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Weekly News Roundup 9.17.12

Good Morning TwiHards!

First of all, thanks for all the birthday wishes last week!  You are all awesome <3  Because of all birthday festivities last weekend, I didn't get a news post together...which means I didn't post the final trailer for BD!!  Let's make that the first entry in this one, shall we?

Much like every year in the past, theaters will be hosting Twilight marathons on November 15th in honor of the BD2 premiere.  The bonus?  You get some goodies, movie bonus scenes, AND you get to watch BD2 at 10pm!  When you're walking out of the theater basking in the glow of vampires and werewolves....people will be standing in line waiting for a seat :o)  Details are still in the works, but I'll pass them on as soon as they are announced!  We do know that tickets for the premiere AND the marathon will be on sale October 1!

Ashley Greene - Actress, Model, Spokeswoman, Designer?  Maybe!  Ash is currently working with Donna Karan on some custom designed dresses for her BD2 schedule.  She talks with PopSugar about what styles to watch for based on where she will be appearing.

Another multi-talented Twilight star is making his goals known.  Jackson Rathbone says that while he's still acting and will continue to do so, he wants to do more "behind-the-scenes" work.  Writing, producing, etc. It wouldn't be a first for the smoldering stud (YUM), he's done work like this on his movie Girlfriend, and his web series Aim High.

While we're talking about Jack...what do you think of this adorable picture?!  This is his little boy, Monroe "Roe" Jackson Rathbone VI with his godmother, Nikki Reed!

In a fansite exclusive interview, Bill Condon shared some insights to the new vampires and talks about the new trailer.  He also delves into some surprises we can expect in the movie!  WB - WHY WEREN'T YOU THERE FOR THIS INTERVIEW?!?!  :o)

If you're as jealous as I am about those that will be in LA for the premiere of BD2, there is still a shred of hope that we can go, too.  The first premiere contest is up and running, and a winner will be chosen on October 1!

Kristen hit the red carpet at TIFF for the premiere of On The Road.  We have lots of interviews from the event and her below :)

The Hollywood Reporter

That's it for this week!  Make it a great one...and remember 

59 DAYS!!!

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