Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly News Roundup 8.13.12

I don't normally use the News post for Non-Twilight related updates, but this week there are so many I just can't NOT include them!  So, here we go :)

Let's start off with the upcoming movie, On The Road, featuring the beautiful Kristen Stewart.  We covered this film as an OtherBetween in 2010, but look for it again this weekend.  We like to refresh your memories of these projects when they are close to release date, because we're loyal like that. Check out the new trailer below!

We also recently did a write up on Billy Burke's upcoming TV series, Revolution.  Billy's excitement over this has me anticipating it's September 15th premiere.  Check out the extended preview below, and let us know what you think!

Anna Kendrick's newest movie, ParaNorman is hitting theaters Friday!  She lends her pipes to Courtney, Normans older sister.  She recently sat down with PopSugar to discuss the upcoming animated movie, as well as Breaking Dawn.  Anna, we're sorry we missed it...but we hope you had a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Wait, who am I kidding?  She doesn't read our blog!  LOL

Rob's newest movie, Cosmopolis, will premiere in New York this week, which means he will be making appearances soon!  We've been patiently waiting for the heart throb to come out of hiding, and you'll get your first chance to see him on Comedy Central at 11pm EST TONIGHT on The Daily Show with John Stewart.  Rob will also be on Good Morning America Wednesday morning.  Be sure to set your DVR's!!  However, while we wait, let's enjoy these wonderful stills from the flick, shall we?  :o)

Jackson Rathbone's blood, sweat, tears, and huge block of pride is now available for purchase on Amazon.  Rathbone not only starred in Girlfriend, but he also produced the film and did the music.  With all of that invested, you can only imagine how excited and attached he is to this piece of work.  Be sure to order your copy today!

Tinsel Korey, the GORGEOUS Non-Wolf-Wolf-Girl recently spoke to Ology about her experiences being part of the Twilight phenomena, her feelings on the saga coming to an end (of course), and her music.  Tinsel currently has a song available on iTunes called "The Letter," and if you haven't downloaded it yet, I HIGHLY recommend it.  I bought it the day it was released, and listen to it all the time!  She has a new EP coming out on 8/30...Wolfpack fan or not, BUY IT!!  If you like soft indie rock, you won't be disappointed.

Also on August 30, you can buy these beauties to mark your page as you're re-reading Breaking Dawn for the 200th time!  Oh come on, you know you're doing it!

If you enjoy helping out worthy charities...and want to own a piece of Rob's original artwork, then it's your lucky day!  Rob recently drew a sketch he titled "The Unfinished City" for the charity "Home Plate Project."  The bid is currently at $3,000, and still open.  Come on, we know that's chump change!

When we think of teen novels, there are a handful that come to mind.  Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and of course Twilight.  NPR gave all three the honor of being on the Top 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels list.  See all that landed on the list here

Once again, in the "Team Jack Q&A," Jack Morrisey gives us just enough info on BD2 to leave us wanting and asking more.  Be sure to hop on over for the latest :o)

I think these collages are awesome.  Amazing transformations of the characters throughout the 5 movies...

Remember the funny Time-Warner commercial I posted a few weeks ago featuring Kellan Lutz?  Now you can see a behind the scenes video from the shoot.  The commercial still cracks me up!

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, if you haven't picked up the latest copy of Entertainment Weekly, RUN, don't walk, and get it today!  Breaking Dawn is on the cover, and there are several amazing stills inside, along with interview with Stephenie Meyer, the amazing Bill Condon, and more!  Here are a few stills, and you can see the rest at EW.

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