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Graphic Friday - born to be a vampire

This one is WB's new IPad background! Thanks @Totally_Dazzled!

Meet a TwiBetween- @DebbiePrins

Each wee, whenever we have a volunteer, we like to get to know one of our followers better! That is the purpose of our Meet a TwiBetween posts! We want to get to know each and every one of you! If you want to be our next Meet a TwiBetween volunteer, just let WB know at ;)

Now, let's meet a loyal follower, and a real sweetheart, @DebbiePrins! :D

Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:

Age? 41

Married? Kids? Separated with one awesome, adorable and amazing 4 year old "special" little girl!!

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Team Jacob or Switzerland? If I only have those choices then Team Edward but I truly love all of Team Twilight!! 

When/how did your Twilight obsession begin? Actually Twilight saved my life! Before you guys think I am crazy here is the story! I had never heard of Twilight except for one movie trailer until my brother-in-law brought home Twilight the book in 2009. I was going through a really tough time in a breaking down marriage, with post natal depression going through my little ones first hospital trips to find out what was wrong with her! I was in an abusive relationship with another family member and severely sleep deprived! My little one would only sleep while I was holding her!

In a moment of desperation in the middle of the night while sitting up holding Hannah I picked up the book and escaped into this amazing world where love triumphs! Family stand up for each other to the point of being prepared to die for each other and even little girls who seem as if they will die young get to live forever! Friends are family and sleep isn't needed!:-)

I was hooked! I finished the books in a week and reread them twice more before the end of the month! I went to the DVD store and got Twilight and New Moon within the month and the rest as they say is history! 

If I didn't have Twilight when it came into my life I think I would have lost my mind! I got help for the depression, got help with my little one so I could sleep more and then realised that I am worth more! I got out of the abusive relationship with my family member and demanded that my husband either step up or our relationship cant carry on! 

So a lifelong fan was created! I started going on line and made soooooo many friends through Twilight! I am extremely thankfull to an amazing woman called Stephenie Meyer who created this awesome world and every person who has made the world come to life in the movies! 

I am in South Africa so there isn't much chance to meet anyone and there isn't much FAN merchandise available but I get my fill online! (not really but it HAS to do!) Oh and in case anyone believes the haters, that this world isnt "intelligent" I have news for them! I am a card carrying Mensa member!!

What is your favorite Twilight Quote? There are many but my two favourite quotes are from Twilight :" About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him-and I didn't know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him." and from Breakin Dawn :"And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever."

What scene/line from the books that you love was missing from the movies? There are a few again! The bloodtyping scene for many reasons! The conversation between Alice and Charlie while Bella is "sleeping"! "Bella's epiphany about Edward really loving her before the vote! Alice kidnapping Bella! Edward cooking for Bella(eggs)! Jacob and Rosalie with the "dog" bowl! Jacob trying to imprint in the park!

Who is your favorite non-holy twinity (minor) character? Damn this is a difficult one! I love Charlie but they are all soooooo amazing! Even Sam and Emily have my heart! Oh and dont forget the Volturi!!! 

Which is your favorite Twilight movie? So far I HAVE to say Breaking Dawn pt 1 but Twilight also holds a special place!

Which is your favorite Edward, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn? Breaking Dawn!

Review Breaking Dawn Part 1 in 5 words or less: Absolutely FUCKING awesome!;-)

Renesmee- B.S. or creative name? I like it! It is creative! 

What is your favorite Soundtrack overall? Twilight today but it will change with my mood! 

What is your favorite song from a Twilight soundtrack? In Twilight it was Leave out all the rest- Linkin park! In NM it was Satellite Heart -Anya Marina! In Eclipse it was All yours- Metric! And in BD1 it was Llovera- Mia Maestro and Thousand Years-Christina Perri

Ideal vacay? Trip to Forks, Rob/Kristen set stalking, Brit Pack concert in LA, or a non-Twi premiere? Camping out at the Premier! Or a trip to Forks!

Are you going to the Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere? I would be there with BELLS on if it didnt cost the price of a car for me to get there! If I win the lottery I will be there without a doubt! Just the thought of possibly being able to thank Stephenie personally for saving my life gives me goosebumps!

Do you have a favorite fan fic you're reading right now? Share a link! I am a fan fic virgin! (I know, I know, I am bad!!) Any suggestions on where to get started?

What is your favorite Non-Twilight film of a Twilight star? I enjoyed Little Ashes and Water for Elephants! I enjoyed SWATH and I LOVED the Runaways!There are more but I will spare you!;-)

Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give them a shoutout? I have sooooo many I will leave someone out and that would be crappy so to everyone who loves Twilight hello!!

What is your favorite Twilight memory? Going to the midnight screening of Eclipse and of course the first feeling of WOW reading the books!

Anything else you want us to know about you? I am loyal and kind and love deeply! Oh and I am a good listener!

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Fan Fiction Recommendation - 6/27/12

As sheviking is slowly working on her fics again, I thought I would bring one of her old ones back into the fold after her recent update.

The Blizzard by sheviking - Bella was walking home on the night of a bad blizzard when a whispered plea changes everything. Edward is a former military man who has lost everything, including his voice, but Bella can't turn her back on him. She lets him into his house and after an intense night together, Edward is gone as though he'd never been there. But they can't get the other out of their head. The journey that continues as they find their way through the strange connection they share as she works to help him turn from a life on the streets to be the man she knows is there inside of him, and Edward wants to be a man worthy of the angel that has put so much faith in him.

I love this fic, because it is an interesting premise, and once again I kept clicking next until I got to the end. This was always a story I was going to read, but kept putting off, so when I saw it update, I had to take the chance to get some sheviking that I hadn't before. Now, her life is still pretty hectic, so her updates are not as frequent as they once were, but her stories are well worth the wait.

Until next week,


SDCC is just two weeks away!

I've never done this before, but my husband offered to sell some of his prized possessions to help pay for our trip to comic con, so I thought that it was only fair that I do the same. :) So, for the first time, I am putting a small portion of the contents of my Twi-room up for sale on eBay! 

Based on popular demand, hubby is helping me to add more magazines lots to the auction page this afternoon, so after 4pm PT check back for some pretty, if that's what you are interested in!

If you are obsessed with the twilight trading cards and are looking for a few key pieces to complete your set, I have several of the puzzle completed cards listed! I also have one very rare and beautiful card, Temptations, from the New Moon set! 

End time: Jun 29, 2012 2:05:07 PM MST

View item:
Twilight New Moon Temptations NECA Trading Card HT-1

This is one of my favorite Items, an Immortals poster we got from the autograph signing at Comic Con last year. I love it because Kellan was signing everything with that adorable little trident! I don't know why, but that little detail just made this poster SO cool to me! ;)

End time: Jun 29, 2012 3:01:35 PM MST

View item:
Immortals SDCC 2011 Signed Promo Poster

For those of you who missed out on Comic Con last year, I have several complete sets of the Summit booth swag! You have no idea what kind of hard work and determination it took to get complete sets! They handed out one pack of cards and one pin for each visit to the booth, and rotated which card pack and pin they were giving out so you never knew what you were gonna get! Ironically, the Jacob pins were the hardest to get, and although he may not be everyone's favorite, your set simply isn't complete without him! 

End time: Jun 29, 2012 2:40:57 PM MST

View item:
Twilight Breaking Dawn SDCC 2011 Buttons Cards Set

And for those who are unable to attend Comic Con this year, don't worry! I will be getting that swag listed for you as soon as I can! So keep watching my eBay page the week of comic con for more goodies! ;)

<3's WB

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NonBetween- Hunger Games and True Blood

The Hunger Games

This week, I have a little tidbit for you all that was released by Target.  It's a little behind the scenes thingamabob for your viewing pleasure.  The DVD is only 8 weeks away!!! I am EXTREMELY excited for this DVD and I have some really high hopes for it :)  If you didn't catch my first post a few weeks ago, you should go check it out.  It lists a bunch of the DVD options for you to choose from.  I, personally, almost always go for Target because... well... Target is like Disneyland in my world... And because the Target versions usually always rock!!!

This video is at the following link:

You'll find it on the left-hand side of the screen.  I apologize for not being tech-savvy enough to figure out how to embed it in this post... But, WATCH IT! Enjoy it!  And hopefully for next week's post, something uber exciting will have happened (like, um... casting... not likely).

Until next time, my friends!

<3 Nikki

True Blood
True Blood Recap for 5.2 “Authority Always Wins”

Okay, so Episode 2 didn’t rock my world but there were some great moments worth mentioning.  Let’s recap, shall we?

5.2 opens with Tara throwing Sookie around and pinning her up against a tree.  Pam looks on… laughing. Lafayette runs to Sookie’s aid and gets flung by Tara in the process.  Tara’s sinks her fangs into Sook’s neck.  Pam decides to intervene,  pulling her off.  Laf and Sook are overwhelmed.  Pam tells them Tara is their problem.  Then she orders Tara NOT to bite Sookie and Lafayette.  Before she leaves, she throws Tara into the house.  Tara runs around the house screaming and breaking things.  Oh what have Sookie and Laf gotten themselves into!

Bill, Eric and Nora arrive at Authority Headquarters.  They are greeted by Authority member Salome.  Nora tries to explain her actions but Salome slaps her.  They are ushered into holding cells. 

The wolf pack is finishing off their meal of Marcus.  Alcide refuses to partake in the “feast”.  He is reminded by Martha that he is pack master now that he killed Marcus.  Alcide does not want to be pack master.  Martha reminds him of the laws of the pack.  Alcide still does not care.  He leaves.  A bloody Sam and Luna follow him out.

Arlene is awakened by Terry standing over her in bed.  He seems to be in a trance.  He is having war flashbacks.  “We are all gonna die. It’s coming for us.”, he says creepily.  Arlene slaps him across the face.  This seems to snap him out of the trance.  He says he’s tired and crawls into bed like nothing happened. Arlene looks wearily at him as he sleeps.

Tara is tearing up the house while Sookie and Laf watch.  She stops momentarily, balancing on the sink’s edge.  Lafayette carefully hands her some True Blood.  Tara knocks him to the ground and lands on top of him.  Her fangs pop and it looks like she is about to bite him.  As Laf screams for Sookie, Tara looks up and starts screaming again.  She is clawing at her face and pulling her  hair.  Then she vamp speeds out of the kitchen and starts tearing up the house again.  Yep, she is freaking out.

Pam returns to Fangtasia.  She asks if Eric has called.  He hasn’t.  Pam sits at her desk and applies some lipstick.  Flashback!  We see human Pam in San Francisco 1905.  She is at a bar of an apparent brothel.  Pam appears to be in charge.  She is told one of her girls has been with a customer for over an hour.  Pam goes to check on her and finds the girl dead and bloodied in the bed.  The flashback ends.  She calls Eric’s cell again and implores him to call her.

Back at the jailhouse, Eric, Bill, and Nora meet inmate Nigel, a baby eater.  No really, he worked in a maternity ward of a hospital and ate the babies.  Even sister fucking Eric found the admission disturbing!
They hear a male voice speaks to them via speaker.  He asks Bill about their escape, where they were going, who was involved, etc.  Bill feigns ignorance and asks that Eric and Nora be released.  He takes full responsibility for the events that have occurred.  The lights dim and Nigel whines. “You just fucked us!”, he yells.  “UVs!” Nora screams.  All four scream in pain as they are burnt by a surge UV lights.

Luna is tending to Sam’s wounds when Martha barges in.  Luna tells Martha to get out and that she does not want her around Emma (Marcus was Emma’s father so Martha is her grandmother).  Martha says Emma will need  a pack when she starts to turn Were.  Luna kicks her out. She continues to rant about Martha and Sam gently reminds her that she just lost her son.  This infuriates Luna and they start arguing.  She tells Sam to stay out of her personal affairs. Emma is HER daughter, not Sam’s. Ouch!

Sookie worries about Tara since the sun is rising  They need to get her into Bill’s cubby to sleep.  Lafayette agrees to be bait and slashes his arm.  Tara pounces on his bloody arm while Sookie “silvers” her with a chain and they drag her to the hidey hole.

Sherriff Andy confides to Jason about having sex with Holly.  Apparently, Holly is avoiding him. 
They come across Debbie Pelt’s abandoned car.  They pull over to check things out and Andy finds vials of V.  He pockets one (remember Andy was a V addict).  Uh oh!  He seems conflicted. He hands Jason  a vial of V.  Jason asks if he found it in the car.  Andy says yes.  It’s not exactly clear if that was a second vial or if he had second thoughts about the one he pocketed.  Hmmm…

Cut to Sookie at the store buying Vampire repellent, a silver mister.  The clerk is watching Steve Newlin on TV.  He tells Sookie that Steve is a vampire now. 

Cut to Terry cooking at Merlotte’s and having another war flashback.  Arlene comes in and he freaks, shoving her across the kitchen.  He snaps out of it and apologizes. Arlene begs him to tell her what is going on.  She knows it has something to do with Patrick.  Terry screams at her that it was an accident.  Arlene is  left shaking.

Cut to Sookie’s house.  She hears Lafayette’s thoughts and he is in the cubby about to stake Tara!  Sookie rushes in and tells him not to do it.  Lafayette says he fucked up, turning Tara into the thing she hates the most. Sookie assures him that with time Tara will be okay.  They have to have faith.  He decides not to stake her.

At the police station, Jason watches  vampire Steve Newlin on TV. Steve mentions that he is in a relationship with a woman. Jason shakes his head.  Well, I guess he is a closeted, gay, American vampire! 
Andy steps in and brings up the judge’s son’s speeding ticket that he wants expunged. 
Jason is accosted by an ex lover’s son.  Apparently, it was an extra marital affair and he caused a divorce.  Jason is starting to realize his philandering ways do have consequences.

Pam’s flashback continues.  She is walking alone at night on a deserted street.  She is being followed by a man who grabs her by knife point.  The man’s throat is suddenly slashed. By a hand. A top hat wearing Eric’s hand. Way to make an entrance, Mr. Northman.  He sucks the blood off his thumb for good measure. 
He apologizes for the blood that got on her dress and gives her money.  Pam thanks him and  asks his name.  Eric vamp speeds away without telling her.

At the Authority compound/prison, all three vamps are being interrogated and tortured by silver being administered  intravenously.  The Authority is trying to find out about Nora and why she betrayed them.  Not one of the three is giving anything up.  Even when they are told each is ratting out the other. 

Jessica is throwing yet another party at Bill’s/her house.  She holds up a keg with one hand while a guest chugs from a funnel. She sees one girl about to throw up so she drops the keg and vamp speeds the girl out the door.  Guess who happens to be at the door? Her buddy. Steve Newlin.  Steve shimmy shakes his way into the house, not missing one beat of the music (seriously, that was the show highlight for me).  Jess is less than thrilled to have him at the party.  Especially, when all the college kids are star struck and fawning all over him.  Steve is there to talk to Jess about BUYING Jason Stackhouse from her for $10,000.00! What?!
Jess counters with $20,000.00 noting Jason’s rock hard ass.  He gets aroused and consents to the $20,000.00.  Jess says he is pathetic and won’t sell Jason because they are friends.  They get into a hair pulling fight. (Yes, really.)  Jess reiterates that her dad is King.  Steve says, “not anymore!”.  Jess kicks him out of the house.  Then she kicks out the college party kids. 

Patrick is packing up his stuff in the motel.  Arlene comes to see him.  She asks him what happened on Terry’s tour of duty.  He says nothing.  Terry shows up to talk to Patrick.  Arlene tells them both to fix whatever is going on. 

Jason visits Hoyt as his mom’s house.  Hoyt tells him not to come around anymore. They are “over”.

Luna hears noises coming from Emma’s room.  She goes in to find Emma shifted into a Were puppy! SO CUTE! Um, Luna doesn’t think so. “Holy Fuck!” she says.

Sook and Laf are installing the silver misters all around the house.  Tara rises from the cubby and approaches them.  “I will never forgive either of you.” she says.  Then she bolts out of the house getting silver sprayed on the way out. 

A hooded Bill and Eric are brought into a  room filled with Authority Chancellors.  Enter The Guardian aka Chris Meloni!  The Guardian begins administering The Blood of Lilith to all members like it is Holy Communion.  Each vamp hits their knees and takes a drop of blood on their tongue.   After the ceremony, Bill and Eric are lectured and questioned.  The Guardian brings up Nan Flannigan and her death.  The council debates Eric and Bill’s fate.  The Guardian readies his stake and Bill offers a last minute deal.  Their lives for Russell Edgington. Uh, oh Nan told the council Russell was dead.  They believed it so this is huge news to them.  The Guardian does not deliver the true death to Bill and Eric.  Bill’s deal is accepted.

 Russell Edgington is on a gurney, the floor is littered with drained bodies.  Russell looks all cracked and nasty but is apparently getting his strength back. His eyes pop open. Eek! 

Quotable Quotes

“Come on now, hookah, drink!” Lafayette

“Newborns, are just sooo succulent!” Nigel

“Easy now, she just lost her son.” Sam
“She just ATE her son!” Luna

“Get the fuck out!” Luna
“Gladly, psycho!” Sam
“Fuck you!” Luna
“Fuck you too!” Sam

“Jesus, Stackhouse! Have you slept with every woman in this town?” Andy
“I dunno. Um close, I guess.” Jason
“If you touch Holly I’m throwing your ass in jail.” Andy

“The streets can be dangerous at this hour. A lady should be more careful.” Eric
“If I meet a lady, I’ll let her know.” Human Pam

“Have you seen Jason’s butt?” Jess
“Of course I’ve seen it. Why do you think I’m offering ten thousand dollars?” Steve
“Well, its rock hard. You could chip a fang on it.” Jess
“Fifteen thousand.” Steve

“Look at you. Fang boner and  real boner.” Jess

“Hey, idiots! Go back to your human lives before I eat you!” Jess

“Thank you for splittin up my boy and that red haired slut. I’m gon bake you a pie.” Mrs. Fortenberry

“Are you now or have you ever been a part of the Sanguanista movement?” Guardian
“I don’t even know what it is.” Bill
“You know, I try to stay away from politics, in general.” Eric

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Meet a TwiBetween- @Rosmelie

Whenever possible we like to get to know our followers better! That is one of my favorite features of having this blog! If you want to answer our twenty Twilight questions, just let us kow at! :)

Today, we are meeting a wonderful follower who's answers I just LOVE! Meet @Rosmelie!

Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:

Age: 27

Married/Kids: No and no, but I do have the most adorable Goddaughter who is in love with Pocket Edward!

Declare Myself: Team Take No Prisoners! - oh wait I have to pick...Team Edward all the way!

How did my obsession begin/when?: back in 2007 I got in a car accident and kind of closed myself off. A friend of mine suggested I read the books and at the time, there were a few on Facebook that were posing as the characters. So it started off as Dear Alice once I hit New Moon, which in turn brought me out of a bad place, and as they say, the rest is history!

Favorite Twilight Quote: I apologize for being such a monster. I’ll try to behave myself from now on. ~Rosalie

What scene/line from the book that I love was missing from the movie? Oh I think my biggest thing I wanted to see was Rosalie and Jacob's entire spat when she made the fido bowl. But I'll always have my memory with Nikki Reed on that one!

Who is my favorite non-holy trinity member? Easy peasy-Rosalie! (And Leah)

My favorite movie would have to be Eclipse, despite the Victoria changeout. It's the tale of the Hales!

Which is my favorite? I have to say it's a toss up between Twilight and Eclipse. Twilight because it's obviously what led me to read the others and Eclipse because it features my favorite character!

Breaking Dawn pt1 in 5 words or less: irrevocably mystifying tale of love!

Renesmee: creative but strange in my eyes!

Favorite Soundtrack overall: probably (and surprisingly) Breaking Dawn pt1! A couple rock out songs and the remake of Flightless Bird, American Mouth...perfection!

Favorite Song from a Twilight Soundtrack: now this one is tough! I absolutely love Sister Rosetta by the Noisettes...but then Never Think done by Rob just kind of captivated me.

Ideal vaca: Forks/Port Angeles...which will likely happen in 2013!

Am I going to BDpt2 premiere? HELL YEA! The hotel is booked, plans are in progress, and a new tent has already been purchased!

A fav. Fanfic I'm reading right now? Well, actually two. One is called Figure Eight: and the other is Finding Love Through Music: both by Tufano79

What is my favorite Non-Twilight movie with a Twilight actor/actress? Thirteen with Nikki Reed!

Do I have a TwiBestie? Only like, way too many to name! So hi all my TwiBesties!

What is my favorite Twi-memory? Oh goodness there are so many. So top three: Meeting Nikki for the first time!, Awkward conversations with Kristen at both the Eclipse and BDpt1 premieres, and also meeting my Denali's face to face!

Anything else you should know? The easiest way to find me on any forum/social outlet is to search Rosmelie. I currently have 3 Twilight tattoos (Cullen Crest, Wolf Pack Tat, and Be safe). And I'm currently working on a Denali crest since they don't have one!!

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Fan Fiction Recommendation - 6/20/12

Greetings from vacation!  I'm hoping the sun will come out so I can return home with a tan, but for now let me share with you one of my new favorite stories.

Shamrocks and Shenanigans by mathisson - Bella Swan is a caterer for an company that does event planning when Edward Cullen walks into her life as a guest at one of her parties.  She fulls a draw to him, though she doubts her ability to be what she thinks he needs, and he's taken in by her looks and her strength, nicknaming her Legs as he works to win her over.  The path isn't easy when you're involved in organized crime, but where some fics focus on the darkness of the mob lifestyle, this story finds a way to be funny and charming.  

I've grown up on Mob movies, from watching the Godfather with my dad, to seeing Goodfellas so many times we've counted how many times Joe Pesci says fuck.  This story fills my love of the mob storyline and the fun, kooky, family contingency.  And with the drama really starting to build, it is the perfect time to get into it. 

Love you all and I will catch you when I get back home!  Until next week,

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer is Coming!

Are you excited?!!!! I am!!!! Can you tell?!!!!!!!!

Just for comparison's sake, here is what the Part 1 trailer looked like that we got last June.

That trailer was nice and long and showed us some GREAT stuff that really got us pumped!

And here is the first teaser trailer for BD2, in case you've forgotten how awesome that was!

So what do you want to see in this year's trailer?!! Tell us in the comments!


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OtherBetween - Aim High

I've been madly in love with Jackson Rathbone for a long....LONG....time now.  That being said, writing posts about him make my day.  I figure since he's going to be a first time Daddy any day now, we'll make him the focus of our Father's Day OtherBetween!

Jackson has been a busy man lately filming season 2 (I totally just typed "sex" instead of season.  I would DEFINITELY buy that film) of his web series Aim High.  If you follow him on Twitter or his fan page on Facebook, then you've seen some shots of him during these...

I love happy Jackson, and he seems to be that and more when he's on the set of this series!

So back to the show...

I've written about it before, but now that it's been on for an entire season, and is getting ready to start it's second, it's time to refresh some memories :o)

Aim High is about a high school student, Nick Green (Jackson), and his typical high school life.  Homework, tests, secret US Government assignments.  You know, what every high school kid goes through!  Yes, Nick is a top agent for the US Government...and he's a teenager.

...time for another picture :o)

The series won the NAPTE award for Original Web Content in a Drama Series, and was also nominated for the Writers Guild of America Outstanding Achievement in Writing Original New Media.  Not bad, right?  

The show can only be seen on Facebook, which is a first.  Another cool point is that the show is personalized for whomever is watching.  For example. there was one episode where there were pictures hanging up in the background...I want to say they were wanted posters, and it was pictures of people on my friends list.  There were a couple scenes where my name was written on a table in a diner, or on a wall in an alley...and it changes for whatever profile is watching the show!

The entire first season (six episodes) can be seen on the Aim High Facebook page now, and keep your eyes open for season two!

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NonBetween- Hunger Games and True Blood

The Hunger Games

I was having quite a difficult time trying to figure out what I wanted to talk about in this week's post, as Hunger Games news is pretty slow right now. But the main thing going on is casting! So I figured I would share some of the rumors that have been floating around!

 Catching Fire is my personal favorite book out of the series, so I am way excited to get it on the big screen. There have been no official announcements on the new cast yet, but tons of rumors flying around. I, personally, am most concerned about my dear Finnick! I freaking love Finnick, who is a sexy, t-wielding heartthrob from district 4. He is a favorite of mine and I am waiting anxiously to hear who is chosen to fill his carefully-tied fishnet. It's no secret WB is rooting for Erik Odom, and seriously, look at him! I would have no complaints about that one. I, personally, tend to avoid picking a person in my head so as to avoid disappointment. So I'm declaring myself Switzerland in the THG casting arena. A bunch of names have been thrown around for Finnick, though. The name I hear most often is Garrett Hedlund! It has been reported that he has auditioned for the role, and he keeps popping up, so we'll see where this goes. To me, Garrett could be a very good physical representation of Finnick, but I would need to see a picture of him shirtless and holding a trident to be sure. ;) Another is Taylor Kitsch, who has said himself that he is not interested, but multiple sources have reported that he is in the running... Hmmmm. Taylor, are you messing with us, sir? I say let's just forget about him and move on. There are plenty of other hot fish in the sea. The last person I would like to mention is Sam Claflin! Now, when I saw his name as a possibility, I got ├╝ber excited. I am a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan, and I just adore Sam. There's also that little movie he just did, Snow White and the Huntsman... You may have heard of it. His British accent makes him incredibly desirable to me, but alas, Finnick does not have a British accent... I do rather enjoy British men playing Americans though, so I'm totally ok with that. Like I said, I'm not picking a man, just passing on information. I am totally excited to see who they choose, though! Fingers crossed it's someone awesome.

As for the rest of Catching Fire, I would say the other big roles I'm excited for are Johanna, district 7's completely insane, yet entertaining tribute, Mags, Finnick's fellow tribute and former mentor, and Plutarch, the new head game maker. I have not been seeing many rumors about these guys, granted I've been working then went on vacation, which pretty much is equivalent to living under a rock in any fandom. Anyway, it was confirmed that Philip Seymour Hoffman was offered the role of Plutarch. Not exactly how I pictured him, but I'm not one to judge until after I see some footage. He's a good actor, though, so I think he'd make a decent addition to the cast. As for Johanna, Catalina Sandeno Moreno's name popped up on my twitter. That is an... interesting... rumor. I haven't really seen any names for anyone else, but I'll be sure to get back to my twitter-watching perch soon. That's all I got for you now, but let's hope for some confirmed casting news in the near future! Also, go vote for The Hunger Games in theTeen Choice Awards, on the categories it isn't against BD for, that is!
<3 NK

True Blood
True Blood 5.1 “Turn!, Turn!, Turn!”

Season 5 started off right where Season 4 left us.  Questions were answered!  The plot propelled forward in this action packed episode.  Please note that these episode recaps will contain explicit language and sometimes, description. It isn’t gratuitous, it’s True Blood!  Now, onto the recap.

S5 opens with Bill on the phone with Jessica.  He tells her he’ll be gone for awhile.  In the background, Eric is speed cleaning the bloody mess they made of Nan and her guards.  Bill joins in and they suddenly snap to attention, “Sookie!”.  They pick up on her confrontation with Debbie.  “Fuck Sookie!”, says Eric.  He reminds Bill of their recent rejection and they keep cleaning.

Over at Chez Stackhouse, Lafayette sleeping there, still reeling over the death of Jesus.  He hears a gunshot and  runs downstairs.  He finds Sookie in the kitchen cradling a bloody Tara.  Pam vamp-speeds into the house asking for Eric (remember Eric bought Sookie‘s house during her 12 ½ month hiatus to faerie land so she is always invited in).  “Color me impressed, you guys know how to party”, says Pam taking in the blood and dead bodies.  Sookie screams at her to leave. Pam wants Sookie to talk to Eric for her and tell him she is sorry.  Before Pam zips away, Lafayette asks her to “turn” Tara.  “Turn her? I don’t even like her!”, says Pam.  Sookie objects but  Lafayette convinces her this is the right thing to do.  So, Sookie and Pam broker a deal and Pam feeds Tara her vamp blood. 

Sookie and Lafayette dig a shallow grave for Tara and Pam (so Tara can properly turn into a vamp).  Pam is wearing one of Sookie’s cheap sweat suits. She is not pleased to be wearing it let alone be buried in it. 

Sam is cornered by Marcus’ wolf pack.  They are looking for Marcus since he has been missing for 2 days.  Sam denies knowing anything, shifts into an owl and flies away. He flies to Luna’s house and warns her about the pack.  Luna begs him to tell the pack who really killed Marcus.  But Sam refuses to rat out Alcide.  The pack catches up with Sam and he surrenders to them under the condition they leave Luna and Emma alone. 

Jason Stackhouse and his hot, naked bod answer his front door.  It’s Vampire Steve Newlin.  Steve glamours naked Jason into inviting him in.  Inside, a purple cardigan wearing Steve wraps Jason in a blanket and tapes his mouth shut.  Steve unglamours Jason and tells him he is in love with him.  “I’m a gay American vampire.” Steve says.  Jason says that was the nicest I Love You he has  ever gotten but, “this dog don’t bark that way”.  Steve does not want to accept  it. “LOVE ME!” he screams as he looms over Jason.  Sensing Jason’s terror, Jessica speeds in and proclaims Jason is hers.  Jason rescinds his invitation to Steve and her is forced out of the house.  Jessica straddles Jason and they have sex.

Bill and Eric are ambushed outside Bill’s house by The Authority.  They are thrown into the trunk of a car and driven away.  They both deduce that they are being taken in to face The Authority and will be given the true death.  They manage to puncture the gas tank and the car blows up.  Bill and Eric make it out “alive” as do the male and female vamps in the front seat.  Shockingly, the female vamp stakes her male partner as Bill and Eric look on.  “Nora?”, Eric asks. He promptly walks over to her and they start making out.  “Friend of yours?” , asks Bill.  “It’s my sister.”, says Eric. EEEWWW!!!  When they have sufficiently made out, Nora reveals that she is a double agent.  As they walk toward a shipping container on the shipping docks, she explains the drama occurring within The Authority.  They reach the shipping container that will serve as a safe place to sleep and wait for back up.  Nora then tells them they can never return to Bon Temps or she will suffer the true death.

Sookie begins cleaning up Debbie’s brain parts from her kitchen.  Lafayette wonders why she doesn’t call the police and claim self defense.  Sookie says she wanted to kill Debbie.  So, Lafayette gets some gloves and helps with the clean up. 

When that is taken care of, Sook drives Lafayette back to his house so they can take care of Jesus’ body.  Sook says she’ll help him but Lafayette says no, he wants to do it himself.  They go inside the house and  Jesus’ body is gone!  The chair he was in is gone too.  Lafayette freaks.  “And he fuckin’ hated that goddamned chair too”, laments Lafayette.  Sookie goes back to the car while Lafayette tries to summon Jesus  with his medium powers.  Jesus does not appear.  Lafayette sobs on the floor. 

We are then taken to Holly, the witchy waitress’, place.  Holly’s two older sons walk in on her and Sherriff Andy sleeping off a night of obvious sex.  We are treated to Andy’s bare ass. One of Holly’s sons snaps a phone pic of it while the other pokes it with his rifle.  Andy wakes with a start and Holly rushes him out the door half naked. 

Terry and Arlene host Patrick (yummy Scott Foley) for breakfast.  He compliments Terry on his family and home. Arlene mentions how their home recently burned down.  Patrick looks alarmed at this news. 

Sookie is back home in her shower.  She reminisces on her youth and how Tara stood up for her at school.  FYI, Tara was a badass even  back then!
Lafayette is next in the bath to wash off the day’s blood.  He brings in a bottle of liquor.  He quietly stares at a razor…
Alcide knocks on  Sookie’s front door.  She lets him in and asks him to wait in the living room.  She goes to the kitchen to get him a drink and spies a bloody tooth on the floor.  He follows her in and notes how clean her kitchen smells. Before Alcide can see the tooth, she kicks it away. Alcide tells her Russell Edgington is alive.  Sookie is shocked because she thought he was dead.  Bill and Eric never told her what they did to Russell.  Alcide offers to take Sookie to his house and protect her from Russell.  Sookie says she can’t.  She says he won’t want her to once he knows what she has done.  She starts to tell him the truth but Lafayette, busts in and tells Alcide to “get the fuck up outta here”.  Alcide gives Lafayette the sexy growl.  Sookie tells Alcide to leave and he does.  BTW, Lafayette did use the razor!  He shaved off his strange Mohawk hairstyle.  Thank you, Laf!  You look much better.
Sookie and Lafayette prepare to hang out by the shallow grave and wait for Tara to rise. 

At Merlotte’s Andy and Jason have lunch and lament the dining options in the small town.  Jason - because Hoyt and his work buddies are there. Andy -  because Holly works there.  Awkward!  Jason tries to make nice with Hoyt but Hoyt wants no part of it. 
Judge Clemens comes in to see Sherriff Andy.  He asks him to fix a speeding ticket for him.  Andy obliges by “remembering” the radar was malfunctioning that day.  The Judge is very appreciative. 

Cut to the Weres torturing Sam for info.  A Were named Martha comes in to speak to Sam.  They want to know where Marcus’ body is and she threatens Luna and Emma.  He takes them to Marcus’ grave. 

Cut to Nora and Eric banging the crap out of each other.  Eric’s phone rings mid thrust.  Nora is aggravated that he even kept his phone considering they are in hiding.  Eric pulls up his pants and answers the phone.  It’s Alcide telling him Russell has been unearthed and is missing. 

Cut to a live body being dragged into a room for Russell’s consumption.  Blood sprays everywhere as the poor soul screams in terror. 

Back at Bill’s manse, Jessica is throwing a small party with some college kids.  They want her to enroll and become a sorority sister??  Jess says she is already big and powerful, why do all that work?  She is eye fucking one of the guys when Jason knocks at the door.  She tries to get rid of him but he barges in anyway.  He joins the quarters game and zeros in on sorority girl, Camy. 
Everyone decides to play Guitar Hero.  Jess and Jason duet on Cherry Bomb but college boy cuts in.  By the time the song ends they are making out.  Jason decides to take off with Camy.  They sit in his police car and contemplate having sex.  In the end, Jason says no.  He only has eyes for Jessica now. 

Terry and Patrick discuss the fires that are systematically attacking their old platoon members.  Some of the men were killed in those fires.  Terry does not want to investigate the fires with Patrick. Patrick is not happy about this.  After a brief altercation, he leaves.

The wolf pack dig up Marcus.  Just as they are about to throw Sam into the same grave, Alcide shows up with Luna.  Alcide announces that he killed Marcus.  We find out that Martha is Marcus’ mother.  She shifts into a Were and begins eating Marcus’ innards.  The rest of the pack joins in.  So. Gross. 

Nora’s (Good)Authority back up arrive at the shipping docks.  They give Bill and Eric new identities.  Bill becomes Marcellus Clark and Eric becomes Ike Applebaum. Giggle, snort! 
They are all about to leave when they are ambushed by The (Bad)Authority.  The Bad Authority kill all the Good Authority on the dock.  They surround Bill, Eric, and Nora.  This double agent stuff must be exhausting for Nora! 

Sookie and Lafayette sit by  Tara and Pam’s grave.  Lafayette goes inside to fix Sookie something to eat.  Really, who doesn’t love a great snack while waiting for the dead to rise?
Pam claws her way out of the grave but no Tara.  Sookie tries to dig Tara out.  She exposes only her face.  Tara is not moving.  Sookie sobs over her friend.  Lafayette returns to the scene and realizes Tara hasn’t risen.  And just like that, Tara lightening leaps out of the earth and onto Sookie! 
“Lafayette!” Sookie screams in panic. 

Quotable Quotes

“Bitch, she took a bullet for you.” - Lafayette

“Even if I tried, what’s to say she won’t rise out of the ground tomorrow completely and utterly fucktarded?”
 - Pam

“If you can use your magic hands or super snatch or whatever power it is you have over Eric to fix things, we have a deal.” - Pam

“Fangs are basically like twin hard ons. Hard ons for trouble or for feedin on somebody, never just for talking. Not ever.” - Jason

“I am wearing a Wal Mart sweat suit for ya’ll.  If that isn’t the definition of team spirit, I don’t know what is.” - Pam

“I am Steve fuckin Newlin, who the fuck are you?” - Steve

“Who the fuck I am is an older vampire than you.  Who I also am is the progeny of the King of Louisiana who happens to be out of town right now.  So, that pretty much makes me the Queen!” - Jessica

“On the couch momma? Where I sleep?” - Holly’s son

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Fan Fic Recommendation 6.13.12

One of the many appeals to FanFic is the endless roles in which we see our characters.  One, for instance, Edward as a squid *I still shake my head at that one, WB...even though it came out quite well.  LOL!*

In this week's fic rec, Edward is a southern gentlemen...or playboy...or playboy turned's Cajunward!

The lovely ladies @TrixieandTess and @JiffSimpson (aka @jiffykatefanfic) have joined forces to write their first ever fanfic titled Southern Comfort.  Bella is a New York photojournalist who travels to Baton Rouge to cover the Cullen Plantation.  Edward is a well-known playboy that is unexpectedly smitten with the Damn Yankee.  Oh, and one of my favorite sneaky references...Jasper is in a band called "Hard Limits."  Get it?  I loved that one.

There are lemon teasers, key limes (LOL), full on lemons...and maybe lemonade?  :)

If you need more persuasion to give it read, the award winning fanfic blog The Lemonade Stand has included it in their weekly Meet The Poll!  Read it, and be sure to vote, and add the story to your list of favorites!!


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Musings of a TwiBetween- I cleaned up the Twiroom!

Wanna see pics? I share pictures of my guest bed room every couple of months as I get new posters and new goodies to put on display and more and more shelves! Lol My dear friend @TracyC25 gets to come stay in this room before we drive to SDCC together in July! She'll be the first guest to truly appreciate it. My parents, who occupy the room often while visiting, don't quite appreciate the asthetic value of several dozen posters of Rob like a true Twilight fan would. :)

I acquired a complete collection of posters at Comic Con last year for $1/each :)

My desk. This sid of the room is a little sparse right now.

Sign I made for Erik at the BD1 Premiere. He signed it right in the middle. :)
A few of my favorite momentos of last November- a piece of the black carpet, my wristband, and a picture of Erik Odom's ass. :D

That stack of magazines is for giving away. And the board games are for playing at SDCC and CampBD. I keep MY magazines and board games in mint condition elsewhere.

Prepping for Camp BD and SDCC. The pins, stickers and DVDs are for SDCC giveaways. The laminator machines are for a special CampBD project. :P

The TwiBetween Prize box. See anything you like?

Barbie collection.

One of my favorite pieces in the room, a Twilight DVD display. I tried VERY hard to get a BD1 display this year, but was sadly unsuccesful.

The Twilight Bookshelf Overfloweth!

I didn't manage an entire BD1 display, but the lady at my local grocery store did give me these. Can you tell why? :)

My small, signed canvases. I have two larger canvases from the red carpets which many more autographs. They hang above my desk in the kitchen.

Bella Bedding, check. Giant Eclipse ad, check. Plenty of space on that wall to the right for BD2 stuff!!

My favorite purchase EVER! And yes, I do actually sleep with these pillows. And yes, they do cause incredibly pleasant dreams. :)


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Weekly News Roundup 6.11.12

Another late post...SORRY!!  RL has been dominating OWM lately, and I don't have the time I used to :::insert sad face here:::

Whether you feel it's a good or bad thing (I'm going with good), my usual wit and humor are going to be missing in this post, I'm just going to make it short and sweet.  I'll try harder next week to have an outstanding post for you!

Red carpet interviews from the MTV Movie Awards:
Julia Jones
Jackson Rathbone
Nikki Reed w/Hubby Paul McDonald.
Nikki, Jackson, Julia
Boo Boo Stewart (with Fivel of course)
Boo Boo and Fivel again
Casey LaBow
Casey LaBow (again)
Casey LaBow w/Celebuzz
Jackson Rathbone (again)
Jackson w/Celebuzz
Kristen w/MTV
Kristen w/MTV (part 2)
Nikki w/Next Movie
Boo Boo w/Next Movie

Interview with some cast members after they won Best Movie

What scenes are the cast looking forward to in BD2? Here are some hints :)

How does Rob feel about playing a playboy in Cosmopolis?  He spilled the beans to ET.

Now available for preorder?  New Moon: The Graphic Novel Volume 1 and Twilight: The Graphic Novel Collector's Edition.  The books will be released on October 30!

And how about a BEAUTIFUL shot of Kristen from Vanity Fair, and a picture of our favorite wolf and Kristen from the MTV Movie Awards?

Sorry it's late and short!!!  Have a great week, TwiBetweens!!


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OtherBetween - Tarzan

In recent weeks, new projects have been announced for our beloved Twilight cast.  We've been focusing on those new projects as our OtherBetweens, and this week we continue the trend!

We've seen Kellan as a vampire, a strung out skater (Accepted), a Greek God, a several other fitting roles.  Now he gets to step up as Tarzan in the new adaptation of Tarzan!  Don't get too excited...he won't be donning a loin cloth and swinging on tree vines.  He will, however, be lending his pipes to the animated character.  

Apparently this version of the story will serve as an update of Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic tale and will see Tarzan as the offspring of billionaire adventurers who died in a plane crash, leaving the boy an orphan and left to grow up in the jungle. Meanwhile, Jane is the daughter an African guide and is committed to the conservation and preservation of the African jungle, fighting tooth and nail against the CEO of Greystoke Energies, a man who took over the company from Tarzan’s deceased parents.

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NonBetween- TVD and True Blood

The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 of the Vampire Diaries will premire in October. What will season 4 bring? I think that we are all wondering and predicting what Elena's transformation will contribute to the dynamic of the of cast and the course of the entire show. Will she truly fall for Damon? Will Elena and Bonnie continue to be friends? Will Elena and Caroline become closer? Will vampire Elena kill anyone? What will happen to Klaus and his family now that Elena is a vampire? Will Katherine return? 

I, of course, cannot answer these questions with any certainty; I can only provide my opinions and those of other sources. Julie Plec, producer for TVD, spoke about vampire Elena's relationship with Damon and Stephan, "[her transformation] may bring her closer than ever to [Stefan], [however] it [may] give her a deeper bond with Damon. Plus, she'll start learning things like how Damon compelled her to forget their first meeting. Those memories will come back, and it'll add more fuel to the fire." I cannot wait to see what happens to the Elena, Stefan, Damon triangle! I'm Team Damon so I would love for Elena to finally express her love for him. But who knows? She may fall more in love with Stefan! We will have to wait and see. I really hope that Elena and Bonnie stay friends even though Elena is a vampire and Bonnie hates vampires. I'm sure that their relationship will be challenged, but hopefully friendship will conquer all things, even vampirism! Julie Plec has also stated that Bonnie's dad will show up in season 4, so that could be an issue where Elena must support Bonnie. I believe that Caroline will help Elena figure everything out as vampire since Caroline has already been through it all. I wonder if vampire Elena will be like newborn Bella in that she will not desire to kill any humans? I have no clue what vampire Elena will be like. I hope that she's nice, although it would be cool to see a badass Elena who kind acts like Katherine. That would definitely be unexpected! Klaus will have no reason to stay in Mystic Falls now that Elena cannot provide blood that will create hybrids. Or will he find a reason to stay (maybe Caroline ;) )? I really want Klaus to stay because he is mysterious and I really want something to happen between him and Caroline!! Now onto to Katherine's fate! I really hope she returns since Elena is a vampire now! I would love to see a Elena/ Katherine vampire fight!! I cannot wait to see what season 4 brings us (but, alas we must all wait until October)!

True Blood

True Blood Sunday is just about here!  I, for one, cannot wait to watch.  Here are some storylines to look out for:


We will be seeing a lot of Pam!  We will see how Eric and Pam’s relationship started.  We will find out the circumstances of her turning vamp.  Pam is still wounded and angry over Eric’s not so subtle rebuke when facing down Marnie.  We will see the fallout out from that. 

Bill and Eric

Look for Bill and Eric to stop competing for Sookie long enough to start working together. Why?  Well, they have gotten themselves into a Vampire’s world of trouble by killing Nan and her entourage.   They are going to have to stay one step ahead of The Authority to survive.


Well, she died in the final moments of Season 4.  No one loses that much blood and brains and survives, right? Right?? Since this is True Blood, I am going to go out on a limb and say Tara survives.  The definition of survival can vary in Bon Temps.  We’ll have to watch and see if Tara is human or turned supernatural.


It looks like Sheriff Andy and Witchy Waitress Holly will make a romantic connection.  There were some flirty hints alluding to this in Season 4. 


The introduction of Scott Foley’s character will undoubtedly turn up Terry’s past.  Perhaps we will learn what exactly caused his PTSD.


Eric’s sister, Nora, will be introduced this Season. Nora (Lucy Griffiths) is the progeny of Godric, Eric’s maker.  She is a double agent working within The Authority.  It will be interesting to see how Eric reacts to having a sibling around. 

Pickup this weeks EW magazine!!!  11, count em, 11 different covers featuring our favorite Bon Temps residents.  Wow! The pictures are amazing.

Season 5 starts this Sunday June 10th at 9pm on HBO. 

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Graphics Friday- Perfection

It really doesn't get any better than this, I don't think... I mean, come on!!! Wow!
Thank you @Totally_Dazzled for sharing your brilliance!

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Breaking Dawn Boot Camp Part 2 - June Focus and Contest!

Have you joined us for BDBC2 yet?! You should! You can join in on Facebook at or simply by keeping up with the occasional contest posts here on the site! :)

For the month of June our focus is decievingly simple.

June Focus: Move More

Do you take the stairs at work or in your apartment building or the elevator? Do you look for the closest possible parking space or park a little further back? Do you return the grocery cart to a corral or just leave it next to your car? This month, we are all going to MOVE MORE! Little movements throughout the day can add up to BIG results over the course of one month and more!

For myself, I plan to start taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator (gotta get that rear end and my legs in shape and stairs will certainly help!) and plan to spend more time chasing my kid around in circles. I also just bought myself a new set of yoga blocks and a strap, so that I can bring my yoga practice home from the gym and do it more than just twice a week! I am SO looking forward to adding more movement to my life and seeing the results before Comic Con in July!

Now, for this month's contest...

Prize: Set of Breaking Dawn stickers from Hot Topic! :) These are SO pretty!

To enter:
Comment on this post and tell us how you plan to add more movement to your daily life this month!

I love months where we all get to share our ideas with each other! Let's make this month a good one! This is a relatively easy focus that can really make a difference without us even realizing it and without a lot of effort. I can't wait to hear how everyone feels they did at the end of the month!


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Fan Fiction Recommendation - 6/6/12

The Western by kts - Edward is a hitman with one rule, he won't kill women. When his boss asks him to break that rule to tie up a loose end for him, he doesn't have a choice, and following his gut leads them on a wild ride.  

I love this fic because it has a lot of interesting elements, you have a smart Bella, who's often thinking ahead of Edward, and an Edward that openly admits that his girl has saved them a few times with her quick thinking.  There are a ton of secondary characters that pull you in for various reasons that aren't part of the Twilight Universe, but you love them for their eccentricities and what they bring to the story.  Then there's Edward, the lost man who is finding himself through love ... who doesn't want to snuggle with him.  This fic just completed, so go ahead and enjoy it.

Until next week,

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Musings of a TwiBetween- Some MTVMA pics you may have missed

Two lovely friends of mine managed to score themselves some tickets to the MTV Movie Awrds this year! Bitches. Nikki, @nkmoviegirl, was kind enough to allow me to share a few of her wonderful pictures from the event with you! :)

Oh, I have had a thing for Channing Tatum lately, let me tell you! yum! :)

Johnny Depp. Nuff said.

Actally, Miranda, @msmirandak, was with Nikki. Since moving to LA 5 weeks ago, she's seen Johnny Depp in the flesh twice now. I want her life. Js.

Snow White and her Huntsman

Great shot of Christopher Nolan and the batman boys!

Oh, Charlize! You've won a whole new fandom's hearts!

My favorite! A cute moment of Kristen and Scout talking to Emma Watson! Such a good pic! :)

Jodie Foster!

What is Kristen doing here?! I love this picture!! Great shot Nikki!

I also thought I would include some of the screen grabs I took throughout the night for those who may have missed them. I didn't watch the show, I watched the MTV livestream of the behind the scenes cameras instead, and it was so fun!

Jodie Foster in the Talent Prep area before presenting the award for Best Movie

Fassy, Charlize, and Tatum. Holy Hotness!

Charlize meets Joe Manganiello. Joe RT'd this pic on his twitter! How cool is that?!

Um... ashdgfgfgdhj

Chris Hemsworth backstage

The Twilight cast backstage after winning

Kristen and Jodie hugging! Love this pic!

Nikki, BooBoo, Jackson and Julia did the post-award interview thing as Caset Labow looks on

Can you spot the gorgeous Erik Odom and Jack Morrissey in this shot? Oh, yeah... and the rest of the Twilight bunch. :)

Kristen play fighting with Charlize and Chris backstage

Kristen and Chris in the Talent Prep area

Kristen and Chris backstage

Kristen backstage. You can just see Scouts black hat at the bar, behind the blonde snapping the pic of Kristen.

Chris Hemsworht gave HBG a pat on the arm as they passed each other. This amused me. :)

Jack and Erik hard at work putting in those last minite votes for Best Movie I'm sure! :)

Erik, Jack, Casey, Wyck, Jackson, BooBoo

smaller but clearer shot of the Twilight bunch

quick, blurry shot of Wyck backstage :)

A final thought to bring a tear to your eye. Next year's MTVMA's will be the very last, final event we EVER have that is Twilight related... :,( I hope I can be there to see it!