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OtherBetween - Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln has been portrayed in an interesting light as of late.  There's been Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies...but this one seems to be more along the lines of the real Abe Lincoln story (and one of the new faces of BD2 is in the movie).

Lee Pace plays Garrett in Breaking Dawn Part 2...which, of course, hit theaters November 16th.  On the same day, we will also be able to see him as an 1800's politician in Lincoln.  The movie stars Daniel Day Lewis as the 16th President, and Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln.  Also in the flick is Joseph Gordon Levitt as the aforementioned's son.

Directed by Stephen Spielberg, the film will focus on the final four months of Lincoln's life, the ending of slavery, and the Union victory of the Civil War.  Interesting fact - The screenwriter says he spend SIX YEARS on the script for this movie.  Once again, when those involved in projects throw themselves into it like that, it's going to show.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Graphic Friday- Beautiful

I just... no words... @Totally_Dazzled rendered me speechless with the perfection of this week's graphic. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meet a TwiBetween- Missy

Today's TwiBetween will be a first-time Twilight premiere attendee this year! There are so many of you and I can't wait for you all to experience the awesomeness that is tent city!

Meet @_sweetmissy_ below! :)

Age? a very young 45 year old 

Married? Married for 5 years, together 8

Kids? Only the 4-legged kind ;-)

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Team Jacob or Switzerland? Definitely Team Edward

When/how did your Twilight obsession begin? Oh wow. Well, it kind of snuck up on me. It was around Thanksgiving time, and my sister and nephew wanted to go to the movies, so they drug me along. I really wanted to see this one movie, I think it was "Seven Pounds" and they both insisted I needed to see "Twilight". Boy was I ticked. I didn't like vampire movies afterall. *giggle* I sulked through most of the movie and declared it was, "an ok movie" at the end. I was still mad they made me go. Then, my sister gives me the book for that Christmas and after readuing it, had to immedicately run to Walmart to grab the next one. The rest is sort of history. The same sister who got me into Twilight now threatens to have me commited for being "Twi-crazed". LOL I tell her, "It's all your fault you know."

What is your favorite Twilight Quote? Oh gosh. I have so many. I guess I would have to say, "No measure of time with you will be long enough, but let's start with forever."

What scene/line from the books that you love was missing from the movies? I think I would have to say the "before" car scene.

Who is your favorite non-holy twinity (minor) character? Oh definitely Charlie!

Which is your favorite Twilight movie? Amongst all my twi friends I seem to be the odd girl out. I actually like Eclipse most of all. Not many people seem to like it, but its my favorite one.

Which is your favorite Edward, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn? Eclipse

Review Breaking Dawn Part 1 in 5 words or less: 
The best happily-ever after story

Renesmee- B.S. or creative name? I actually love the name Renesme. It is original and very unigue.

What is your favorite Soundtrack overall? Again, I would have to say Eclipse.

What is your favorite song from a Twilight soundtrack? Turning  page by Sleeping at last

Ideal vacay? Trip to Forks, Rob/Kristen set stalking, Brit Pack concert in LA, or a non-Twi premiere? 
Have already been to Forks/La Push, and would love to go back again, but for an ultimate trip, I
would like to go to Isle Esme. ;-)

Are you going to the Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere? Absolutely! Was going to go last year but chickened out. Hubs said he was making me go to the next one, even if he had to drag me there. I guess he kind of got tired of hearing me complain about not going. LOL
Honestly, I have the best husband in the world. He sees the joy that Twilight brings me and wants me to experience everything I can. 

Do you have a favorite fan fic you're reading right now? No, I don't know a whole lot of fanfic authors/stories. Can
someone direct me to a few?

What is your favorite Non-Twilight film of a Twilight star?  Water for Elephants

Do you have a TwiBestie?  Yes, her name is Rachel.

What is your favorite Twilight memory? I think it would have to be when I went to Forks for the first time. It really is true, the books took me there and I then fell in love with the town. I really liked Forks but honestly, I was more awestruck by La Push. There was a joyful and peaceful spirit there that left me breathless. I could have stayed there forever. 
Anything else you want us to know about you?
I am excited to attend my first Twilight Premiere but even more excited to meet all the lovely people I now call friends. I want to have the best experience I can.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fan Fiction Recommendation - 9/26/12

The American President by rushed - Edward is the most powerful man in the world, but after losing his wife, he's completely alone. Bella is an escort hired to satisfy him, but the connection soon grows beyond the original agreement. When Bella is faced with a choice, both of their lives take different paths until the day that fate reconnects them.
This was a rec from another prezward fic that I quickly fell in love with. And believe me when I say it's getting better as it continues. As they're just facing each other again after years apart, we're getting the answers we've been craving and the regular updates make it a great read.
Until next week,

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Musings of a TwiBetween- Camp 102- Budgeting your time and money!

Welcome all to part two in our series of posts designed to prepare you for Camp Breaking Dawn 2012!

This week's lesson: Budgeting your time and money!

The first question a lot of people ask is how we can all afford this trip! The first answer is almost always credit cards! :D Sad, but true.

Money. Here is a list of items to consider when preparing your camping trip budget:

- Airfare/Transportation: Whether you come by plane, train or automobile, this is a hugely important portion of your budget! If you haven't bought your ticket yet, do so ASAP! If you're lucky you can catch a Southwest sale and get this as low as $200-300. I've seen people pay as much as $800.

-Hotel. This will be the single biggest expense of your trip. Yes, you do need one! Even if you are sharing it most nights with up to ten other girls! You do need to have a designated place to keep all your clothes and stuff you don't want to have at tent city with you. You DO need a place to shower every day! This is Camp Twilight, not Camp Smelly Star Wars fanboys. :) We do things differently in these parts. You will also be grateful for a place to plug in your electronics! You are not, however, required to sleep here! You can sleep under the lovely stars of Los Angeles while splitting the cost for that hotel room with as many other women as you like! Most area hotels are sold out already, so you'll be walking a bit between camp and your hotel if you haven't booked yet! Budget $200 a night and split between friends!

-Food. You have to eat! And the restaurants around L.A. Live ain't cheap! There are cheaper places in walking distance, but inevitably you will end up at Yard House or ESPN Zone slugging back drinks with your girls over dinner. Plan accordingly. I budget $40/day including a much needed 5am Starbucks run and a happy hour fueled drinking binge. :) This may sound like a lot but this is vacation, and there is a reason you don't usually eat every meal at a restaurant- they're expensive.

-Supplies. Your tent, sleeping bag, etc. Some of us don't have these things already! Shocking, I know. :) Remember to factor the cost of buying your tent and chairs, etc into your budget! Estimate $50 at least.

-The Extras. Shuttle from airport to hotel? Cab to Graumann's to see the holy slab? Snack foods? That Hollywood Walk of Fame Snowglobe you just couldn't resist? My Party? :) Always leave yourself a cushion for the little unexpected extras.($50?)

Time. Now that you're feeling poor, and realizing you didn't budget in anything extra for entertaining yourself while in L.A., lets talk about budgeting your time during camp.

Camp is always buzzing. It's electric. It's awesome! And it can be exhausting. Last year, I planned many, many fun activities for camp, such as board game/trivia ngiht and poster making day! None of these things ever happened. I just enver found the time! We were always so busy, it seemed!

Summit does an incredibly good job of keeping things at camp interesting. I have no idea what their plans are for this year, but let me remind you of a few things from last year to give you an idea what to expect. The Twi-Fi Lounge courtesy of Yahoo Movies was always hoping with contests, interviews, live podcasts, and loud, blaring music! Summit had quite a few drop-in guests, including Kellan Lutz one night, and a daytime visit from Stephenie Meyer that knocked everyone's socks off! Then there was the concert of Soundtrack artists Saturday night that was a religious experience all on its own! Nightly Twilight movies capped off near perfect days of Twilight fangirling.

Dinner every night was a huge affair of large groups of friends gathering in this restaurant or that. Lunch was sometimes forgotten in the excitement. Breakfast was usually Starbucks in the wee, early hours of the day. Somehow I felt like we were always moving! Always doing something! And if we weren't, I was grateful for the few minutes to just sit at the tent and rest while taking it all in.

I heard there was a group last year that left tent city for a day to go to Disneyland. I can not imagine doing this! Not only could they potentially have missed an awesome drop-in guest (we almost missed Melissa Rossenburg last year because of a short trip to the Holy Slab!) but you'd be exhausted!

Plan to spend your time at camp. Just enjoy the atmosphere, soak it all in! This is the world's biggest, greatest Twilight slumber party! We don't get to enjoy those very often anymore, so take the time to enjoy it. Keep an eye on twitter. There are usually good indicators of when it is safe to leave camp to shower and change, etc. It tends to happen in droves. Don't plan to spend a lot of time galavanting around L.A. If you've never been before, now is not the time for a sightseeing tour. There are more important things to see, trust me! :)

All of this is exactly why I decided I wanted to throw a party this year on the day before camping begins! While everyone is fresh and well-rested, I wanted us all to be able to come together and share one meal and a few hours together as friends before all the real crazy sets in! Please join us! Details at :)

I hope today's lesson has been informative. If not, my apologies. I shall try better next time. Next week, I'll be getting into more advance stuff in Camp 201- What to Eat :)

<3 p="p">WB

Did you miss last week's Camp 101- What to Bring? Catch up now!

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Weekly News Roundup 9.24.12

Rami Malek has a role in the upcoming movie The Masters, and he recently talked to THP about his experience on set and of course the movie itself.  Rami will play Benjamin in BD2.

StarCam talked to Jackson Rathbone at the premiere of Perks of Being a Wallflower.  He wrote, starred, directed, ok he didn't do any of that.  He does mention his new single we know what he's up to!

Anna Kendrick stopped by Conan last week to talk about her OTHER new movie, End of Watch.  The actors were tasered as part of training?  Anna raps...and TACO BELL?  Wow.  She also talked to Bullett Media about the film, and her naiveness when it comes to drug trafficking.

A special treat after the BD2 credits?!  Yes please!  Kellan Lutz confirmed to The Insider there will, indeed, be something after the credits.  He also alludes to the freedom Condon had with the movie.  Who's excited??

Nikki Reed was on Craig Fergason this week and got the giggles while Craig eluded to a drunk makeout with her best friend :o)  Ok, really there's more to it than that.  You can see the full episode here, or for a short clip click on the other link in the story.  Nikki appears near the 20 minute marker.

Billy Burke's new show, Revolution, premiered last week (and you watched it, right?).  NBC Universal chatted with the star about the show, and as usual he seems really excited about it.  I love it when actors show enthusiasm toward their projects <3

For those of us who didn't make it to Forks before the movies came to an end....have no fear.  According to The Peninsula Daily News, they plan to keep the Twilight spirit alive after the end of the movies.

Source            Source

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OtherBetween - Gone Baby Gone

This week we're pulling out an oldie but goodie...and a character underdog that didn't make it past New Moon.

Gone, Baby, Gone stars Casey Affleck as Patrick Kenzie, a private investigator from working-class Boston who takes on a case involving a kidnapped girl. The girl's aunt begs Patrick to take the case because he has connections to criminal Boston that the police do not. He agrees and along with his partner, Angie, they uncover a web of corruption that threatens the relationship between the two.  Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman co-star as members of the Boston Police Department. 

Edi Gathegi plays the role of a Haitian drug dealer who may have some insight on motives of those involved.

The film was released in 2007, and was directed by Ben Affleck.  If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and pick this one it.  It's definitely worth it!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

NonBetween- True Blood 5.8

We're still catching up on True Blood episodes. What did you think of season five, episode eight? :)

True Blood 5.8 “Somebody That I Used To Know”

Sam caught one of the shape shifter shooters at the hospital.  Andy arrests him  Sam tries to calm an irate Luna.  She is really upset and  on the verge of losing it.  When Sam leaves she unintentionally shifts… into SAM!!  Upon seeing her reflection, Luna-Sam passes out. 

The Lilith high gang returns to the Authority compound cracked out of their minds.  Eric and Bill are sobering up and take in the insanity.

Sookie is still throwing her light into the sky.  Jason  stops her and reminds her of all the positive things that being Fae has brought to her life.  He tells her that her special gift could be the one thing that helps everyone.  He asks her to stop “spraying” it all over the yard.  Ha, ha. 

Luna-Sam regains consciousness and  decides to leave her hospital room.  She steals some clothes and leaves the hospital.

Jessica is hanging out at Fangtasia.   A guy gets very flirtatious with her and propositions her.  Jess is into it and accepts.

Salome, Nora, and the rest of the gang are coming down from their high.  They are in awe that Lilith appeared to them.  Bill and Eric are growing increasingly uncomfortable with the chatter.  Salome orders Steve to procure some humans for them the eat later.  She even orders a baby at the request of the Pedophile Vamp. Oh, nooo! They are all giddy at the prospect of feasting some more.  Eric tries to get Bill to leave but can’t.  Bill is in deep.

Sooo, Alcide is orally pleasing his new Were lover, Rikki.  (This show really leaves nothing to the imagination.)  We get to see his fine behind so, there’s that.  He does not take her gently.  He actually throws her across the room onto the bed.  There they have sex like, well…animals. 

Salome summons Bill to her room.  She has a woman tied to her bed for him.. He says no thank you.  Salome baits him on when he mentions he had children and won’t take this young woman’s life.  She says he should have made his children vampires so they would be together always.  He looks at the woman on the bed and is brought back to a memory with his daughter.  She is dying and begs him to turn her,  He refuses. “Immortality is a curse”, he says.  Out of his reverie, Bill feeds on the girl. (sad face)  Bill, what is happening to you!!

The Shooter Hate gang bring Hoyt to a house 100 miles from Bon Temps.  They say they have a surprise for him.  It is Jessica, silvered and bloodied.  They tell Hoyt he has to kill her.  They tell him he has to do it to heal.  Hoyt isn’t so sure.

Sookie and Jason visit the Club Faerie again.  Sookie wants to know if she has any other power that could help track down the vamp that killed her parents.  Claude agrees to show her and they all decide to meet at the bridge where it all happened. 

Lafayette is driving home.  He touches his bloody lips and pulls the visor down to take a look. Jesus’ hospital badge falls out.  Laf reaches down to get it and inadvertently grabs a first aid kit too.  He pulls over to look through the kit.  He finds a vial of vampire blood and uses it to heal his lips.  When he looks in the passenger seat. Jesus is sitting there.  Laf thanks him and asks if he is for real.  Jesus asks if it matters and extends his hand. Lafayette grabs it. Awww!  Lafayette continues driving home.

Andy is interrogating the guy he arrested at the hospital but he won’t talk.  He leaves him with Sam who shifts into a cobra.  This was enough to scare the guy into telling everything.  Luna-Sam arrives at the police station much to Andy’s confusion.  Luna-Sam finds Sam and both try to figure out why she can’t shift back.  Andy shakes his head, “I hate this God damned town”. 

The Faeries meet by the bridge and they all join hands so Sookie can conjure her mother’s memories.  She is able to do it but suddenly she is the Vampire.  She can see and feel everything the Vampire is doing through his eyes.  Suddenly, Claudine is at the scene and Faerie zaps the Vamp.  Sookie flies backwards as she is experiencing everything that happened to the unknown Vamp.  The Faeries peer down at a knocked out Sookie.

Jessica begs Hoyt to remove the silver.  He responds by asking her why she doesn’t love him anymore.  She says she tried and she is sorry.  He points the gun to her head and shoots.  Reggie, the guy who lured her to the house hears the shot and opens the door.  Jess is hiding behind the door and quickly snaps his neck.  Hoyt goes to leave the house but Jess cannot leave, it’s daylight outside.  Hoyt says he’ll go get help.  Jess thank him. “Fuck you, Jess.” he says before he leaves.

Arlene and Holly are waiting at Lafayette’s house when he pulls in.  They want his help with Terry but Laf wants nothing to do with it.   Arlene tells him the plan to convince Terry that Laf made contact with the Iraqi lady and to tell him the curse is lifted.  Lafayette considers this for a moment and says he is tired of working for free.  He asks for $300.00 to do it. 

Sam, Andy, and Luna-Sam find the house Jess is holed up in.  She asks where Hoyt is.  They say they haven’t seen him.  Luna-Sam starts sniffing around and smells a large woman.  Jess says she hasn’t seen a human woman in the house.  Luna-Sam doubles over in pain.  Sam rushes to her side.

Sookie recounts what she saw at the bridge.  Claude is panicking because she psychically bonded with a vampire.  He says it isn’t possible.  Sookie remembers that Claudine called the vamp Warlo.  Claude says he does not recognize the name. 

Tara is tending bar at Fangtasia when an old high school classmate named Tracy comes in.  She can’t believe Tara is a vampire and says, “well, now you are a member of two minorities”.  ooooh!
Tara tears her a new one in insults.  Pam breaks up the exchange of barbs and apologizes to Tracy.  Tracy leaves. 

Alcide and JD are about to fight for pack master.  JD raises the stakes by announcing they have to track and kill a human.  He pulls a frightened college kid up and says they’ll give him a two minute head start.  Alcide is furious and does not want to kill anyone.  Alcide forfeits the challenge  to save the boy’s life.  JD accepts the forfeit but says he will still track and kill the boy.  Alcide chases after JD.

Eric finds Nora in the Authority meeting room.  He tells her Lilith does not exist and Salome created all of this drama.  Nora still believes.  Eric tells her he saw Godric and it sickened him to see them behaving that way.  “Fuck Godric”, Nora says.  Eric grabs her by the throat. Nora says Lilith will show him the way.

Sam is comforting Luna-Sam  who thinks she is dying.  Sam kisses her forehead and she shifts back to herself.  She is still in pain and vomits.

Pam wants to show Tara something down in the basement.  It’s Tracy. Chained up.  Pam says she is Tara’s now.  After all the things Tracy said upstairs, Pam feels she owes Tara.  Pam glamours Tracy into becoming Tara’s slave.  Tara feeds on her with gusto.

JD catches the kid and Alcide attacks JD.  JD is able to beat Alcide up easily because he is on V.  He is about to finish him off when Martha and the rest of the pack run in.  Martha begs him not to kill Alcide as it will only tarnish the pack.  JD relents and stalks off but not before telling Alcide to find a new pack. 

Apparently, Lafayette got his $300.00 because he is all set for the séance with Arlene and Holly.  Terry and Patrick come quickly due to Arlene’s bogus call about a fire in the house.  They agree to sit and let Lafayette try to make contact with the woman to break the curse.  This was all supposed to be fake because Arlene did not believe what Terry was saying.  Only, the Iraqi spirit really makes contact with Laf much to his dismay. Arlene and Holly are floored when the spirit says she’ll lift the curse if Terry kills Patrick.  Patrick or Patrick kills Terry.  Patrick takes off running.

Hoyt  is still trying to find help.  He comes across a truck that stops for him.  Apparently, he knows who the driver is but the driver pulls a gun on him.  Hmm, wonder who it is?

Sookie sees an apparition of Warlo the Vamp.  He says he is coming for her and that she is his.  Sookie screams.

The Authority council is meeting on how to crush mainstreaming.  Everyone is brainstorming except Russell and Steve who are too busy flirting with each other.  Salome calls them back to attention and Bill comes up with an idea.  Bomb all 5 of the True Blood factories to force mainstream vampires to feed on humans.  Eric is appalled. “What are you doing?”, he asks.  “Evolving.”, answers Bill.

Quotable Quotes

“They say my blood is like a God damned milkshake, you don’t even need a straw.” Reggie

“God has the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen!  Now, I have never been called devout but watching Lilith shoot out of a blood pool while I sucked down the blood of a bride to the dulcet strains of  You Light Up My Life… Well, Praise Lilith! Praise Jesus! Praise Moses’ Cock! I am born again!” Russell

“I need a baby. Lilith wants me to eat a baby.” Pedophile Vamp
“And a baby you shall get.” Salome

“This doesn’t mean I am your girlfriend.” Rikki
“I don’t remember asking.” Alcide
“Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Alcide
“Maybe.”  Rikki

“You hear that Ruby Red, your ex boyfriend is gonna stick it in you one last time. (looks at Hoyt) I mean a stake, not your Johnson.” shooter member

“Hookah, I’m not in the helping business no mo.  I’m in the fuck off so I can smoke a blunt business and business is about to pick way the fuck up.” Lafayette

“I’m about to get in this tub and get high as a motherfucker. Enjoys your day.” Lafayette

“I don’t give a twirly fuck about your elders!” Jason

“I thought you were mad.” Tara
“You don’t know me that well. My mad face and my happy face are the same.” Pam

“Ever been to Hong Kong?” Russell
“Uh, Uh but I love Kung Pow Chicken.” Steve

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Postcard Fan Art Contest winners!

Today we are announcing the winners of our Postcard Fan Art contest! Yay!

Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork! We received some truly incredible submissions! In the end, I had to choose two...

And the winners are...

Isabel Cabrera!

and @Totally_Dazzled!

These two designs will be made into postcards for distribution at Camp Breaking Dawn 2012! If you'll be coming to camp this year, be sure to stop by the TwiBetween tent and get your copy! :D

These postcards are also a featured item in our party swag bags for this year! Swag bags are a part of your party ticket price if you plan to party with us in LA the night before wristbands. By popular demand this year, we'll also have swag bags available in the next few weeks for purchase on the site for those who cannot be with us in L.A. but still want some of the Twilight-swag goodness!

Again, thank you to everyone who entered! And CONGRATS Isabel and Laura! :)


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meet a TwiBetween- Kerry

 It's WB favorite post! Getting to know fellow TwiBetween's individually is what we are al about! Today, take some time to meet @kerrybear7!

If you want to be our next featured TwiBetween, just let us know at :)

Hi! I am Kerry Ellis-Ouimette From Syracuse, NY

Questions for Meet a TwiBetween:

Age? 36 will be 37  Nov 12th

Married? Kids? Married no kids want kids

Declare yourself! Team Edward, Team Jacob or Switzerland? I’m team Jasper and Felix

When/how did your Twilight obsession begin? I went to see the twilight movie with my friend Judy and I got hooked.  I got 2 books for Christmas and two books for valentine’s day

What is your favorite Twilight Quote? Don’t Trust a vampire trust me.

What scene/line from the books that you love was missing from the movies? Not sure

Who is your favorite non-holy twinity (minor) character? Angela

Which is your favorite Twilight movie? Eclipse you get more into Jasper’s life

Which is your favorite Edward, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn? New Moon because he would do anything to be with Bella again esp. kill him self

Review Breaking Dawn Part 1 in 5 words or less: Amazing, Beautiful, Romantic, Tragic and Sad

Renesmee- B.S. or creative name? Creative !!! How many people name there kids after both parents?

What is your favorite Soundtrack overall? A THOUSAND YEARS

What is your favorite song from a Twilight soundtrack? SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE

Ideal vacay? Trip to Forks, Rob/Kristen set stalking, Brit Pack concert in LA, or a non-Twi premiere? Trip to forks and twi convention (never been to either)

Are you going to the Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere? no

Do you have a favorite fan fic you're reading right now? Share a link! no

What is your favorite Non-Twilight film of a Twilight star?  Daniel in the backshop show I couldn’t stop laughing. I shouldn’t be surprised but, he give someone the finger and I burst out laughing and was like OMG did he just do that.

Do you have a TwiBestie? Wanna give them a shoutout? Judy, Amy, Kerri, Becky and Holly

What is your favorite Twilight memory? Reading New Moon times and crying every time

Anything else you want us to know about you? I’m a huge Jackson (Jasper) and Daniel (Felix) fan. I think both are very handsome, sexy, smart, funny.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fan Fiction Recommendation - 9/19/12

This story was one that I had constantly confused with another one, so I only read it recently, but I was glad that I finally did. For everyone who is looking for a break from all the political talk on tv, here's a very different political drama.
The Cullen Campaign by belladonna1472 - Edward was the son of Esme and Carlisle Cullen, two big players in the Democratic Party. He was removed from the political scene, writing freelance and teaching in San Francisco. Bella Swan was the daughter of Charles Swan, the Republicans biggest gun. A vision from Alice puts Edward on a crash course with Bella as a clandestine relationship begins.
This story had me laughing and thinking at the same time, and during an election year it was nice to enjoy some heavy political discussions. The Romeo and Juliet angle was fun and it was the type of fic that had me staying up late to try and finish it.
Hope you enjoy and I will catch you all next week.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Musings of a TwiBetween- Camp 101 - What to Bring!

Hello all and welcome to your first day of preparation for Camp Breaking Dawn 2012! Its alarmingly close to November already and we may not yet have an announcement about where or when to line up, but that won't keep us from studying up on the basics! More newbies will be joining us this year than ever before, and the expereinced among us sometimes just need a refresher course. Over the next few weeks I'll be posting one a week on essential camp information, so check back every Tuesday for more great info! :)

Today's lesson: Packing.

What a pain in the ass. Many of you will be flying into L.A. for the premiere. This severely limits the amount of stuff you can bring with you to camp. Just so you know, that's probably a good thing! I am a chronic over-packer. I like to be prepared for any eventuality, and I mean ANY. I tend to pack backups for my backups and load myself down. This is not a good way to go about Twi-camping! For one thing, it sucks to feel tied down to your stuff, and you want to be as unfetered as possible so you can socialize with all the AMAZING people you will meet at camp! These friendships last lifetimes people! Remember when you were a little girl and LOVED having slumber parties with all your friends. This is a chance to do that again, but now we're old enough to drink! (Well, most of us are. Sorry Ashley and Caitlyn! :P) Pack lightly. It's ok. You will not burst into flames if you don't have every creature comfort of home. (And feel free to come by my tent in a few weeks and laugh at me when you see I don't follow my own advice.)
The following is a list of essentials. This is what you NEED to have with you. Pack these first. Then fill in the nooks and crannies of your bag with what you want, okay? :)
Packing List- The Essentials

-Shelter. Tent, canopy, what have you. Last year I chose an open tent shelter thing that did not zip up. Saturday night it rained... I ended up sleeping in a friend's tent after running around cold and wet picking my soggy stuff up off the ground. Bring a real tent. Just sayin'.

"How do I get it there?" you ask? For some, such as those flying Southwest, a tent can easily fit in a large duffel bag or be tagged as luggage on its own! For those with more expensive airline baggage policies, Walmart often has good deals on tents, occasionally in combo with chairs, and can ship your tent to your hotel or to the nearest FedEx location (there is one just a short walk from L.A. Live) to hold for you! This requires some creativity in timing your shipment just right, but can be much cheaper than paying airfare for your shelter.
- Warm Blanket/Sleeping Bag. Nightime is cold. While huddling together for warmth is a great way to make lasting friendships (Hi @keepdancing03!) you'll be much happier if you actually sleep through the night snug as a bug in a rug.

-Dress in layers. Temperatures change throughout the day. Layers let you adapt. Just remember, your outer layer should be a TwiBetween shirt! (I kid, I kid. No, really... buy one!)

Electronics department:
- Camera, batteries, multiple memory cards! You will take a LOT of pics! Don't underestimate the amount of memory needed!

- Phone. Your cell phone is vital for when you decide to go to Starbucks at the exact same time PFach shows up. Keep it on you! Keep it charged! Bring a charging cable to camp with you. Worst case scenario, you find an outlet wherever you can. :)

- Portable charger. I own two Sanyo portable chargers for my phone. I can completely drain the thing 3 times before I need an outlet. If you are planning to use your phone a lot (I use it to keep the TwiBetweens up to date through tumblr and the blog) you will probably need to find yourself a good portable charging device. Check Amazon. They have some good deals. I also added a Goal Zero solar charger to my repetoire this year! Worth every penny.

- Ipod/Ipad/electronic book device. There may be the occasional moment at camp when you really just want to sit in your tent and read. Downtime is okay! But having a device stocked with all 4 Twilight books and months worth of fanfic makes it even better! :D A power-free alternative- Bring a Book!

- Something to get signed and remember your own Sharpie! There is a good chance of Twilight celebrity drop ins. Don't be caught unprepared!

- Snacks. For those flying, this category can be purchased after you arrive. You will be hungry. Don't deprive yourself of food because you don't want to leave and miss something. And no matter when you leave camp to pee or nap, you will miss something. Just sayin. So minimize your absence by having a good snack stash. :) Note: I always keep my snack stash inside Gallon size plastic bags. Oreos covered in ants are no fun.

- Small toiletry bag. Camping is a multi-day affair. At some point, you will HAVE to leave camp to shower. But you can delay that moment a little longer by having a smartly packed toiletry kit. Deodorant, wipes (baby or otherwise. I prefer Dove Body wipes. Actually feels like I showered!), perfume/body spray, lotion, chapstick, mini hairbush, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a spare hair tie for when you lose the first one, and don't forget contact solution if you're a contact wearer like me! I like to shop the miniatures section for all these things. Keeping it small makes it so much easier to take with to the restroom for a quick touchup.

- A change of clothes. For me, this equals a pair of yoga pants and yet another custom T-shirt. Be comfy. :)

- Sleep mask and ear plugs. They never turn off the jumbotron screens. Never. All night they keep playing. If you usually sleep with the TV on, you've got an advantage over the rest of us. It wasn't so bad for me, as I like a little white noise when I sleep. I was also so completely exhausted each night, I practically passed out.

-ID, Starbucks card, and money/credit card. In that order! :) You will need your ID to get your wristband! You will need your Starbucks card for your daily (and more often than not, mutliple times a day) trips to the Starbucks just feet from your tent. Trust me! And money or credit cards, because you will have to eat sometime, and L.A. Live has tons of good food!
That's it. That is the entire list of things you NEED to have at camp. Besides shelter, everything could fit into a good size purse or backpack. Good! Of course, the list of WANTS is slightly longer!

-Tissues! This deserves a line item of its own! Its gonna be an emotional ride this year. Pack your favorite tissues! :)

Packing List- Indulgences

- Chair. I put this as a want because I don't mind sitting on my sleeping bag on the ground all day, and for those flying, bringing chair is difficult. Don't feel like you have to put this on the NEED list. Just sayin.

- Blow Up Mattress. A want. I own one. I hardly ever use it. My sleeping bag is perfectly capable of making me comfy, even on the ground. But to each his own, I suppose. :)
- Games to play, Swag to share. Maybe this is just on my list, but I thought I'd put it here anyway. I like to bring plenty of games (all three board games, all three trivia card games!) But I drive, so it's WAY easier for me to pack this stuff. The swag has gotten out of control. Pretty sure it's TWO full boxes now. :D

-Cooler. Nice to have, but a luxury in my book. Again, one I'll probably bring to share with all my girls. :)

Now, before I dismiss class today, let's talk about what NOT to bring to camp:

-HUGE tents. A four person tent is standar size. Anything bigger, and they may not allow you to set it up.

-Too much stuff! Last year, I had too much stuff. I worried about leaving my stuff behind everytime I left my tent. Don't do this to yourself. Reduce everything important to you into a backpack you can sling over your shoulder and take with to dinner and you'll be much happier. :)

It is perfectly okay to bring a few things and leave them at your hotel! For example, A SURGE PROTECTOR! You will need more than one plug in your hotel. Trust me. BRing a cheap lil one of these so you can plug in your phone and ipad at the same time! Or even just both your roomate's phone at the same time as your own! It helps! Bring it! :)

-Anything against Summit's posted rules. When they announce, read them carefully and please follow them! It makes is a much more pleasant experience for everyone!

That is the extent of my knowledge for today! If you have other ideas about what should be on this list, share them in the comments please! Thank you for joining us and drop in next week for Camp 102- Budgeting your Time and Money!


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Weekly News Roundup 9.17.12

Good Morning TwiHards!

First of all, thanks for all the birthday wishes last week!  You are all awesome <3  Because of all birthday festivities last weekend, I didn't get a news post together...which means I didn't post the final trailer for BD!!  Let's make that the first entry in this one, shall we?

Much like every year in the past, theaters will be hosting Twilight marathons on November 15th in honor of the BD2 premiere.  The bonus?  You get some goodies, movie bonus scenes, AND you get to watch BD2 at 10pm!  When you're walking out of the theater basking in the glow of vampires and werewolves....people will be standing in line waiting for a seat :o)  Details are still in the works, but I'll pass them on as soon as they are announced!  We do know that tickets for the premiere AND the marathon will be on sale October 1!

Ashley Greene - Actress, Model, Spokeswoman, Designer?  Maybe!  Ash is currently working with Donna Karan on some custom designed dresses for her BD2 schedule.  She talks with PopSugar about what styles to watch for based on where she will be appearing.

Another multi-talented Twilight star is making his goals known.  Jackson Rathbone says that while he's still acting and will continue to do so, he wants to do more "behind-the-scenes" work.  Writing, producing, etc. It wouldn't be a first for the smoldering stud (YUM), he's done work like this on his movie Girlfriend, and his web series Aim High.

While we're talking about Jack...what do you think of this adorable picture?!  This is his little boy, Monroe "Roe" Jackson Rathbone VI with his godmother, Nikki Reed!

In a fansite exclusive interview, Bill Condon shared some insights to the new vampires and talks about the new trailer.  He also delves into some surprises we can expect in the movie!  WB - WHY WEREN'T YOU THERE FOR THIS INTERVIEW?!?!  :o)

If you're as jealous as I am about those that will be in LA for the premiere of BD2, there is still a shred of hope that we can go, too.  The first premiere contest is up and running, and a winner will be chosen on October 1!

Kristen hit the red carpet at TIFF for the premiere of On The Road.  We have lots of interviews from the event and her below :)

The Hollywood Reporter

That's it for this week!  Make it a great one...and remember 

59 DAYS!!!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

OtherBetween - Butter

Butter.  We slather it on toast, muffins, and pancakes.  We fry our food in it.  We pour the melted stuff over popcorn when we watch our favorite movies.  Some people, however, think it's for art.  In Ashley Greene's upcoming movie of the same name, we enter the world of those people.

Butter stars Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone, Ty Burrell, Ashley Greene, and several other faces you may recognize.  The movie is about Garner's desire to win the annual butter carving competition, and her willingness to do what it takes to ensure that win.  When she gets a peek at her young competition, her drive only grows stronger.

The film premiered at the 2011 TIFF, but will open in theaters on October 5, 2012.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

NonBetween- True Blood 5.7

Its been only a few weeks and I still miss my weekly does of True Blood! This week, we're reminiscing about episode 5.7! :)

True Blood 5.7 “In The Beginning”

Russell has killed Roman in front of the entire council. Confusion and panic set in the Authority conference room.  All authority members hit the floor and the lights go off and on, strobe like.  The Authority army comes in to diffuse the situation.  They cast a silver net over Russell and capture him.  But not before he hangs Eric by the neck on one of the pillars.  Eric is fine, of course.  Just really annoyed.

Sookie is being tested by the Fairie, Claude.  He says he testing her Luminescence.  They pass light through her to see if it flows.  It does not.  Claude tells her she is depleted and needs to be careful.  Sookie asks what  would happen if she runs out of magic.  Claude says she would be Fae no more.  Sookie almost smiles.  She likes the idea of being a normal human.  They leave.

Andy is answering questions about the crossbow killing.  Sam is literally sniffing around the back room.  He finds a box full of masks that the shape shifter shooters have been using.

Hoyt is with the Shooters.  They are sympathizing with him and trying to recruit him.  They ask him about Jessica.  They ask him if he hates her.  He says yes. “Then we are here to hate her with ya”, they say.
They get a call, from someone named Dragon,  that Junior has been killed.  Everyone is pissed. Hoyt even jumps in with a “motherfuckers!”.

Bill and Eric are trying to piece together what happened with Russell and Roman.  They ask Molly if she sabotaged the iStake.  She says no.  Bill and Eric are summoned to Salome’s room.  Upon, arrival they find Nora is there too.  Russell jumps out from the bed curtains.  Fangs pop out all around.  Russell says he has been born again and wants to let bygones be bygones.  Eric is so pissed at Nora.  Turns out Salome did dig up Russell and she tells them how.  She says she wants to share the power and invites Bill and Eric to join them.  Bill still feels mainstreaming is the only way to peacefully coexist with humans.  Eric says no way. Salome considers this, and invites them to meet again tomorrow for an initiation.  They agree to consider it.

Alcide is training with a beautiful Were.  Things get very heated.  He tells her it is going to be hard to beat JD while he is on V.  He says he is prepared to lose and she needs to be too.  They start making out and are interrupted by Martha.  She says JD swore that he wasn’t taking V.  She says JD deserves to be pack master after all the things he has done for the pack.  Alcide still pushes the fact that he is on V.  She says that is a lie and he can still back out of the challenge.

Arlene is watching her wedding video.  She watches Terry say  his vows.  Holly comes in to watch with her.  Arlene gets emotional  and Holly tells her he isn’t crazy.  That he is PTSD.  Who knows, stranger things have been true, why not a smoke monster.

Jason brings Sookie a tray of food to her room.  Apparently, she slept in very late after last evening’s festivities.  He tells her not to feel guilty about their parents death.  He won’t let her and he will be there for her.  She is grateful and says she loves him. Aww, sibling love!

Andy goes to visit  former Sheriff Dearborn for advice.  All the supernatural activity is wearing on him.  The former sheriff isn’t willing to help.  He kicks Andy out and tells him he knows the job is hard because he did it for 43 years.  Also, he is having an affair while his wife is out of town.  He was kinda pissed at Andy catching him in that. 

Lafayette arrives at Don Bartolo’s house.  The door is slightly ajar, of course.  He walks in.  He finds Jesus’ actual head!! It’s in a blue chair shaped like a hand. Laf hears a rifle being cocked behind him.  It’s Don Bartolo and his younger, very pregnant girlfriend.  The Don wants Lafayette’s power.  Jesus apparently gave it to Laf and that pissed him off.  Don says tonight he will take back what is his.  Laf spits on him and call him a “sick fuckety fuck”.  How creative.

Sam is trying to keep Luna in the hospital because he feels she is safer there.  Sookie comes to visit.  She gets coffee with Sam and then asks him if he would ever want to be “normal”.  He says no but admits more people he loved would probably still be alive if he was normal.

At Fangtasia, Tara is now a stripper!  She is pole dancing and her MOTHER walks in wearing white gloves no less.   Her mom, who is a super Christian, tells her she can’t have a vampire for a daughter.  She is married to a minister, after all!  She asks how she could do this to her.  (Um, so not Tara’s fault)  She says from here on out, Tara is dead to her and she came to say goodbye.  Tara does not let on that she is hurt or upset.  She flashes her fangs at her mom.  Tara’s mom quickly leaves.  Pam watches the whole scene unfold.

Back Authority Central, Salome is giving a speech and ends it by saying Lilith would forgive Russell for killing Roman. 

Russell thanks her and says he loves Lilith and praises her.  Salome approaches the case containing Lilith’s blood and removes it.  The Authority has been guarding the Blood of Lilith forever. No one drinks it. Nora says tonight everyone in the room will drink from it. 

The council is noticeably disturbed by this as they have been trained to protect it not drink it.  Russell beheads the first member to object. 

“May Lilith forgive me”, he says. No one else protests. Salome takes the first sip.  Bill and Eric quickly discuss whether they will drink it. Eric concludes since it is Vamp blood, it won’t do anything to them.
Well…cut to all of them walking down Bourbon Street on a MAJOR Lilith Blood high. O.M.G. Steve is hitting on Russell who is playfully flirting back.  Eric and Nora are canoodling. Rosalyn is hungry. Bill attacks a cabbie. Eric carries Bill on his back piggyback style. WHAT?!

Tara is moping in Pam’s office.  Pam comes in and tells her she did good dancing.  Tara is crying over her mom and Pam tells her she isn’t her mom anymore.  She tells her she won’t even remember her after 100 years.  Tara quickly hugs Pam and Pam seems very taken aback by this.  She allows her to do it for a few moments then tells her to “get back on the pole”.  Clearly, Pam was moved by this. 

At Don Bartolo’s house of horrors, Jesus’ head is on an altar surrounded by candles.  His lips are still sown shut. Lafayette is tied up and HIS lips are sewn shut too!  His prego wife is lying on the floor while he prays over her belly.  He says his wife will drink Laf’s blood after he removes his brain.  He is about to stab Lafayette when his wife bashes him over the head and begins stabbing him over and over.  The Don is dead.
Then she takes the same knife and cuts Laf’s lip stitches open. 

JD is passing out vials of V out to the pack. Emma walks in and he offers some to her.  He tells her it will make her big and strong like him. She is about to take some when Martha runs in.  “I don’t know you no more”, she says. 

Hoyt gets picked up by the Shape shifter shooter gang.  Looks like they are up to no good.

Sam visits Luna in the hospital again.  Visiting hours are over and the nurse is trying to get him to leave.  He finally relents and on his way out he catches the scent of one of the shooters.  He chases and catches him and beats him up.

The Lilith High Vamps crash a karaoke party and start feeding on all the guests.  They are draining and killing everyone in the room.  Mid frenzy, they all look up and see Lilith rise from blood, naked of course.  She walks toward them and they continue feeding.  Eric sees Godric appear to him.  Godric tells Eric what he is doing is wrong.  He tells him he must save his sister, Nora.  Eric is stunned and stops feeding.  He takes in the carnage around him.

Patrick and Eller are sitting in a field when the Smoke Monster comes up behind  them and taunts them.  Terry is over it and takes Patrick’s gun and puts it to his head.  Patrick talks him down from killing himself by mentioning his family.  Patrick apologizes for giving Terry the order to kill the Iraqi lady.

Jessica has a human guest in her bedroom.  She is feeding off of him when she is told Jason is there to see her.  She goes out to see him.  Jason sadly tells her the truth about his parent’s death.  Jess tries to comfort him and starts kissing him.  He responds to her and then tastes blood in her kisses.  He is livid and disgusted. They argue and Jess bites him.  Jason shoots her in the head.  Jess’s security team swoops in. Jess tells Jason to get the fuck out of her mansion.  As he is walking out, he sees lights flashing in the sky.  It’s coming from Sookie’s yard. He goes to investigate.

Sookie walks home and is thinking about her life, being part Fae, what she is and wants to be.  She decides to try and  “run out” her Fae power by continuously shooting out light. 

Quotable Quotes

“I ain’t been to med school or Fairie school, so if you can put it in terms a laid-man can understand I would appreciate it.” Jason

“Right here, right now I feel more love and acceptance, in this hate group, then I ever have at Church or anywhere for that matter.” Hoyt

“He (JD) swore on my son’s grave.” Martha
“Respectfully, Martha, your son doesn’t have a grave cuz ya ate him.” Alcide
“Don’t get literal on me, Rambo.” Martha

“I am like a tree in the wind, I am just so happy to be included.” Steve Newlin

“So, your mom’s a real bitch.” Pam

“You just drank from some dude you don’t even know.” Jason
“Yeah, and I suppose you know every cow you’ve ever eaten?” Jessica
“What the fuck kind of question is that? I ain’t never fucked a cow!” Jason
“It’s a metaphor, idiot!” Jessica
“Fuck you, Fanger!” Jason

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Breaking Dawn Boot Camp 2- mid-month update

Don't forget about Breaking Dawn Boot Camp 2 this month! We are recommiting ourselves in these final months to reach our goals! And winning fun prizes in the process!

Have you entered yet to win a set of 2012 SDCC pins?! Do it here now!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fan Art Contest Entries

There are only a few days left to get your entries in for our fan art contest! I'll be selecting two designs to be featured on postcards to be handed out in party swag bags and at Tent City!

Not sure what I'm talking about? Want to enter your Twi-art in our contest? Check it out here!

Take a look at the awesome entries we've had so far!

Isabel Cabrera

Isabel Cabrera

Isabel Cabrera
Isabel Cabrera
Isabel Cabrera
Jamie NG

Jamie NG

Jamie NG

Jamie NG



We've had some really impressive entries! Tell us who your favorites are in the comments!

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NonBetween- True Blood 5.6

We are continuing to relive True Blood this week with episode 5.6 Enjoy!

True Blood 5.6  “Hopeless”

Alcide is being dragged down the hall of the asylum by another Were! It seems Russell has some pack members on his payroll.  Sookie, Eric and Bill chase after Alcide and another Were attacks.  Russell grabs Sookie and tries to bite her but she gives him the Fairie Hands and knocks him off.  Russell laughs and says he didn’t miss that aspect of her.  He slumps down the wall and Eric moves in for the kill. Bill reminds him that if Russell dies, they die.  He convinces him to bring Russell to the Authority alive so they may have a chance to stay alive.  Just then The Authority army burst in and take Russell into custody. 

Jess and Tara’s bathroom brawl spills over into the club.  Pam orders Tara to stop fighting.  Jess says the “whole friendship thing” isn’t going to happen now that Tara fed from Hoyt.  Tara asks what she expected after picking a fight with her in “her house”.  Pam steps in and drags Tara off by the hair.  She tells her it is HER house but she was proud of Tara’s fighting skills.  Meanwhile, Hoyt watches Jessica leave with a hint of a smile on his face.

Patrick and Terry hear Eller’s scream in the hideout where they left him tied up.  Terry runs for the hatch.   Too late, the hatch explodes and the smoke monster emerges.  Terry and Patrick haul ass with Old Smokey on their tail. 

Russell doesn’t go quietly.  He threatens The Authority and says there is no Lilith.  An Authority member punches Russell and he is taken away.  Alcide returns, shirtless (sigh).  He sees the dead Weres.  The Authority member is wondering why a human and a Were are with Bill and Eric.  Sookie lies and says Doug led them there.  Eric says he commandeered Alcide’s truck for the mission.  The A.M. says they could have gotten there must faster without driving.  Bill reminds him that they needed Doug to show them where Russell was hidden.  The A.M. thinks Sookie and Alcide know too much (insinuating they needed to be killed).  Bill says he will glamour them into forgetting.  The A.M. seems satisfied by this.  Bill pretends to glamour Sookie (she cannot be glamoured).  Bill is very sweet and tells Sookie to live her life in the Sun and that she deserves to live a normal, human life. Eric glamours Alcide.  He tells him to always protect Sookie with his life.  He also tells him to keep his hands off Sookie and that she disgusts him romantically.  HA!  Eric with the cock block!

The Authority find the room with all the humans waiting to be eaten by Russell.  They beg to be glamoured and released.  They are told they will be once they are interrogated. 

Sam and Luna are in the hospital after being shot.  They are understandably distraught. Luna especially because she doesn’t know what happened to Emma. 
Emma ends up at Grandma Martha’s house safe and sound.

Jess confronts Hoyt about being a Fang Banger.  He is elated because he thinks she is still in love with him.  Uh, no, Jess isn’t having it.  She tells him they are over.  Hoyt tells her she can do anything she wants to him.  He’ll do whatever she wants.  Jess is horrified.  She tells him this isn’t like him and takes off.  He yells after her that this IS him. 

Alcide drives Sookie home.  She is distraught over Bill’s speech and Alcide is confused and disoriented.
Bill and Eric are put in the back of a truck and taken to the Authority compound.
All the humans are loaded onto a bus.  The A.M. apologizes for the inconvenience of being terrorized by vampires.  He tells them to fasten their seatbelts and then kills them all.  Blood spatters on every window as he does it. 

Jason is sleeping but is awakened by his dead father appearing in his living room.  He swears to find the Vamp that killed them.  His dad tries to tell him something but Jason wakes up for real.  He is alone in his house.

Alcide wakes up naked in Sookie’s bed.  He is confused .  He finds a despondent Sookie downstairs in the kitchen.  He asks if she is okay.  She says no, she can’t remember the last time she was okay.  She just wants a “fucking normal life”. Suddenly Alcide remembers their serious make out session.  He remembers the drinking and getting upstairs into the bedroom.  He asks her if they had sex.  She says no but says “other stuff” happened.  He asks what and she gets up to touch him so he can remember (she can project memories).  Alcide sharply backs away.  Sookie is taken aback until she realizes Eric must have said something to him during the glamour about not touching her.  She grabs his hand anyway and tells him to close his eyes.  She projects the evenings events to him.  Alcide is so pissed at Bill and Eric for allowing Russell to live and everything else that followed.  He takes off in a huff. 

Back at the hospital, Luna is still panicked over Emma.  Sam assures her that he saw her get away.  He promises to find Emma.  They discuss who could be out to kill shifters.  Sam says it was humans, he could smell them.  Martha shows up with Emma.  She says she will care for Emma until the shooters are caught.  Luna has no choice but to trust her and she knows Martha will keep her safe. 

Terry and Patrick are still bat shit crazy.  They continue yelling at each other in the car until Terry leaps out and makes a run for it.  Patrick gives chase and tackles Terry.  Terry is out of his mind and blames Patrick for making him shoot the woman.  **Okay,  I wish the smoke monster would kill them already.  I feel this is a waste of having Scott Foley as a cast member. Ugh. 

Lafayette arrives at the nursing home to see his momma, Ruby Jean.  He was told she had an emergency but she faked it to get him there quickly.  He tells her Jesus is dead.  She says  Jesus is in trouble and that she saw him.  Laf admits he saw him too.  She says Jesus is with Don Bartolo and that he is a very bad man.  Laf asks how she knows all of this.  She says she has no fucking clue.  The “e-les-tri-city” runs through her and it always has.  She says Jesus loooves him.  Even if he is an abomination.  Then she asks if he’s been smoking weed.  ** I just could not capture the perfection that was this scene between Lafayette and Ruby Jean in this recap.  It. Was. Hilarious.  The fact that she calls him LaLa is priceless.

Jason finds Sookie at Merlotte’s and tells her their parents were killed by Vamps but was made to look like they died in a flood.  He tells her about the Fairie nightclub and Hadley.  She asks him to take her there.

Sam asks Andy to let him help find the shooters.  He reminds him that he can help in ways a human can’t.  Andy slowly agrees.

Alcide confronts J.D. about drinking V and getting involved in vampire affairs.  He wants to be pack master.  J.D. says HE is the pack master and they have to fight for the role.  Alcide accepts the challenge. 

Bill and Eric return to the compound.  Molly removes their iStakes much to their relief.  Roman is very happy to see them and thankful for what they have done.  Salome keeps trying to make excuses to go see Russell in interrogation.  She seems very nervous when Roman announces he will kill Russell tonight.  He asks if Russell has been silvered and iStaked.  She says yes.  He sends her to go retrieve the supposed subdued Russell.

Terry visits Arlene at Merlotte’s.  He tells her he has to go to keep her and the kids safe.  She asks why.  He then tells her about what happened in Iraq, the curse, and about the smoke monster.  She thinks he is nuts and needs his meds.  He leaves. 

Sookie and Jason find the field where The Fairie Club, Hadley, and Claude are.  Sookie demands to know everything they are hiding from her. **Can we just discuss the Fairie dancing for a moment?? It’s like Dancing with the Fairie Stars. Too fabulous! They go ALL out.  

Andy goes to a store where you can purchase wooden bullets.  He is trying to track down who might have bought some and when.  Sam enters the store.  The store clerk, Junior, is on to Sam.  He is about to shoot Andy when Sam shoots and kills Junior with a cross bow.  Ouch! 

Hoyt is being sucked dry by a male Vamp outside Fangtasia when the shooters pull up and kill the Vamp.  The shooters recognize Hoyt and pull him into the van.  They take off.

Back in Club Fairie, Sookie is having a hard time reading thoughts and she is momentarily puzzled by it.  She forgets about that once Claude starts telling the details of her parents death. They were ambushed on the bridge by a Vamp who smelled Sookie’s blood in the car.  He killed the parents in vain since Sookie was not in the car.  It was an old band aid with her blood on it that he smelled.  Then, the killings were made to look like drowning in the river instead.  But Sookie does not want to believe that.  She gets pissed and tries to Fairie Light Claude.  Bad move.

Eric watches his cray cray sister, Nora pray incessantly in her cell.  She watches Russell be carried out to be executed and says Lilith’s plan is finally happening.  Eric doesn’t get what she is talking about.  Nora cries and thanks Lilith over and over.  Eric asks her if she released Russell.  Nora says no but SHE was right all along.  Eric figures out, too late, that SHE is Salome. **Never trust a big butt and a smile, Eric and Bill.

In Roman’s conference room, they are preparing to stake Russell.  Roman and Russell exchange words until Roman pushes the iStake button.  It doesn’t work.  Russell looks at Molly who is stunned that the iStake did not work.  Eric arrives.  Suddenly Russell has Roman by the throat on the conference table.  He has a stake and stakes Roman.  Everyone is stunned. Well, mostly everyone.  Oh boy, I feel as though a bloody hilarity will ensue. 

Quotable Quotes

“Eller was right you just got yourself killed!” Terry
“That’s enough, Private!” Patrick
“Go fuck yourself, Sergeant!” Terry

“Lilith can fuckin blow me.” Eric

“Wow, we drank a lot last night, huh?” Alcide
“Not enough.” Sookie

“Did you just recoil from me??” Sookie

“Jesus loves you through and through. Don’t you ever forget that.  Jesus loves the little faggots.” Ruby Jean

“I want to gorge on human blood not because some Bible tells me too but because I like it! It‘s fun. It makes my dick hard!” Russell

“Peace is for Pussies!” Russell

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Don't forget to vote by absentee ballot if you'll be in L.A. in November!

I know September may seem like its a little early to start thinking about voting. The political season has just begun! But if any of you are planning to be in L.A. for TwiTour and are staying through Camp Breaking Dawn, you may not realize that you will be out of town on Election Day, Tuesday November 6th! Some of you may even be traveling on that day!

So, for any TwiBetweens who will be in L.A. instead of at home on Election Day, I want to remind you all to vote!

This website has information on every state's absentee ballot system, and links for you to register to vote and how to get your absentee ballot. This is something you usually have to register for way in advance, so take the time to do this today so you won't miss out on your chance to vote!

Please don't wait until it is too late! Voting is important, no matter who you are voting for! (Did we mention WB has a degree in Political Science? Lol)

Share this post with as many Twilight fans as you can! We want all Twilight fans to be able to proudly say that they voted, even with all the craziness of TwiWeek in L.A.!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fan Fiction Recommendation - 9/5/12

From This Day Forward by Hopesparkles - Bella's entire life was planned out. She was a successful author about to release her latest book on her wedding day, tying in the love story on the page with the one in real life. But when her world crumbles around her, salvation comes in the form of her best friend, Edward. Stepping in for the groom that left her to deal with the mess he'd made by leaving her at the altar, they go through with the wedding in the hopes of finding some answers with a little time.

This story really caught my attention and I love the complexity of the characters and the uniqueness if the story. Plus you have a few characters to hate on, which is fun. With pretty steady updates and the story starting to pick up, this is the perfect time to jump on this story.

I've got a few stories lined up, and a slightly easier few weeks ahead, so we shouldn't hit any gaps I was posts for a while. Until next week...

AGW - From This Day Forward


Breaking Dawn Boot Camp Part 2 - September Focus and Contest!

Have you joined us for BDBC2 yet?! You should! You can join in on Facebook at or simply by keeping up with the occasional contest posts here on the site! :)

Let's congratulate the winner of last month's contest, @joderss! She won a set do SDCC 2012 pins! :)

So far we have committed ourselves to MOVING MORE, to DRINK MORE WATER and to SKIP EATING OUT! Last month I asked you be adventurous as a way to avoid the diet and exercise rut. This month, we are all re-committing to the goals we set months ago, or for some of us just finally committing for real! :)

Can you believe that Breaking Dawn Boot Camp 2 started FIVE months ago?! I could just kick myself. I have not been keeping up with my promises to myself. I've slacked on the gym. I've stopped drinking my water. I've been eating out more often than I should. I see several of you post on the BD Boot Camp FB group and say how happy you are with your successes, both big and small, and they make me SO happy for you! Those stories remind me that it can be done, if I just commit myself!

So this month, we are all going to share our short-term (by November) goals with each other as a way of committing or re-committing to the cause. :) We only have nine more weeks!!! For myself, my goal is to lose 15 pounds or one jeans size by camp. I've already bought my favorite jeans in a size smaller. I want to wear them proudly at camp, or at least see some movement on the scale!

What is your goal, starting from right now, for November? Share your goal in the comments of this post to enter this months contest!

Prize: Complete Set of 2012 SDComicCon pins! :)

To enter:
Comment on this post and tell us what your goal is!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

OtherBetween - Seize the Day

In one of our recent news posts, we mentioned Tinsel Korey's music.  OWM loves is so much, it gets it's own post today!

Last year, Tinsel released her first single, "Letters."  I'll be honest, I bought it but didn't listen to it for a few days.  I added to my playlist, and one day while driving down the road I heard a song and thought, "Wow, this song is awesome!  I wonder who it is?"  Tinsel Korey.

Korey's debut EP is officially available (as of 8/30), and is a must have for anyone that loves soft rock/acoustic/Indie music (think Jewel meets Sarah McLaughlin).  She has an amazingly whispy voice, and everyone can relate to the lyrics of most of her songs.

For a preview of her new EP, "Seize the Day," check out her twitmusic page!