?
I love how this blog has given me a place to squee and fangirl till my heart's content. Thank you all for enjoying this Twi-obsessed chapter of our lives with me.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fan Fiction Recommendation- 1/12/2011

2011 is officially in full swing and with it comes an oldie for me, and something that caught my attention on twitter.

My Viking by sheviking (@She_viking) This fic was something I saw in a flash on twitter, the type of thing that is at the top of your feed for a moment on a busy evening, but for some reason, the period lover in me jumped at it and clicked the link.  I can't even remember who tweeted about it, but a thank you to whoever you are, because I have been sold once again.  This fic is set in Denmark, in the time of the Vikings.  Bella, an Englishwoman, is taken by Vikings and offered up to their chief, Edvard, to be his bed thrall.  There is an instant connection, but her faith and preconceived notions have, for the time, gotten in the way.  Seven chapters in and sitting at a really good part at the moment, I read this story on Monday, and then again on Tuesday, then I went back and re-read my favorite scenes...I simply can't stop reading it and I'm dying for it to update again, which thankfully, seems to be an regular-ish schedule. (Our darling is not only going to school, but she's pregnant, so a lapse in punctuality is obviously understandable.)

Sometimes it's Not Enough by jarielynn - This fic was one I read a long time ago, and then it was pulled and re-edited, and it still breaks my heart at times.  Bella and Edward used to be together, happy, but events pushed them apart.  Now three years since they've last seen each other, they run into each other at a bar and it all comes flooding back to Edward.  Can he work on building a future with someone who shares so much of his history, or has too much happened for them to go back...its once again complete, so all you have to do is start reading it to find out!

Well, the snow is falling and I'm off tomorrow so stay safe and warm wherever you are and as always I'm only a tweet away at @agoodwitchff.


My Viking -
Sometimes it's Not Enough -

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Musings of a TwiBetween- The future

I was talking with a friend who is a fellow TwiBetween at work and she said something to the effect of worrying about losing interest in Twilight before the final installment comes out because we face such a long gap between films. I must admit, this gap concerns me too. Don't get me wrong, there is no way that having to wait a whole year to get to the end of the story will make us want to see it any less. BUT, what will we do to entertain ourselves in the meantime? This is where Rob and Kristen's futures come in.

It's just been announced that Rob's next project is Cosmopolis. And already sales of the book are soaring I'm sure. I've already seen many people in my twitter feed discussing the book and certain lines. :) Rob seems to have a gift for choosing projects that take him outside the every mold others cast for him. I saw one tweeter comment it feels as though Rob has a staffer tracking with Fan Ficwards we're reading and then seeking out those roles. :) After a project like Cosmopolis, I wonder what he'll line up next!

Noticeably absent from discussion is what Kristen will be doing next. I just saw Welcome To The Rileys last night and I liked it. But I didn't like it as much as The Runaways. Watching The Runaways, I actually forgot I was watching Kristen, she so embodied Joan Jett. It was very impressive. And while there were moments I thought of her as Mallory in WTTR, there were several lines that were delivered in such a way that brought me back to reality.

So, I guess what I'm Musing about today is: What projects do you think the Twilight actors should take on next? And will we really go see them, or is it all wishful thinking that we'll be so desperate to see our fav actor/actress that we'll go see them in something NOT Twilight while waiting for the final film?
PLEASE share your thought in the comments! I'm dying to know what you think!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly News Roundup 1/10/11

Let’s start the week off with some Taylor Lautner news, shall we? John Singleton (Abduction director) sees potential in TayTay, and has given him someone to study. Tom Cruise. Sure, Cruise has had a successful career with dozens of notable and several memorable movies…but let’s hope that Taylor keeps SOME sense about him (unlike Cruise).

Robert Pattinson has been named one of GQ’s Best Dressed Men of the year (4th to be exact). You can see the entire list in GQ, or check it out here.

Speaking of RPattz, did you hear he’s going to be presenting at the Golden Globes? YAY! Set your DVR’s now, the show will air this coming Sunday!

Did I call it, or did I call it? The Holy Twinity made their appearance at the People’s Choice Awards, but it wasn’t without controversy. We were about two hours into the show before the threesome was even spotted. There were fillers in their seats for the first portion of the show, while they reportedly “hung out in the back.” Finally, just as Kid Rock took the stage, they were rushed to their seats. Here’s a recap of what happened at the show:

Rob and Taylor were both nominated for “Favorite Movie Actor,” but they were beat out by Johnny Depp (if you’re going to lose to someone, I guess that’s the guy to lose to!). Kristen and Rob were nominated for “Favorite Movie Actor Under 25,” but lost that to Zac Efron. This is the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS TwiBetweens! We failed our Trio! **this is a good time to mention that Eclipse and the actors are nominated for a few Razzies. SAVE THEM!**

The awards won included “Favorite Movie” and “Favorite Drama Movie.” The Twinity also won for “Favorite On Screen Team.”

Twitter is all lit up with accusations that Rob and Kristen are no longer together, because of the way they acted at the PCA’s. At one point it appears that Rob tried to hold her hand, and she shunned him. However, after watching this clip over and over, it’s CLEAR that she didn’t even notice! She was clapping and then making sure she didn’t flash her goods when she stood up. She didn’t deny him, she was simply oblivious.

While the show was airing, the main topic of conversation (once the trio was shown) was how great Kristen looked. ET Fashion Correspondent, Cojo, agreed and named her 3rd best dressed for the evening!

Rob’s first post-Twilight Saga project has been announced! Rob has signed to play Eric Packer in the film adaptation of Cosmopolis. The film is rumored to begin filming in May. Hollywoodlife claims to have viewed the script and gives a summary of it on their site. However, this site isn’t one of the most reliable when it comes to reporting…just sayin. I think I’m going to add this book to my “must read” list for the year so I know what to expect!

We’ve all speculated several things regarding Breaking Dawn, including where the movie will be split and what the honeymoon will be like. If you want answers to these questions, checkout Wyck Godfrey’s interview with USA Today. He answer’s both of those questions and more!

Are you curious as to when you can see our favorite Twilight stars on the big screen? If so, you’re in luck! I found a list of the cast’s 2011 projects!

Forbes has named the top money making couples of the last decade...and Robsten came in 5th! Check out ClevverTV's video coverage of the list!

Do we have any Jackson lovers out there? I thought so J. The Daily Blam recently interviewed the hottie about his upcoming (and some past) projects. Oh, and there are pretty pictures, too!

Speaking of pretty pictures...I shall now overload you! I have a record number of pretties for the week :o)

Have a fabulous week!!