Saturday, April 30, 2011

OtherBetween - 50/50

There hasn't been much talk about the upcoming movie 50/50...or maybe there has and I've been out of the loop! Nonetheless, it stars TWO of our Eclipse divas - Anna Kendrick and Bryce Dallas Howard.

The Eclipse relationships don't stop there, though! The film is being distributed by Summit and was filmed in Vancouver. Joining the vixens in the flick is the comedic genius Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Hollywood maven Anjelica Huston.

The dramatic comedy is about a writer in his 20's (Gordon-Levitt) that is diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer. He relies on his mother (Huston), his best friend (Rogen), and therapist to get him through the tough time and fight the disease. The synopsis sounds heavy, but with Rogen as a lead character there is no way it's not going to be loaded with laughs!

One thing to remember as your watching, the script was written by Will Reiser and was based on his own battle with cancer.

50/50 is scheduled to hit theaters worldwide on September 30, 2011.

Friday, April 29, 2011

New Contest AND New Graphics! It must be your lucky day!

WB has edited this post due to our recent decline in Twitter Followers. We will now pick a winner at 1700 followers instead of 1750! This is good news for you, because it means there will be a winner sooner, PLUS it means I'm gonna give away a little something SIGNED for 1750 followers! So get pimpin' and tell your friends to follow @TwiBetween on Twitter and be sure to comment below to enter!

This week Contest:
To win you must do only two things, follow @TwiBetween on twitter and answer our contest question in the comments section of this post. I'll then use to chose our winner! Winners are announced when the next contest posts. Contest is open worldwide! DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR TWITTER NAME IN YOUR COMMENT! thx :)

This week's Prize: Eclipse Posters! A complete set of FIVE posters, as seen here. :D

This week's Question: This week's question comes courtesy of @vanneCLutz_.
What actor from the twilight saga are you must looking forward to see in more movies? why?

Good Luck!

Because our contest system has been all messed up, we also have a few avi's for you this week courtesy our graphic guru @_miniBella. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet a TwiBetween- @TwiOthGirly

We need more volunteers to answer our questions! If you are willing to be our next Meet a TwiBetween interviewee, please let WB know at!
We are also looking to update our questions! So, if you have some idea about what fun, funny, Twilight related facts we should all learn about each other, please send them to us or comment here.

Now, let's meet @TwiOthGirly! :)
Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:
Age: 24

Married? Kids?: Nope and None

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?: Switzerland all the way!

When/How did your Twi-obsession begin?: I was on wikipedia and I saw that they were making a movie out of it and I wanted to read the books before it came out so i picked up the first on a monday, finished by wednesday and got New Moon and eclipse that day and finished both by friday. I was obsessed from that point on.

Are you a closet fan, or are you out to your family and friends?: I'm pretty much out of the closet with my fangirlness. I've been to the conventions and what not.

Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give em a shout out?:
I have a whole crew of them!

How did you find TwiBetween?:
I found it through my friend Maria. There was a contest on twitter and she said I should follow.

Favorite Edward: Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?: Eclispe

Favorite Twi-quote?: "I'm out. I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures...I don't care who's a werewolf and who's a vampire. If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party too."

Favorite Minor Character (not holy trinity ;-): Rosalie.

What scene from the books that you love was missing from the movies?:
Its not really a scene but more like a few, where edward and bella had their lunchtime conversations. i feel that would have been better than what was there

Favorite non-twilight film of a twilight star: Can't Hardly Wait. Its a classic and will always be my fave.

Bill Condon. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet?
Nay. I feel that Ness will come out singing and being played by beyonce.

Louisiana. Yay, Nay or I'm not sure yet? Im not sure yet. I like that its kinda local

Review Eclipse in Five words or less:
Jasper whitlock rocks/

Tell us one thing about your Twilight obsession you are embarrassed to admit.:
I'm kinda embarrased at how much clothing twilight related I have. I have about 5 shirts.

Ideal vacay- trip to Forks, set stalking in the Couve, or Brit Pack concert stalking in L.A.?:
I'd have to say set stalking in the couve

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fan Fiction Recommendation- 4/27/2011

Another fic that has really grabbed a hold of me is this WIP from the author of Parachute.

Rabbit Heart by KitsuShel (@KitsuShel)  Izzy Dwyer is one of the world's most famous singers, someone that everyone loves, except someone loves her a little too much.  When a stalker forces Izzy into hiding, she does the only thing she can think of, goes home to the people she hasn't seen in half a lifetime.  As she's reunited with the family she never thought she'd get back she's forced to stay hidden and balance two lives, not sure which person she is anymore, Izzy or Bella.  This fic is a great little story.  It brings in so many elements and has a great reputation for regular posts.  The music that inspires the chapter titles are great and the relationships she's worked to build make the story believable and have you itching for more.

There's my rec from my list of 'drop everything when they update' fics.  Until next week.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Surprise Yay! Contest! :D

Because today's post was lame, WB is trying something new! Hubby wants all these calendars out of the house, so the FIRST THREE PEOPLE to comment on this post with their Twitter names will win a ROB CALENDAR! This post will not be announced on twitter. The three lucky winners will just be people who happened to check the site at the right time. :D

If you guys like the idea of this kind of contest, PLEASE TELL ME! I will do it more often.

Good Luck!


Musings of a TwiBetween- Water For Elephants

Let's face it. Water for Elephants IS what everyone is talking about this week, right? I would LOVE to see some people comment on this post who haven't seen the movie and/or have no plans to. Because despite the fact that this film is ALL my twitter TL has been talking about all weekend, I'm certain several of you have not and may not ever see it in theaters. I'm curious about why. Supposedly the film is a box office success so far, bringing in like $17 million over the weekend. Personally, though, I'd have like to see the film place higher than 3rd over the weekend. Just Sayin. And I've seen press stories mention that not all Twilight fans are showing up to support Rob. hmmm.

On that note, how many have not read the book yet? If you are still in need of the ultra pretty Movie-tie in cover, hey, look! An ultra convenient link! :D Feel free to click it and buy WFE! I wouldn't have thought to include this link, but Amazon has it at the top of the suggest Best Seller link list in Blogger. This makes me happy. :)

Okay, even WB thinks this post is a little dull. That's what I get for writing at 11:30 at night. Sorry guys! Feel free to use the comments section to make my post more interesting! :)


Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly News Roundup 4/25/11

Another Monday is upon us, and another month is close to being behind us. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend, and for those who celebrate...a very Happy Easter!

LOTS, AND LOTS AND LOTS of videos of Robert Pattinson on his WFE promo tour. I would LOVE to post them all here, however this isn't a Rob blog, so I don't want to dominate the post with a Non-Twilight Rob post! LOL! Rather, here is a link to Twilight Guide, where all of the videos are posted.

While we're on WFE...don't forget to send in pictures of your ticket stubs for a chance to win a Vanity Fair and Entertainment Weekly! Enter by tweeting a pic of your stub, and don't forget to @TwiBetween!!

Last month The Help (starring Bryce Dallas Howard) was the subject of our OtherBetween post. The trailer was officially released (and was also played preceding WFE when I saw it) this week, and you can watch it here! I haven't read the book yet, but it's definitely on my list for the year!

I just noticed this post is heavy on OtherBetween topics, so let's throw in a little Taylor, shall we? A new still was released from his upcoming movie, Abduction, this week. Does this kid ever look bad?! I'm thinking NO! Be sure to check out the film's social sites, too! Facebook, Twitter, Official Movie Site. As a reminder, Abduction is scheduled to hit US theaters on September 23rd!

Peter Facinelli, who is still filming in Vancouver, talked BD to MTV this week. He gives some info on the wedding, fight scenes, and Loosies!

Are they, aren't they? Annalynne McCord and Kellan Lutz have been spotted together once again! This time they were arriving in Vancouver...just behind Jackson and Ashley. To each their own, but make up your minds already!

Summit has, once again, donated a prize to be auctioned off for charity. This time around, it's an Eclipse prize pack. Included is a signed movie poster, book, DVD, and more! You can bid on the item here. At the time I wrote up this post, the bid was at $655 USD.

As I'm sure you've all heard, Summit has requested any and all individuals that have information on who distributed the leaked Breaking Dawn photos please contact them. According to this article, they have filed lawsuits against "10 John Does" so they can file subpoenas. Oy...Vey...

In closing, I have some outtakes from photo shoots and pix posted by the one and only Gil Birmingham!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

NonBetween 4/24/11

HOPPY EASTER TWIBETWEENIES..... I kicked my Easter weekend off right by going and seeing WATER FOR ELEPHANTS with OWM! It was AMAZEBALLS!!! WE both LOVED it & ROB WELL HE IS JUST HOT HOT HOT!


This weeks episode began with the effects of Elena's BAD decision of bringing Elijah back to life. Now that the knife has been removed Elijah is free to roam the earth again. GOOD ONE Elena!!! She suggests that the two of them work together to kill Klaus so that Bonnie doesn’t have to die. In order to understand Klaus' motives Elijah explains their history with Katerina (Katherine). Turns out Klaus and Elijah are BROTHERS!

Their family is the ORIGINAL VAMPIRE BLOODLINE! In a surprise twist the curse of the sun and moon (which everyone has been trying to break) is actually fake. Klaus invented the curse to make sure both vampires and werewolves would never let the doppelganger out of their sight. The real curse was placed on Klaus and he has been trying to break it for 1,000 years. Klaus had a different father and came from two bloodlines: vampire and werewolf. Yes you read it right... Klaus is a freaking WEREVAMP & is also very dangerous!! The witches placed a curse on him to silence his werewolf side.

Meanwhile Klaus is eager to break the real curse that was placed on him now that he has easy access to the doppelganger (Elena). If he breaks the curse he can return to being a werevamp & create his own species. Elijah tells Elena that Klaus can only be killed by a witch during a full moon meaning Bonnie is their only hope. He also reveals that he found a way to save the doppleganger. Jenna is back in town and back at the house! She had called Stefan to see where Elena and Jeremy were and Stefan told her that she needed to stay away from the house. BUT TOO LATE! She had plans to meet up with Rick (really Klaus). Stefan rushed right over there to protect her and to fill her in and it was to late Klaus was there pretending to be Rick! He asked her if she like Vampires... and went on about them and then Stefan was forced into telling Jenna the TRUTH! Which I for one am glad... it was getting to the point where they couldn't hide anymore!!! RIGHT?!

WE GOT TO WITNESS SOME HOT SALVATORE BROTHER ACTION.... THEY BEGAN THROWING PUNCHES until Elena and Elijah had to go and ruin it! LOL! The love that Damon has for Elena was brought up by Stefan. He actually thanked him for being in love with his GF saying that means that he knows that Damon will stop at nothing to protect Elena! He told him that he has something that Damon will never have Elena's respect!
So there ya have peeps!!!! Hope that you have catch the ep coming up its gonna be a great season finale this year and I can not believe its just around the corner! I must say that I am addicted to this show... it really does fill my spot for vamps!!

In anticipation for the new episode of tonight, I suggest everyone sings Shafts theme song in their mind substituting for shaft.

'night all. Happy Easter weekend for those who celebrate. For the rest , happy saturday. Enjoy it.

: @ David Anders and I listening to some amazing music and hanging in this magical place!

@paulwesley VD this evening... hmm. odd thing to say.



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OtherBetween - Love, Wedding, Marriage

I had planned on writing a post on WFE again this week, but that was covered in MB's special Thursday post! While it was a fabulous recount of the premiere, it's OK to admit we're pretty jealous of her experiences! Keeping with the hotness that is "Twilight Men," let's discuss Kellan Lutz, shall we?

On June 3rd, we will get to see the handsome Kellan on the big screen in his new romantic comedy, Love, Wedding, Marriage. The film was directed by Dermot Mulroney, who also stars in Abduction with Taylor.

Shortly after Eva (Mandy Moore), a marriage counselor, marries the love of her life, her parents break the news that they are getting a divorce.

Eva becomes obsessed with saving the marriage she idealized, and in turn causes problems in her own. In the process of trying to reunite her parents, she bends the truth, manipulates, and causes more mayhem than help. Don't judge the movie on my short synopsis, though. Check out the trailer for yourself!

I love that the cast of The Twilight Saga movies have all these other projects being released while we're waiting for Breaking Dawn! I plan on seeing all of them :o)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Special Post- WFE Premier

Our own @_miniBella was at the red carpet for the Water for Elephants premier and is sharing her awesome story, and pics with us! Show her some love for sharing the pretty with us in the comments, please! I already made one of her pics my ipod wallpaper! Thanks Bella!! :D Enjoy!

@_miniBella's Premier Experience

So Saturday night, I read that the 200 people for the bands were already counted for. Although I wasn't planning on camping out for the premiere, I knew that would not be a way for me to get in. Sunday morning, after the bands were given out, the security gathered up everyone else on the line and told us that we will be receiving movie posters with numbers on the back. Those were our passes for the '2nd pen'...the wrist bands were 'VIP'. Since we had to get back to the theater at 3:30PM, my friends and I spent the time in Times Square looking in stores and taking pictures.

When it was time to line up in the 'pen' I was lucky enough to have only 1 person in front of me. While we waited the hour and a half for the stars to arrive, I made friends with the people around me. Since I was the shortest within the group and had experience of being squished at events and not being able to see anything, I gave one of my friends my camera while I tried to manage my camcorder. I also told the person in front of me that I apologize in advance if I get on top of her and if it is possible to just stick my book between her and her friend to get Robert to sign. They had no problem with it. The group I was with were all hoping that Robert will stop by our side since we weren't in the 'VIP' section.

All the sudden around 5PM, a limo stops by our side and we hear fans screaming. At that moment, I was literally squished to the front.. now standing next to the girl that was in front of me. Of course, being short, I couldn't see anything but my friend kept yelling to me 'Jess! Rob is adorable!' Now earlier that day, my 2 friends and I decided to buy Rob M&M Pretzels to give to him, I added a rosary type of bracelet that people in the Caribbean wear (since he is Catholic and I am a church girl lol) and we left a note to Rob saying that we hope he enjoys the M&M's, we know that the film will be a success, and wished him luck in his career. The tallest out of the 3 was in charge of giving it to him since I knew I would forget and in case I wasn't in front, she can be able to reach him. Since I was squished to the front, my friend gave me the bag to give to Rob since now I had a way better chance.

He came over to me and signed my autograph book. He seemed like he was concentrating on the signature lol and even when the side he was signing tilted a bit, he held it up and finished his signature lol. Then I gave him the M&M bag saying 'Rob, this is for you.' He thanked me, looked at the bag, and giggled when he saw the M&M logo. Then after signing a couple of more things, I asked him if I can take a picture with him. He said 'Sure' and at the same time, another person (part of the group we made there) asked for a photo. Rob then asked me if I want to take the picture first or let her. I didn't say anything because I couldn't move 1 bit and didn't know where my friend was to grab my camera. The girls next to me were busy taking photos of him and trying to get their stuff signed. So he just went to the other girl.

Trust me when I say, I was a bit upset I couldn't get a picture with him BUT was so shocked at the same time that he would even ask me if I wanted to take a picture first. I really didn't expect him to do that. Below is video where you can hear and see him ask me. The time between the question and him moving to the other girl was quick...I think he read my expression when I realized I couldn't move to get my camera lol. He literally stood in front of me 2-3 minutes. Although the video may not seem that way, I clearly remember him in front of me. Robert was so sweet and took his time with as much fans as he could. I was so lucky to have meet him and experience how humble he is.
I hope you guys can picture how my day was. I tried my best in explaining lol. Reese and Christoph didn't come on our side but we were satisfied with just Rob even wanting to start with us.

Note: The video is not from @_miniBella, but from someone who was near her and caught her Rob encounter on tape. Thanks to @alison4828! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fan Fiction Recommendation- 4/20/2011

I have only one thing to say before I start this rec..."Houston, we have an Amishward!"

In Your World by soloistintwilight - For ages I've been in search of an Amishward.  That culture has always intrigued me, but on top of that it seems one of the few places where Edward's views and gentlemanly nature don't seem out of place in the 21st Century.  Up until now, I was only finding stories that would disregard major parts of the Amish belief system so they could work in some heavy petting (don't get me wrong, I'm a lemon gal, but as a writer myself, I can't overlook the fact that some things are just taboo in that culture.)  But then, I saw a random tweet (thank goodness for random tweets) about an Amishward fic that was just starting, so I jumped in and started asking the girl about it.  She sent me the link and the rest is history.  In Your World is the story of Bella, who is running away from an abusive relationship and in a moment of desperation, begs Carlisle to help her out.  Seeing that she's troubled, he brings her back to his community and welcomes her into his home.  While attempting to fit in, she finds herself drawn to Esme's nephew, the troubled Edward Masen.  Will they be able to work together to heal their wounds, or are they simply two people from two very different worlds?  Its too early to see where this story will take us, but I'm in for the ride.

Until next week....


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NonBetween- The Last Dance RECAP!

I could sum it up in 2 words... HOLY CRAP! :D This episode was awesome!!! Last week the ending of that episode left me SPEECHLESS and this week I couldn't get my jaw up off the floor so much was happening!!! If there's anything the town of Mystic Falls knows how to do, it's throw a party. This week's event was a 60's themed dance with special guest original vampire Klaus out to kill Elena. Most of the characters dressed up in 60's outfits! The cutest couple I thought was of course Caroline and Matt as Jackie O and JFK. Klaus's costume was a little more devious since he was dressed as Alaric. LOL! NO ONE seen THAT one coming!!!! AT ALL!!!!

One of the best things about this episode was Matt Davis' performance of Klaus masquerading as Alaric. Between his smug "sneaky" way of appearing at the Salvatore mansion where he casually listened to the "secret" plan. This is where Bonnie reveals that she is going to kill him and his cocky attitude toward Alaric's life in general was awesome! Klaus's half-hearted attempt at teaching was FAB! And when Damon told Alaric that he wasn't impressed with Klaus it was hilarious. In the beginning of the episode Klaus was questioning Katherine about all of the rumors and info that she knew. Of course she spilled the beans... afterwards she begged him to just kill her already, but he found it more entertaining that she stab herself and partake in self mutilation as punishment. Bonnie really came into her own with her new powers. It has been great to watch Bonnie evolve from the self-righteous downer she was at the beginning of the season into this new powerful champion fighting to save her friends her family! Her relationship with Jeremy continued to be very sweet and very high school! Bonnie has shown us all that she will stop at NOTHING to make sure that Elena is ALIVE even if that meant that she was dead for a couple of minutes... I will admit that I cried at that part. I mean hello to even imagine that you are watching your BFF die right in front of your eyes...heartbreaking! But we later found out that Damon and Jeremy were in on a little secret and that Bonnie wanted Klaus to think that she was dead! And... that he had killed her off. And it worked... or did it?!?! LOL I guess we will find out as we watch it all unfold in the future episodes!!! I think that some of us seen that Bonnie would survive, but how many of us seen that Damon and Bonnie were working together?!?! SHOCKED me! But I must say that I like that BAD/GOOD Damon!

Damon knew all along that Bonnie was going to cast a spell on herself, but kept it to himself so that it was believable! He later confronted Elena at the mansion and tried to explain things to her, but she got a little upset and slapped him! He then told her exactly what happened with Bonnie and where she was and that she was ALIVE!!! Stefan wasn't in on the secret spell either! Damon told Stefan that he didn't say anything to him about it because he would've never been able to keep it from Elena. And Damon is right because earlier in the episode we seen that Jeremy told Stefan that if Bonnie did go through with her plan then she would die and Stefan being the good BF he is went and told Elena.

The one storyline that still has me saying WTH?! Is the storyline with Matt and Caroline's Mom..... ANYONE?! They both went on as if they didn't know that Caroline is a vamp. Caroline was so happy with Matt while we know he is just pretending everything is fine. I have to admit that I am more into Matt's character... he isn't just a jock... he's suspenseful, but I am still not understanding exactly what they are trying to do! He and Sheriff Forbes are in the unusual position of knowing about Stefan, Damon and the rest, while the vampires themselves are unaware that their cover has been blown. I'm very curious to see where this will go!!!!!

At the end of the episode we seen Elena taking the dagger out of Elijah's chest... if you remember in the beginning of the episode Katherine told Klaus that Eljiah could be found in the basement of the mansion, but Klaus said he didn't need Elijah awaken.... well guess what Klaus... sometimes Shit happens! LOL!! :)


Mr. Ian Somerhalder was #2 on MTV’s 10 on Top from April 16th and Candice Accola also popped up in his segment. Topics covered were: Leather pants, go-go dancing, Jim Morrison, Klaus and Ian’s advice for Joseph Morgan on playing a vampire – “Just watch me, man. He’ll get a kick out of that.” :P ((FLOVE him!))

The CW has posted more behind the scenes goodness in the Mystic Diaries Series 2 follow-up videos from Nina Dobrev and Zach Roerig. Both are from The Last Dance filming and feature appearances by: Ian Somerhalder Katerina Graham Candice Accola Marguerite MacIntryre Various crew members Paul Wesley’s back & it also has some awesome looks at how the stunts and magic were pulled together for this episode. Check em out at under Vampire Diaries Lair!

I know that we already watched The Last Dance... I just wanted to post because I thought that it was fun to hear about how the actors of the show see the rest of the season....


@PAULWESLEY.... and.... thats a wrap. ALSO SAYING... LOBSTER. ROLL

@NinaDobrev... tweeting her famouse QOTD: "Know or listen to those who know." Baltasar Gracian

@iansomerhalder... So in love with everyone for signing this.

@CandiceAccola... tweeting about last wk's episode...
Best hat ever! Ps. NEW EP OF TVD TONIGHT! #woop

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Peace Love & Vamps