Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekly News Roundup 6.4.12

Another beautiful start to another beautiful week.  Last night's wins just further beautify this day, yes?

That's right, we did it again.  Thanks to all of our loyal TwiHards, Breaking Dawn, Part 1 took Best Movie AND Best Kiss.  Unfortunately, Rob wasn't there to tease us for the best kiss win, however Kristen gave a show of her own :o)  Rob warned us it may happen, and she didn't disappoint!

Here are some pictures of those who WERE in attendance.  

Boo Boo and his creepily ever present sister, Fivel

Taylor Lautner giving the "Best Movie" acceptance speech

Jackson Rathbone

Julia Jones

Kristen Stewart

Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald

The case accepting "Best Movie" Award

...and Vanilla Ice?!?!
Just because Rob wasn't there, doesn't mean I don't have some yummy goodness for you.  How about some shots from Cannes??

Kristen has been SO busy the last few weeks promoting her newest film, SWATH.  Here are links to her latest interviews:
...with The Guardian
...Screen Slam
...E! Online
...Elle France
...Interview Magazine (this might be my favorite Kristen shoot ever!)
...Today Show
...BTW w/MTV
... Collider

Anna Kendrick is also still out there promoting her RomCom, What to Expect:

The entire cast of Twilight has been raving about Kristen as a vampire in BD2, including Noel Fisher and Jackson Rathbone recently to E! Online.  The two are quite impressed with her transformation, as I'm sure we will be!

This is one that I will own, come hell or high water...and we'll make sure that one of you gets it, too!  You know we love our loyal followers, and you know we love to reward you with all kinds of goodies!  So what's the excitement?  The Twilight Saga: Complete Film Archive, the "final Twilight book."  This will be a compilation of memories, removable script pages, reproductions of screening passes, VIP invitations, and set pieces, interviews, behind the scenes secrets revealed by the cast themselves, as well as other collectibles that make this deluxe volume a must-have for every fan.  SQUEEEEEE!!!  The book will be available October 9.

Remember our OtherBetween about Ashley Greene in The Apparition?  The film has finally gotten an official poster and trailer!  What do you think?

It's no secret that OWM is a huge Jackson Rathbone fan (even through the demise of 100 Monkeys), and these two photo shoots just make the love grow even more.  SWEET HEAVEN!!!  I suppose I should also mention Jackson spoke with Young Hollywood promoting his new film, Cowboys and Angels.  LOL!

Let's end this on a fun note, shall we?  Check out this commercial, and tell me it doesn't make you Laugh!!

So there you have it, My Loves!  Have a wonderful week!!


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